List of Secondary Schools in Kenya

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List of Secondary Schools in Kenya

Our complete list of secondary schools in Kenya.  We’ve tried to list every school that we know of.
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E7160255                64  Secondary School

M4050165              A.B.C. KWANGENGI  Secondary

M8010206              A.C BUTONGE  Secondary

M3050184              A.C.K ST. BARTHOLOMEW  Secondary

M4100056              A.I.C ITHAMBWANGAO  Secondary

M4100043              A.I.C KYOME BOYS  Secondary

M4100038              A.I.C KYOME GIRLS

H4040319               A.I.C MUTULANI  Secondary School

R7090276               ABADARE VIEW  Secondary School

A2060050               ABBA SALAMA ACADEMY

G4050183               ABC KATELEMBO Secondary

H4040991               ABC KAYATA GIRLS Secondary

G4100252               ABC KISOVO Secondary

L3040962                ABC MIXED DAY Secondary

E4120014                ABC NKONDI GIRLS Secondary

E2040551                ABERCREST Secondary

H7130198               ABOSSI High School

D4080547               ABOTHUGUCHI  Secondary School

E7161209                ABRAR Secondary

L3040082                ABU HUREIRA ACA  Secondary School

H6120186               ABWAO MIXED Secondary

F6020124                ACHEGO MIXED DAY  Secondary School

A4070553               ACK  MALIKINI   Secondary School

A4070354               ACK GITII  Secondary School

C8020221               ACK HAKATI  Secondary School

B4130193               ACK IGANGARA Secondary

B4130557               ACK KAANWA MIXED Secondary

J2010206                ACK KIHARA  Secondary School

B7100741               ACK KIMOGOCH  Secondary School

A2050200               ACK KIUU  Secondary School

E8080457                ACK MILIMANI GIRLS’ Secondary

K6090139               ACK NDIENYA  Secondary

C4010149               ACK NDUMARI DAY  Secondary School

C4010370               ACK NYAGARI  Secondary School

E7160839                ACK SIGOWET  Secondary School

C8020257               ACK SIRIKHAYA  Secondary School

H4040036               ACK ST JOSEPH’S MAAU ELI  Secondary School

D4080468               ACK ST PAUL’S MAKANDUNE  Secondary School

H4040755               ACK ST.STEPHEN’S KIMA  Secondary School

G7070124               ACTION PRAISE  Secondary  School

J6080212                ADEGA MIXED  Secondary School

J6080792                ADHIRO  Secondary School

H6120200               ADINGO OPANGA Secondary

C3070044               ADU  Secondary School

K7090210               AFRAHA  Secondary

L3040019                AGA KHAN  Secondary School

P1010119               AGA KHAN ACADEMY  Secondary School

P1010252               AGA KHAN HIGH  School

H6120256               AGAI MIXED Secondary

J6080700                AGAPE ACA  Secondary School

H7150062               AGC LOKICHAR  Secondary

B6060153               AGENGA Secondary

M6090007              AGORO OYOMBE  Secondary

J6080473                AGORO SARE High School

F2050082                AGUTHI  Secondary  School

K6120020               AHERO GIRLS  Secondary

E8080474                AHONGINJO  Secondary School

R4050060               AIC ATHI RIVER  Secondary School

A7100647               AIC BONJOGE BOYS Secondary

E7160044                AIC CHEBISAAS  Secondary School

A7100436               AIC CHEBISAAS GIRLS Secondary

A7100509               AIC CHEPKEBUGE Secondary

B7101031               AIC CHEPKEMEL Secondary

B7100446               AIC CHEPTWOLIO Secondary

E7161622                AIC CHEPYAKWAI Secondary

T7010034                AIC CHURO BOYS Secondary

T7010035                AIC CHURO GIRLS Secondary

B7010006               AIC EBENEZER ACADEMY

R7040637               AIC GIRLS  Secondary School

L4050367                AIC ITHEUNI  Secondary School

B7100576               AIC ITIGO MIXED  Secondary School

B7101010               AIC KAMANYINYA Secondary

B7100429               AIC KAMOIYWO GIRLS Secondary

B7150041               AIC KANGITIT GIRLS Secondary

B7010387               AIC KAPKELELWA MIXED Secondary

G4100027               AIC KATALWA Secondary

H4040727               AIC KAVATANZOU Secondary

G7030301               AIC KESSUP GIRLS  Secondary

C7140427               AIC KIBOMET  Secondary School

B7100859               AIC KIMONG Secondary

B7100460               AIC KOSIRAI GILRS Secondary

L4050130                AIC KUNIKILA  Secondary School

K4030597               AIC KYONDONI GIRLS  Secondary

E7161669                AIC LEMOOK Secondary

G7060181               AIC MAJIMOTO  Secondary School

B7010601               AIC MARIGAT  Secondary School

G4050228               AIC MBEMBANI CENTRAL Secondary

G7060325               AIC MOI ACADEMY  Secondary School

A7120018               AIC MOI GIRLS Secondary

K7091230               AIC MOROP GIRLS  Secondary  School

B7100500               AIC MOSORIOT High School

B7100525               AIC MUTWOT Secondary

L4050186                AIC NDOVONI  Secondary School

H4040592               AIC NUNGUNI  Secondary School

K4050036               AIC NYAYO GIRLS  Secondary

G4100233               AIC NZELUNI GIRLS  Secondary School

D2040303               AIC OLKALOU  Secondary School

B7010184               AIC PHILEMON CHELAGAT GIRLS Secondary

K7091376               AIC RONGAI   Secondary

A7100842               AIC SETEK Secondary

E7160686                AIC TAPSAGOI Secondary

A7100713               AIC TAUNET Secondary

E7160989                AIC TOROCHMOI  Secondary School

E7161051                AINABKOI Secondary

L7050566                AINAMOI  Secondary School

D7070481               AIPCA MUTHENGERA  Secondary School

P4050001               AIRWAYS High School

F7020227                AISAIK  Secondary School

D7070610               AIYAM  Secondary School

B7010274               AIYEBO  Secondary School

F4110776                AKAIGA MIXED DAY  Secondary School

P1010158               AKIBA School – Secondary

F4110404                AKIRANG’ONDU BOYS  Secondary School

F4110591                AKITHI GIRLS Secondary

C6110462               AKOKO  Secondary School

J6080072                AKWAKRA MIXED  Secondary School

K7090934               AKWISI  Secondary

R1010042               AL MADRASA  Secondary School

M6090142              ALAMBO LAKESIDE  Secondary

H3010008               ALAVENDER GIRLS School

C8060058               ALBERT EKIRAPA SecondarySchool

A7100344               ALDAI GIRLS Secondary

D6060012               ALENDO GIRLS  Secondary School

L6040042                ALENDU MIXED  Secondary School

P1010817               ALFA RIVIERA High School

C4010460               ALL SAINT KIGARI DAY  Secondary School

M3050229              ALLAN MJOMBA  Secondary

K2010086               ALLIANCE BOYS High School

K2010115               ALLIANCE GIRLS High School

L3041098                ALLIDINA VISRAM High School

L3040783                AL-MADRASA S.B.  Secondary School

R7040622               ALMAKTOUM GIRLS  Secondary School

J6040003                ALUNGO MIXED  Secondary School

E8020145                ALUNGOLI Secondary

F6020331                ALUOR MIXED DAY  Secondary School

J6040011                ALWALA High School

K6030015               AMABUKO  Secondary

C8060114               AMAGORO GIRLS  Secondary School

E6011319                AMAIKO SDA Secondary

N7040764               AMAN BRIGHT FUTURE  Secondary School


A8010224               AMARANTA MIXED Secondary

H6030643               AMARIBA MIXED Secondary

K6030005               AMASEGE SDA  Secondary

G6070803               AMATIERIRIO Secondary

F4110310                AMBARU  Secondary School

K6090307               AMBIRA BOYS  Secondary

E2050090                AMBONI  Secondary School

K6090052               AMBROSE ADEYA ADONGO  Secondary

M7090046              AMBUSKET  Secondary

P1010375               AME School  Secondary School

F4110850                AMETHO MIXED DAY  Secondary School

E7160143                AMSTEVE HUSSEY  Secondary School

C7140948               AMUKA  Secondary School

K7091797               ANALAT Secondary

P1010238               ANANDA MARGA  Secondary School

K2010109               ANCHOR SHINE  Secondary

B6060327               ANDINGO  Secondary School

F6020533                ANDIWO MIXED  Secondary School

B6060162               ANEKO MIXED  Secondary School

K7090574               ANESTAR  Secondary

K7090571               ANESTAR PRECIOUS GIRLS  Secondary

A4080061               ANGAINE  MIXED  DAY  Secondary School

D4080918               ANGELIC GIRLS High School

J6080347                ANGINO MIXED  Secondary School

D6040104               ANGIRA Secondary

G7030311               ANIN Secondary

H6060063               ANJEGO MIXED Secondary

F4110824                ANKAMIA MIXED DAY Secondary

P1011050               ANNOINTED   Secondary School

E7160035                ANTOLEX  Secondary School

F4110350                ANTUABOI Secondary

B4110079               ANTUANDURU MIXED DAY Secondary

F4110677                ANTUBETWE KIONGO  Secondary School

K6090425               ANYIKO  Secondary

C2070860               APEX  Secondary School

J6080462                APOLLO  ACA  Secondary School OYUGIS

J6080376                APONDO  Secondary School

P1010381               APOSTOLIC CARMEL GIRLS  Secondary School

M6020074              APUOCHE MIXED  Secondary

K6090146               APUOYO  Secondary

N1010231               AQUINAS High School

B8050441               AR School BISHOP NJENGA GIRLS High School

G5020257               ARABIA BOYS  Secondary School

G5020254               ARABIA GIRLS  Secondary School

G7060535               ARAMA Secondary

B6060387               ARAMBE  Secondary School

G7010019               ARAP MOI Secondary BARTABWA

E2040630                ARBERDARE TECHNICAL Secondary

J4030805                ARC BISHOP NZIMBI  Secondary School

B7090001               ARCHBISHOP NDIGI  Secondary School

S7090062                ARCHBISHOP NDINGI  Secondary School

F6040017                ARCHBISHOP OKOTH HIGH MIRANGA MIXED DAY  Secondary School

M6090252              ARGWINS KODHEK  Secondary

E7162075                ARISE AND SHINE Secondary

E7161012                ARNESENS Secondary

M7180082              AROKYET  Secondary School

C6040038               AROMBO  Secondary School

K7090914               ARUTANI  GIRLS  Secondary

N1010975               ARYA BOYS  Secondary School

N1010972               ARYA GIRLS  Secondary School

N1010978               ARYA VEDIC GCE  School

G5020243               ASHABITO  Secondary School

F6020188                ASUMBI GIRLS High School

J6080316                ATELA MIXED DAY  Secondary School

J6080369                ATEMO MIXED  Secondary School

J4030605                ATHI  Secondary School

K7091163               ATHINAI  Secondary  School

N4050056               ATHIRIVER ACADEMY Secondary

F4110550                ATHIRU GAITI MIXED DAY  Secondary School

F4110609                ATHWANA Secondary

E7160733                ATLAS Secondary

G7030141               ATNAS KANDIE Secondary

P1010097               AUGUSTANA ACADEMY – Secondary

F4110021                AUKI  Secondary School

K2010072               AUTHENTIC ACADEMY

P1010523               AVANT-GARDE High School

K6120094               AWASI  Secondary

D7070473               B.L NGARENARO  Secondary School

E2040111                BAARI Secondary

R1010481               BABADOGO  Secondary School

A3010228               BABS RIDGE  Secondary

K7091640               BAGARIA  Secondary School

C3030152               BAHARI  Secondary School

H3010036               BAHARI GIRLS Secondary

K7090762               BAHATI  MENEGAI VIEW  Secondary

K7090782               BAHATI  PCEA  Secondary

K7090738               BAHATI  UPPERHILL  Secondary

K7090740               BAHATI GIRLS  Secondary School

K7090757               BAHATI HIGHWAY  Secondary

K7090749               BAHATI VICTORIOUS Secondary

C3030130               BAKANJA  Secondary School

G7060484               BAKHITA MIXED  Secondary School

L6080154                BALA SUPPORT  Secondary School

J5010011                BALAMBALA  Secondary School

M7180920              BALEK  Secondary

P1010574               BALKAN High School

J2010060                BANANA HILL  Secondary School

J5010023                BANANE  Secondary School

B6060029               BANDE GIRLS  Secondary School

K7091193               BANITA  Secondary  School

A7100587               BANJA Secondary

C6040059               BAR – UNION  Secondary School

C6110134               BAR CHANDO GIRLS  Secondary School

C6110329               BAR KANYANGO  Secondary School

C6110027               BAR KOWINO  Secondary School

A7120214               BARAGOI BOYS Secondary

E7120140                BARAGOI GIRLS Secondary

L7051036                BARAKA  Secondary School

N1011030               BARAKA CALVARY ED CENTER  Secondary School

R1010303               BARAKA MIXED  Secondary School

N7040087               BARAKA OONTOYIE Secondary

R1010416               BARAKA ZA IBRAHIM CENTER  Secondary School

J3070046                BARANI  Secondary School

B7100035               BARATON ADVENTIST Secondary

H4040874               BARAZANI GIRLS High School

K6090045               BARDING  Secondary

B2020408               BARICHO BOYS High School

G7060474               BARINGO High School

L7051026                BAROTION  Secondary School

E7010107                BARPELLO Secondary

L7051080                BARSIELE  Secondary School

J7080336                BARSUMBAT DAY  Secondary School

K7090027               BARTMORE  Secondary

B7010343               BARTOLIMO BOYS HIGH

E7010052                BARWESSA  Secondary School

L2010018                BATHI  Secondary School

N1010118               BATIAN CHRISTIAN  School

K7090575               BAVUNI  Secondary

B7170017               BCFC CHRISTIAN ACADEMY Secondary

K7090564               BELL HOUSE  Secondary

L2010137                BENCA  Secondary School

M6090229              BENEA APOLO OHANGA MIXED  Secondary

G7060481               BENONIN Secondary

B2060326               BEROIAH High School

D7070607               BESMART High School

N1010177               BETHANY  Secondary School

K7090554               BETHEL GIRLS  Secondary

P1011299               BETHEL HIGH  School

B8010076               BEULLAH GIRLS Secondary

R1010496               BIGPEN  Secondary School

C7140395               BIKEKE  Secondary School

A8010303               BILIBILI FRIENDS Secondary

D7070101               BINGWA  Secondary School

M8010341              BINYENYA GIRLS  Secondary

A2050663               BIRITHIA GIRLS  Secondary School

H6030821               BIRONGO SDA MIXED Secondary

J7140009                BIRUNDA  Secondary School

A8010149               BISHOP ATUNDO  Secondary School

M8010409              BISHOP ATUNDO High School KIMAETI

E7161152                BISHOP BIRECH TILOL Secondary

D4060048               BISHOP CAVALLERA  Secondary School

H6030779               BISHOP CHARLES MUGENDI NYAMOKENYE Secondary


G2010148               BISHOP KAMAU GIRLS

D4080843               BISHOP LAWI IMANTHIU MIXED DAY  Secondary School

J6080204                BISHOP LINUS OKOK GIRLS  Secondary School

B6060236               BISHOP LINUS OKOK OSOGO Secondary

F4110908                BISHOP LOCATI MEMMORIAL

A7100555               BISHOP MAKARIOS Secondary

R7040026               BISHOP MAZOLDI  Secondary School

C7140981               BISHOP MUGE  Secondary School

T7160009                BISHOP MUGE SUBUKIA Secondary

A6100278               BISHOP MUGENDI  Secondary

E6010608                BISHOP MUGENDI Secondary NYAKEGOGI

K7090150               BISHOP MURIITHI  Secondary

F6040014                BISHOP MWAI ABIERO MAGWAR GIRLS  Secondary School

H6120338               BISHOP N.K. NGALA Secondary

L4050021                BISHOP NDINGI Secondary

L4040715                BISHOP NGALA Secondary

B2020288               BISHOP NGORO GITHUANI Secondary

M3050605              BISHOP NJENGA  Secondary

B6060561               BISHOP ODERA AGONGO MIXED Secondary

D6060216               BISHOP OKINDA RAGANA High School

N8030001               BISHOP OKIRING KAMUNERU  Secondary School

C6040095               BISHOP OKOTH GIRLS  Secondary School

M6090186              BISHOP OKOTH GIRLS MBAGA

F6020724                BISHOP OKULU MAGARE GIRLS Secondary

H6120236               BISHOP OKUMU MIXED  Secondary School

M4050522              BISHOP PAUL MUTUA High School-KINYAATA

E7120050                BISHOP PHILIP PERILO Secondary

A8010098               BISHOP PHILLIP ANYOLO Secondary

L8040285                BISHOP SULUMETI GIRLS  Secondary School

B8050520               BISHOP SULUMETI GIRLS LUGARI Secondary

C8060063               BISHOP SUSLUMETI GIRLS  Secondary School

B7090010               BISHOP WAMBARI AIC GIRLS

M8010301              BISUNU FRIENDS  Secondary

E7161214                BIWOT NG’ELEL TARIT Secondary

G7030179               BIWOTT Secondary

G7030133               BIWOTT Secondary

D6060078               BL. TEZZA COMPLEX  Secondary School

C7140226               BLESSED BAKITA  Secondary School

C2060353               BLESSED HANDS High School GITHURAI

B2060251               BLESSED HEART High School

R1010493               BLESSED TERESA OF CALCUTTA High School

C7090142               BLESSED VALLEY  Secondary School

Blue Hills Academy

E6010009                BLUE LIGHT TOWNSHIP Secondary

J2010070                BLUE NILE High School

H6030767               BOBARACHO MIXED Secondary

H6120325               BODI MIXED Secondary

N7040082               BOEMA ACADEMY Secondary

K6030012               BOGECHE DOK  Secondary

H6030391               BOGIAKUMU Secondary

E6011036                BOGICHONCHO PAG Secondary

H6030499               BOGITAA ELCK Secondary

G6070518               BOGWENDO PAG Secondary

E7160773                BOINET  Secondary School

E6010664                BOITANG’ARE Secondary

M7180500              BOITO High School

A8010624               BOKOLI BOYS Secondary

C7140467               BOMA  Secondary School

J3070428                BOMANI SDA  Secondary School

K7091311               BOMASAN  Secondary

E6010041                BOMBABA MIXED Secondary

G6070710               BOMORITO Secondary

B6040041               BONDE  Secondary School

D6060009               BONDO KOSIEMO  Secondary School

D6060109               BONDO NYIRONGE  Secondary School

E2040687                BONGO GIRLS’ Secondary

K6030175               BONG’ONTA  Secondary

H6030459               BONYAORO GIRLS Secondary

G6070704               BONYUNYU MIXED Secondary

E8080513                BOOKER ACADEMY Secondary

E6010836                BORANGI PAG Secondary

E6010898                BORANGI SDA Secondary

L7050635                BORBORWET  Secondary School

G5020038               BORDER POINT  Secondary School

M6090141              BORO  Secondary

J7090138                BORON  Secondary School

K7091340               BOROR   Secondary

C7150298               BORTOWN REFUGEE  Secondary School

H6030875               BORUMA Secondary

G6071100               BOSIANGO High School

H6030565               BOTORO MIXED Secondary

M5010032              BOYSTOWN  Secondary School

P1010062               BRAEBURN  School – High School

L6040235                BRAEBURN INTL KISUMU  Secondary School

L3040482                BRAEBURN MOMBASA INTERNATIONAL  Secondary School

P1010245               BRAESIDE School

P1010818               BRAINHOUSE ACADEMY – Secondary

E2060086                BRAINSFIELD

L3040421                BRAINSWORTH  Secondary School

L3040778                BRAINSWORTH ACADEMY NYALI Secondary

N1010336               BREMAX High School

D7070154               BRICKWOODS High School

L3040593                BRIGHT FUTURE  Secondary School

M7180823              BRIGHT GIRLS ACADEMY

P1010659               BRIGHT STAR High School

P1010412               BRIGHTSTAR SchoolS – Secondary

G4050136               BRIGHTWAY GIRLS Secondary

J3070021                BRILLIANCE High School

A2060070               BRISTAR GIRLS  Secondary School

F2060057                BROADWAYS High School

N1010340               BROOKFIELD  Secondary School

R1010062               BROOKHOUSE SchoolS- Secondary

N1010063               BROOKLANE High School

R1010509               BROOKVALE MIXED High School


E8020173                BROTHER NICHOLAS Secondary

N1010413               BRUCEWOOD  School

D8040570               BUCHANGO  Secondary School

E8080123                BUCHENYA GIRLS’ Secondary

E8080411                BUCHIFI Secondary

C8020003               BUDALANGI High School

F8070259                BUDAYWA Secondary

G7030020               BUGAR Secondary

F8070250                BUGINA  Secondary School

C8020348               BUHUYI MIXED  Secondary School

C8020245               BUJUMBA  Secondary School

C8020172               BUJWANG’A MIXED DAY  Secondary School

F7021138                BUKACHA  Secondary School

D8040001               BUKHAKUNGA  Secondary School

C8020305               BUKHALARIRE  Secondary School

D8040798               BUKHAYWA  Secondary School

C8020310               BUKHUMA  Secondary School

M8010200              BUKOKHOLO GIRLS SCONDARY School

E8080185                BUKOLWE MIXED Secondary

F8070437                BUKULUNYA MIXED DAY  Secondary School

J8010448                BULUNDO  Secondary School

D8040349               BULUPI Secondary

C8020228               BUMALA AC MIXED  Secondary School

C8020360               BUMALA RC  Secondary School

E8080101                BUMAMU Secondary

A8010640               BUMULA FRIENDS Secondary

F5030192                BUNA  Secondary School

A8010042               BUNAMBO Secondary

K6120006               BUNDE  Secondary

B8010086               BUNGOMA BAPTIST GIRLS High School

B8010081               BUNGOMA High School

B8010103               BUNGOMA MUSLIM Secondary

B8010082               BUNGOMA TOWNSHIP High School

G8070168               BUNYORE GIRLS High School

J6080504                BUOYE MIXED  Secondary School

M5010261              BURA  Secondary

M3050392              BURA GIRLS High School

F4110167                BURERUIRI  Secondary School

A2050586               BURGURET  Secondary

J3070051                BURHANI  High School

L3040111                BURHANIYA  Secondary School

C8020250               BURIYA  Secondary School

P1010337               BURUBURU GIRLS High School

F8070311                BUSALI UNION MIXED DAY  Secondary School

F8070310                BUSALI UNION Secondary

E2060072                BUSARA

D2040016               BUSARA FOREST VIEW  Secondary

D8040620               BUSHIANGALA  Secondary School

C8020258               BUSIADA GIRLS  Secondary School

E8020109                BUSIBWABO Secondary

C8020175               BUSIJO  Secondary School

E8080864                BUSOMBI MUSLIM MIXED Secondary

F5030176                BUTE BOYS  Secondary School

F5030179                BUTE GIRLS  Secondary School

E8080005                BUTERE BOYS’ Secondary

E8080006                BUTERE GIRLS’ Secondary

E8080008                BUTERE HIGH Secondary

C8020326               BUTULA BOYS High School

C8020327               BUTULA GIRLS  Secondary School

E6010060                BUYONGE Secondary

C8020332               BWALIRO GIRLS  Secondary School

B6060258               BWARE Secondary

C7140968               BWAYI  Secondary School

F4110199                C.C.M KANGETA  Secondary School

P1010103               C.G.H.U. PARKLANDS  Secondary School

C4010296               CALVARY HILL High School

M3050129              CANON KITURI  Secondary

J3070169                CANON MWERI MEMORIAL  Secondary School

H6030262               CARDINAL OTUNGA BOYS High School

B8010036               CARDINAL OTUNGA GIRLS Secondary

R1010853               CARMEL CENTER  Secondary School

L4050107                CARMEL GIRLS  Secondary School

P1010486               CARWIL TOMS High School

K2010228               CATHEDRAL  Secondary

N1011088               CAVINA  Secondary School

C4010262               CCM MBUINJERU MIXED DAY  Secondary School

D4080892               CCM MERU TOWNSHIP MIXED DAY  Secondary School

B4130490               CCM NDIRUNI DAY Secondary

E7161499                CENGALO Secondary

D4080673               CENTRAL  Secondary School

G7070025               CENTRAL NYAHURURU  Secondary School

L3040784                C-GEP GIRLS High School

L7050465                CHAGAIK  Secondary School

E7161598                CHAGAIYA Secondary

B6060012               CHAKORI Secondary

M3050622              CHALA  Secondary

F8070299                CHAMAKANGA GIRLS Secondary

C8060003               CHAMASIRI  Secondary School

G8070380               CHAMBITI  Secondary School

A3010006               CHANAGANDE  Secondary School

M7090161              CHANDERA  Secondary

F8070359                CHANDUMBA Secondary

L3040816                CHANGAMWE  Secondary School

L3040821                CHANGAMWE SDA  Secondary School

G8070381               CHANGO Secondary

F2060002                CHANIA BOYS High School

F2060004                CHANIA GIRLS High School

E2040369                CHANNELS OF GRACE Secondary

E2050065                CHARITY  Secondary School

D2040346               CHARITY PRAISE High School

F8070334                CHAVAKALI BOYS  Secondary School

G8070508               CHAVAVO  Secondary

M3050318              CHAWIA  Secondary

C7090203               CHAZON SchoolS  Secondary School

J7080119                CHEBAI  Secondary School

J7080227                CHEBARA  Secondary School

J7090045                CHEBARA DAY  Secondary School

J7080230                CHEBARA GIRLS  Secondary School

A7100632               CHEBARA Secondary

A7100095               CHEBARUS  Secondary

E7160831                CHEBARUS  Secondary School

G7060077               CHEBEREN  Secondary School

L7051006                CHEBEWOR  Secondary School

J7080221                CHEBIEMIT  Secondary School

L7050496                CHEBIGEN  Secondary School

M7180944              CHEBILAT  Secondary

M7180993              CHEBIRBELEK  Secondary School

M7180202              CHEBITET  Secondary School

F7020915                CHEBOIN  Secondary School

G7030046               CHEBONET Secondary

M7180030              CHEBORGE BOYS High School

M7180031              CHEBORGE GIRLS High School

J7080139                CHEBORORWA  Secondary School

A8010457               CHEBOSI SA  Secondary School

J8010183                CHEBUKAKA GIRLS  Secondary School

J8010253                CHEBUKWA  Secondary School

F7020719                CHEBUNYO  Secondary School

E7161326                CHEBURBUR  Secondary School

D8040427               CHEBUYUSI BOYS Secondary

M7180098              CHEBWAGAN  Secondary

D8040122               CHEBWEI Secondary

K7090037               CHEERFUL CHILD  Secondary

D8040087               CHEGULO Secondary FRIENDS

B8050431               CHEKALINI Secondary

J8010361                CHEKULO  Secondary School

U8030174               CHELEBEI FRIENDS  Secondary

E7161031                CHELELAIBEI Secondary

M7180121              CHELILIS  Secondary

C7140970               CHELOGOI  Secondary School

M7180593              CHELUGET ACADEMY GIRLS  Secondary

M7180715              CHEMALAL  Secondary School

L7050889                CHEMAMUL High School

A7100789               CHEMAMUL Secondary

F7021037                CHEMANER  Secondary School

A7100684               CHEMASE Secondary

C7140236               CHEMATICH  Secondary School

H6120361               CHEMELIL SUGAR ACADEMY

P1011059               CHEMI CHEMI  Secondary School

N8030098               CHEMOGE  Secondary School

M7180143              CHEMOIBEN  Secondary School

B7010616               CHEMOLINGOT  Secondary School

B7100029               CHEMUNDU MIXED Secondary

B7100432               CHEMUSWA Secondary

R7040065               CHENNY  School-SEC

R7170013               CHEPARERIA MIXED Secondary

E7160585                CHEPCHUINA SDA Secondary

R7170280               CHEPKALIT Secondary

L7050065                CHEPKECHEI  Secondary School

E7161133                CHEPKIGEN  Secondary School

F7020944                CHEPKITWAL  Secondary School

E7161001                CHEPKOILEL  Secondary School

E7161523                CHEPKOIYO Secondary

E7161093                CHEPKON’GONG Secondary

A7100355               CHEPKONGONY Secondary

R7170040               CHEPKORNISWO  Secondary School

F7020753                CHEPKOSA Secondary

L7050777                CHEPKOSILEN High School

U8030063               CHEPKUBE  Secondary School

U8030070               CHEPKUBE SA  Secondary School

B7100392               CHEPKUMIA Secondary

A7100643               CHEPKUNY MIXED Secondary

A7100196               CHEPKUNYUK Secondary

U8030138               CHEPKURKUR  Secondary

L7050335                CHEPKUTUNG  Secondary School

M7180188              CHEPLANGET  Secondary School

M7180189              CHEPLANGET  Secondary School

E7161140                CHEPLASKEI Secondary

E7161831                CHEPLELAIBEI NORTH Secondary

L7050515                CHEPNGOBOB  Secondary School

E7161072                CHEPNGOROR Secondary

E7160635                CHEPSAITA Secondary

L7050159                CHEPSEON  Secondary School

L7050131                CHEPSEON COMPLEX High School

G7030340               CHEPSIGOT  Secondary School

L7050115                CHEPSIR  Secondary School

M7180487              CHEPTABAACH  Secondary

U8030053               CHEPTAIS High School

M7180590              CHEPTALAL  Secondary School

F8070043                CHEPTECH   Secondary School

M7180023              CHEPTENDENIET  Secondary School

L7050671                CHEPTENYE  Secondary School

B7100772               CHEPTIL  Secondary School

C7140079               CHEPTIR  Secondary School

E7161393                CHEPTIRET OASIS OF HOPE Secondary

E7161125                CHEPTIRET Secondary

A7100746               CHEPTONON MIXED Secondary

K7091409               CHEPTOROI MIXED  Secondary

M7090090              CHEPTUECH  Secondary School

L7050931                CHEPTUIYET GIRLS  Secondary School

R7170196               CHEPTULEL  Secondary School

F7020550                CHEPWOSTUIYET  Secondary School

L7050059                CHERARA GIRLS  Secondary School

L7051065                CHERES  Secondary School

D7070555               CHERETA  Secondary School

L7050692                CHERIBO  Secondary School

K6120171               CHERWA MIXED  Secondary

M8010146              CHESAMIS BOYS High School

M8010147              CHESAMIS FRIENDS GIRLS  Secondary

J7080290                CHESEWEW  Secondary School

M7180956              CHESILYOT GIRLS  Secondary School

L7050128                CHESINENDE  Secondary School

C7090096               CHESINGELE  Secondary School

F7020328                CHESOEN  Secondary School

E7161251                CHESOGOR  Secondary School

C7141063               CHESOWOS ADVENTIST  Secondary School

R7170147               CHESTA GIRLS  Secondary School

B7170147               CHEWOYET High School

E4120269                CHIAKARIGA GIRLS Secondary

E4120273                CHIAKARIGA MIXED Secondary

C6110153               CHIANDA High School

K6030211               CHIBWOBI  Secondary

B4130008               CHIEF MBOGORI GIRLS Secondary

G5020003               CHIEF MOHAMED JARI  Secondary School

B4130421               CHIEF PETRO MIXED DAY Secondary

D6040035               CHIGA Secondary

L7050089                CHILCHILA  Secondary School

A8010671               CHILIBA Secondary

D8040271               CHIMORONI Secondary.  School

A2050748               CHINGA BOYS High School

A2050724               CHINGA GIRLS High School

E7161583                CHIRCHIR Secondary

K6030094               CHIRONGE  Secondary

C7140348               CHISARE  Secondary School

P1011273               CHITEGEMEE  Secondary  School

B4130041               CHOGORIA BOYS Secondary

B4130047               CHOGORIA GIRLS HIGH

B4130039               CHOGORIA SENIOR School

D8040373               CHOMBEI Secondary

C2060195               CHOMO  Secondary School

L6040382                CHRIST CHURCH  Secondary School

B7100479               CHRIST HE KING HIGH

G7060147               CHRIST THE KING  Secondary School

K7090219               CHRIST THE KING GIRLS  Secondary

N7040567               CHRIST THE KING Secondary

K6090030               CHRISTIAN MIXED  Secondary

D4080824               CHUGU  Secondary School

B4130541               CHUKA BOYS High School

B4130691               CHUKA GIRLS Secondary

A6040033               CHULAIMBO  Secondary

H3010339               CHUMANI Secondary

L7050701                CHUMO  Secondary School

D4080823               CHUNG’ARI MIXED DAY  Secondary School

B6060308               CHUNGE MIXED Secondary

N1010219               CHURCH ARMY  Secondary School

M8010351              CHWELE GIRLS High School

L4040888                CHYENI Secondary

C4010411               CIAMADA MIXED  Secondary School

J2010041                CIANDA High School

C2070026               CITADEL OF HOPE  Secondary School

E6010842                CITIZEN MIXED Secondary

K7090098               CITY MISSION  Secondary

H4040124               CLAY INTERNATIONAL  Secondary School

K7090712               CLLR. PETER High School

L3040062                COAST GIRLS HIGH   School

M3050542              COAST High School TAITA

N7040423               COLIN DAVIES MIXED  Secondary School

N1010817               COMIMA COVENANT CENTRE


N1010803               COMMUNITY URBAN VIEW CENTRE (SEC)

P1010473               COMPASSIONATE  Secondary School

P1010010               COMPUERA GIRLS High School

A4070007               CONSOLATA  IRIAMURAI  Secondary

P1010247               CONSOLATA  School – Secondary

C4010442               CONSOLATA GIRLS High School

A4070583               CONSOLATA GIRLS-GITARAKA  Secondary

H3010166               CORAL Secondary

D6060254               CORBAN High School

C7090345               COULSON BOYS  Secondary School

C7090351               COULSON GIRLS  Secondary School

B4130706               COUNTY EDUCATIONAL CENTRE

M5010030              COUNTY High School

L6040241                COVENANT ACA  Secondary School

K7090300               CRATER VIEW  Secondary

P1010308               CRESENT GIRLS  Secondary School


L6040402                D.H.T. Secondary School

M5010163              DADAAB  Secondary

M5010228              DAGAHALEY  Secondary

C6040067               DAGO THIM  Secondary School

N1010121               DAGORETTI High School

N1011063               DAGORETTI MIXED  Secondary School

D4060007               DAKABARICHA MIXED DAY  Secondary School

M3050156              DALMAS MOKA  Secondary

J6080479                DAMODA High School

J6080460                DAN HILL ACA  Secondary School

N4050031               DANANA GIRLS  Secondary School

N1010656               DANDORA  Secondary School

P1011131               DANONS High School

H6030731               DARAJA MBILI MIXED Secondary

H4041087               DARAJANI  Secondary School

L3040204                DARUL ULUM  Secondary School

M3050248              DAVID KAYANDA  Secondary

E7161449                DAVID KOROS Secondary

E7161459                DAVIS Secondary

E2060136                DAY LIGHT  Secondary School

D2060210               DCRD  Secondary School

C8060067               DEACONS ANGURAI  Secondary School

C4010480               DEB KAIRURI MIXED DAY  Secondary School

C4010592               DEB KAVUTIRI MIXED  Secondary School

A8010232               DEB LUNYU Secondary

K7090033               DELAMERE GIRLS  Secondary

K6090092               DHENE MIXED  Secondary

F3020198                DIANI MIXED DAY  Secondary School

M6090126              DIBUORO  Secondary

B6040044               DIEMO MIXED Secondary

F8070236                DIGULA  Secondary School

E2040499                DIMA COMPLEX Secondary

B2020750               DIPLOMAT ACADEMY

M6090085              DIRK ALLISON ACADEMY  Secondary School

H6120259               DIRUBI MIXED Secondary

B6060190               DIRUMA Secondary

F6020269                DISII MIXED DAY Secondary

R7040038               DOA BASE High School

E6011009                DOBRA MIXED Secondary

G6070038               DOCA Secondary

J6080615                DOL MIXED  Secondary School

D7070380               DOLDOL BOYS’  Secondary School

E7160536                DOMINION Secondary

C4010106               DON BOSC GIRLS  Secondary School

N1011016               DON BOSCO  Secondary School

C4010104               DON BOSCO BOYS  Secondary School

C2070034               DON BOSCO DAY  Secondary School

M2010031              DON BOSCO High School

A4070265               DON MARINO  MIXED  Secondary School.

M3050046              DR. AGGREY High School

D6040025               DR. ALOO GUMBI MIXED Secondary

D4060174               DR. GODANA MEMORIAL BOYS  Secondary School

F2050023                DR. KAMUNDIA High School

F2030711                DR. KIANO GIRLS  Secondary School

F8070616                DR. MAURICE DANG’ANA GIMARAKWA  Secondary School

L6040045                DR.ALHEFNI REACHOUT  Secondary School

F2030110                DR.KIANO BOYS  Secondary School

A3010242               DR.KRAPF MEMORIAL  Secondary

L7051033                DR.RUTTOH GIRLS Secondary

E7161057                DRY’S  Secondary School

J6080390                DUDI GIRLS  Secondary School

K7090628               DUNDORI  Secondary

H3010486               DZITSONI  Secondary School

R1010789               EASTLANDS ED CENTER

N1010284               EASTLEIGH High School

K7090327               EASTMORE GIRLS  Secondary

K6120028               EBENE-ZER CHRISTIAN  Secondary

B7170159               EBENEZER MIXED Secondary

E6010477                EBEREGE Secondary

E6010854                EBIGOGO DEB Secondary

E6010885                EBIOSI PAG Secondary

G8070273               EBUBAYI  Secondary

L8040127                EBUCHINGA  Secondary School

G8070089               EBUKANGA  Secondary

G8070202               EBUKHAYA  Secondary

G8070040               EBUKOOLO  Secondary

G8070171               EBULONGA  Secondary

G8070247               EBUNANGWE  Secondary

C7090279               EBURRU  Secondary School

G8070107               EBUSAKAMI  Secondary

G8070260               EBUSILOLI  Secondary

G8070239               EBUSIRATSI  Secondary

G8070138               EBUSSAMBA  Secondary

G8070123               EBUSYUBI  Secondary

G8070035               EBUYALU MIXED  Secondary

G8070288               EBWALI Secondary

B2020825               EFFORT SENIOR School

G6070873               EGENTUBI Secondary

B7100764               EISERO GIRLS Secondary

E8080813                EJINJA MIXED DAY Secondary

J4050081                EKALAKALA  Secondary School

E8080306                EKAMBULI Secondary

G6071144               EKENYENYA Secondary

G6071137               EKENYORO TECH Secondary

H6030402               EKERUBO Secondary

G8070145               EKWANDA  Secondary

E7161097                EL – SEKY Secondary

N7040206               EL GIBBOR Secondary

L7050319                ELAND GIRLS  Secondary School

M7090250              ELBURGON  Secondary School

M7090237              ELBURGON BAPTIST Secondary. School

M7090264              ELBURGON DEB  Secondary

G7060454               ELDAMA RAVINE GIRLS  Secondary School

F5030205                ELDAS  Secondary School

E7160112                ELDORET  Secondary School

E7160004                ELDORET CENTRAL  Secondary School

E7160014                ELDORET GK MAGEREZA Secondary

E7160254                ELDORET HARAMBEE  Secondary School

M3050678              ELDORO GIRLS  Secondary

N7040705               ELERAI MCK GIRLS  Secondary School

B7100121               ELGON VIEW HIGH

E7160413                ELGON VIEW Secondary

G5020233               EL-HACHO MIXED  Secondary School

E6010178                ELIMONYA BAPTIST Secondary

G6070527               ELIMU CENTRE Secondary

K2010180               ELIZABETH ORTHODOX High School

E8080540                ELUCHE MIXED Secondary

A8010340               ELUUYA FRIENDS GIRLS Secondary

G5020207               ELWAK  Secondary School

G5020220               ELWAK GIRLS  Secondary School

N1011076               ELYON High School

G2010149               ELYON Secondary

K7090006               ELYON SEONDARY

G8070056               EMANYINYA  Secondary

L8040139                EMATETE  Secondary School

L8040014                EMATIHA  Secondary School

G8070221               EMATSULI  Secondary

N1010574               EMBAKASI GIRLS  Secondary School

R4050091               EMBAKASI GIRLS  Secondary School

P1011120               EMBAKASI High School

E2050055                EMBARINGO Secondary

G6070713               EMBOGA MIXED Secondary

M7180566              EMBOMOS  Secondary School

C4010005               EMBU COUNTY MIXED Secondary

C4010028               EMBU High School Secondary

E6010747                EMENWA MIXED Secondary

L2010134                EMERALD  Secondary School

E6010338                EMESA AIC Secondary

E6011231                EMESA DSC Secondary

G7060070               EMINING  Secondary School

M7090076              EMITIK GIRLS Secondary. School

E7160183                EMMANUEL COMPLEX  Secondary School

D2060013               EMMANUEL High School

G8070316               EMMATSI Secondary

P1011082               EMMAUS  Secondary

H7130296               EMURUA DIKIRR  Secondary School

B8050413               EMUSEMBE  Secondary

G8070076               EMUSIRE High School

C4010125               ENA DAY  Secondary School

E6010888                ENCHORO PEFA Secondary

D7070093               ENDANA  Secondary School

E2050140                ENDARASHA BOYS Secondary

E2050130                ENDARASHA MIXED Secondary

K4030068               ENDAU  Secondary

E6010417                ENDERETI MIXED Secondary

G6070893               ENDIBA TECHNICAL Secondary

A7110230               ENELERAI  Secondary School

J4030782                ENG NGILU MIXED  Secondary School

H6030030               ENGOTO PAG MIXED Secondary

H4041030               ENGULI ABC  Secondary School

H7110010               ENKARE NAIROWUA GIRLS Secondary

G6070858               ENKINDA SDA Secondary

R7040723               ENKORIKA  Secondary School

N1010120               ENNA  GIRLS  Secondary School.

R7040407               ENOOMATASIANI GIRLS  Secondary School

H7130126               ENOOSAEN  Secondary School

H7130129               ENOOSAEN GIRLS Secondary

N4050059               ENSALEM MISSION GIRLS  Secondary School

H6030068               ENTANDA Secondary

G4100175               ENZIU Secondary

J4030429                ENZOU  Secondary School

N7110137               EOR-ENKULE  Secondary School

F2060007                EQUATOR BOYS High School

C7150017               ERAIT GIRLS High School

H6030138               ERAMBA MIXED Secondary

D8040713               EREGI GIRLS High School

K6070101               ERONGE MIXED  Secondary

G6070025               ERONGE SDA  Secondary School

G6070343               ERONGE Secondary

G8070017               ESALWA  Secondary School

G6070384               ESANI SDA Secondary

L2010039                ESCARPMENT  Secondary School

L8040169                ESHIBEYE  Secondary School

E8080324                ESHIBINGA K Secondary

E8080481                ESHIKALAME Secondary

B8050346               ESHIKULU Secondary

E8080171                ESHINAMWENYULI Secondary

E8080366                ESHINUTSA Secondary

L8040062                ESHISIRU  Secondary School

E8080075                ESHITARI Secondary

D2040278               ESHUONGO  Secondary

G8070117               ESIANDUMBA  Secondary

G8070129               ESIBEYE  Secondary

G8070029               ESIBILA  Secondary

L8040147                ESOKONE  Secondary School

K7091364               ESPARANZA  Secondary

G8070058               ESSABA  Secondary

G8070282               ESSONGOLO  Secondary

F2060091                ESSY Secondary

L8040072                ESUMEIYA  Secondary School

G4100107               ETENDEU Secondary

L4050137                ETIKONI  Secondary School

G6070721               ETONO Secondary

P1011197               EUTYCHUS EDUCATIONAL CENTRE  Secondary School.

N1010064               EVA  Secondary School

K7090657               EVANS  Secondary

R7090135               EVERLYN MEMORIAL ACADEMY Secondary

K7091740               EWAAT  Secondary School

G7070055               EWASO NYIRO ELITE ‘B’  Secondary School

N4050060               EXCEL GIRLS High School

P1010675               EXETER ACADEMY COMPLEX Secondary

J3070232                F.B. TUVA MEMORIAL  Secondary School MIJOMBONI

F2050070                F.T. NYAMMO  Secondary

B2020839               FACING MT KENYA Secondary

N1010838               FAITH ACADEMY  Secondary School

E2040127                FAITH CARE Secondary

K7091587               FAITH HOLY Secondary

H3010354               FAITH MOUNT High School

L8040038                FAITHVILLE CHRISTIAN  Secondary School

G7070051               FALLING WATERS  Secondary School

E7160068                FAMILY CARE  Secondary School

A7110053               FANAKA  Secondary School

D6050062               FATHER ANGELO  Secondary School

K6070044               FATHER KAISER NYAMONGE  Secondary

A7100498               FATHER MAIR GIRLS Secondary

M4050498              FATHER MAKEWA High School MAKUTANO

C3030028               FAZA  Secondary School

B8010116               FELICITY  Secondary School

L7050947                FINCH  Secondary School

R7040052               FINKEN EDUCATION CENTER-SEC

R1010413               FIVE STARS High School

K7090141               FLAMINGO  Secondary


F2050182                FLORA MODEL  Secondary School

F2050157                FLORA MODEL Secondary

R1010008               FOREST VIEW ACADEMY Secondary

B8050572               FORESTAL SA Secondary

K2010048               FORT SMITH High School

G7070002               FOUNTAIN OF HOPE  Secondary School


N1010178               FPFK GOOD HOPE  Secondary School

K4050454               FR HEERAN High School

B7100256               FR KUHN  Secondary School CHEPSONOI

R7170125               FR LEO STAPLES GIRLS  Secondary School

A7100808               FR MARTIN BOYLE KABOLEBO Secondary

A7100797               FR MARTIN BOYLE Secondary

E8020273                FR SIMON Secondary

D7070606               FR. ANTHONY PAGANI  Secondary School

K7090690               FR. GENESIO BOYS  Secondary

D8040614               FR. JOSEPH ORTNER GIRLS  School

C8060162               FR. OKODOI  Secondary School

C7140940               FRAHIGHLANDS  Secondary School

P1011005               FRAMES OF MIND  Secondary School

F3020387                FRANZ JOSEF  Secondary School

K7091531               FREDS ACADEMY  Secondary

N1011095               FRENCH School -SEC

F8070073                FRIENDS  School KAIMOSI BOYS

C8040005               FRIENDS  School LIKHOVERO  Secondary School

D8040058               FRIENDS  School LUKALA Secondary

B8050122               FRIENDS  Secondary School  MATURU

M8010064              FRIENDS  Secondary School BITUYU

J8010211                FRIENDS  Secondary School BUSAKALA

B8050020               FRIENDS  Secondary School CHENJENI

N1010631               FRIENDS  Secondary School DANDORA

L8040326                FRIENDS  Secondary School HANDINDI

J8010454                FRIENDS  Secondary School KIMUGUI

J8010397                FRIENDS  Secondary School KITALE

B8050379               FRIENDS  Secondary School KONGONI

J8010049                FRIENDS  Secondary School LUTACHO

J8010412                FRIENDS  Secondary School LWANDA

J8010369                FRIENDS  Secondary School MAHANGA

D8040018               FRIENDS  Secondary School MUTSUMA

D8040048               FRIENDS  Secondary School SHIRUGU

J8010170                FRIENDS  Secondary School SIKULU

C7140170               FRIENDS BWAKE  Secondary School

F8070471                FRIENDS DEMESI MIXED DAY  Secondary School

J8010148                FRIENDS High School MADISI

J8010270                FRIENDS High School MOSOKHO

J8010159                FRIENDS KIMALEWA  Secondary School

J7140103                FRIENDS MUFUTU  Secondary School

F8070435                FRIENDS MUNOYWA MIXED DAY  Secondary School

B8050287               FRIENDS School BINYENYA Secondary

M8010026              FRIENDS School CHBUKWABI

M8010047              FRIENDS School KAMUSINGA

B8050088               FRIENDS School LUKHOKHO GIRLS

B8050024               FRIENDS School MAKHUKHUNI Secondary

J8010073                FRIENDS School MISEMWA  Secondary School

B8010177               FRIENDS Secondary BUKEMBE

A8010614               FRIENDS Secondary MILANI

B8010188               FRIENDS Secondary MISANGA

A8010474               FRIENDS Secondary MUJI

A8010175               FRIENDS Secondary NAITIRI

A8010579               FRIENDS Secondary NAMBAMI

M3050089              FUNJU  Secondary

F5030072                FURAHA MIXED DAY  Secondary School

J3070189                FUTURE CENTRE ACADEMY

J6080696                G.E.B GIRLS  Secondary School

D7070747               G.G. KINAMBA MIXED DAY  Secondary School

D4080267               GAATIA DAY  Secondary School

B2020534               GACATHA Secondary

B2060198               GACEGE  Secondary School

E4120283                GACERAKA Secondary

D4080982               GACHANKA MIXED DAY  Secondary School

C2070605               GACHARAGE  Secondary School

J2010140                GACHARAGE High School

F2030016                GACHARAIGU  Secondary School

B2020291               GACHARU MIXED DAY Secondary

F2050046                GACHATHA High School

L2010246                GACHEMA  Secondary School

J2010173                GACHIE High School

A2050334               GACHIKA  Secondary School

D2060058               GACHIKA  Secondary School

L2010249                GACHOIRE GIRLS Secondary

A2060016               GACHORORO  Secondary School

E4120228                GACIONGO Secondary

B2020576               GACIONGO Secondary

D4080477               GACURU MIXED DAY  Secondary School

K3060276               GADENI   Secondary  School

C6110150               GAGRA  Secondary School

F8070169                GAHUMBWA   Secondary School

G4100325               GAI  Secondary School

C2070921               GAICHANJIRU  Secondary School

C2070930               GAICHANJIRU MIXED  Secondary School

F8070177                GAIGEDI   Secondary School

A2050009               GAIKUNDO  Secondary School

F2030423                GAITHERI  Secondary School

D4080490               GAITU  Secondary School

D4080715               GAKANDO GIRLS  Secondary School

D2050059               GAKANGA MIXED Secondary.

C2070692               GAKARARA  Secondary School

A2050593               GAKAWA MIXED  Secondary

E6010097                GAKERO ELCK Secondary

E6010077                GAKERO SDA Secondary

F2050073                GAKII  Secondary

B2060242               GAKOE  Secondary School

B2020826               GAKOIGO MIXED DAY Secondary

C2070736               GAKUI Secondary

C2060182               GAKURARI  Secondary School

F2030415                GAKURWE  Secondary School

D4080039               GAKUUNI GIRLS  Secondary School

A2050629               GAKUYU MAHIGA  Secondary

B2050094               GAKUYU Secondary

J3070349                GALANA  Secondary School

M8010023              GALAXY GROUP OF  Secondary School

P1011153               GALAXY GROUP OF  Secondary SchoolS

F8070555                GAMALENGA  Secondary School

H6030107               GAMBA SDA MIXED Secondary

B6060566               GAMBA Secondary

A4070315               GANGARA  Secondary School

M4100218              GANKANGA  Secondary School

H3010555               GANZE  Secondary School

D4080507               GAOKENE MIXED DAY  Secondary School

J3070479                GARASHI ACK ROSEMARY MEMORIAL Secondary

L4020222                GARBATULA High School

M5010031              GARISSA High School

K3060245               GARSEN   Secondary

L2010201                GATAMAIYU  Secondary School

C2060211               GATANGA CCM  Secondary School

C2060015               GATANGA GIRLS  Secondary School

F2030766                GATARA  Secondary School

E2050044                GATARAGWA Secondary

D2040505               GATARWA  Secondary

A2060157               GATE WAY  Secondary SHC

A4070537               GATEGI  GIRLS  Secondary School.

D7070491               GATERO GIRLS  Secondary School

E2040140                GATESTED  Secondary School

K7090467               GATEWAY  Secondary

H2010045               GATHAITHI  Secondary School

B2020435               GATHAMBI GIRLS Secondary

C2060238               GATHANJI  Secondary School

D2040155               GATHANJI Secondary

H2010131               GATHANJI Secondary

E2040519                GATHARA Secondary

F2050152                GATHATHINI  Secondary

A2050721               GATHERA  Secondary School

C2070294               GATHERA  Secondary School

K2010301               GATHIGA High School

F2030844                GATHINJA  Secondary School

H2010190               GATHIRIMO GIRLS TECHNICAL High School

D2060063               GATHIRU  Secondary School

H2010281               GATHIRUINI Secondary

A2050683               GATHUMBI  Secondary School

A2050026               GATHUNGURURU  Secondary School

C2070104               GATHUNGURURU  Secondary School

D2060128               GATHURI  Secondary School

C2060023               GATIIGURU MIXED  Secondary School

D2040045               GATIMU  Secondary School

G2010096               GATIMU EDUCATION CENTRE

D2060042               GATITU GIRLS  Secondary School

C2070760               GATITU Secondary

B2050037               GATONDO Secondary

C4010510               GATOORI  Secondary School

A2050541               GATUAMBA  Secondary School

D4080423               GATUATINE MIXED DAY  Secondary School

E4120148                GATUE MIXED Secondary

A2050695               GATUGI GIRLS  Secondary School

A2050692               GATUGI MIXED  Secondary

D2060214               GATUNDU High School

F2030011                GATUNDUINI  Secondary School

C4010052               GATUNDURI  Secondary School

E4120003                GATUNGA Secondary

B2060108               GATUNGURU  Secondary School

B2020636               GATUNGURU  Secondary School

C2060002               GATUNGURU  Secondary School

C2060225               GATUNYU  Secondary School

C2060163               GATURA GIRLS  Secondary School

D4080191               GATURI DAY Secondary

F2030473                GATURI GIRLS  Secondary School

B2050102               GATURIRI Secondary

B2020810               GATUTO MIXED Secondary

B2020531               GATWE  Secondary School

G8070488               GAVALAGI Secondary

F8070537                GAVUDUNYI  Secondary School

J3070137                GEDE  Secondary School

D4080019               GEETO MIXED DAY Secondary

G6070434               GEKANO Secondary

G6070465               GEKE Secondary

G6070641               GEKOMONI TECH Secondary

E6010231                GEKONGA II MIXED  Secondary School

K6030189               GEKONGE  Secondary

K6070125               GEKONGE  Secondary

E6010579                GEKONGO MIXED Secondary

F7020578                GELEGELE High School

J6080018                GENDIA High School

F2050210                GENERAL CHINA  Secondary School

M4050056              GENERAL MULINGE High School

P1011268               GENESIS CHURCH PROJECT  Secondary  School

N1010482               GENESIS High School

N1010812               GENESIS IMMACULATE  Secondary School

N1010876               GENESIS JOY  Secondary School

M7180508              GEOGRA GIRLS  Secondary

J6080032                GEORGE AGOLA OWUOR  Secondary School

F8070003                GEORGE KHANIRI   Secondary School

F8070683                GERHERDT GOIBEI GIRLS High School

E6010385                GESABAGWA Secondary

K6030041               GESABAKWA  Secondary

K6070139               GESAGE  Secondary

H6030544               GESERO Secondary

G6070992               GESIAGA Secondary

G6071072               GESORE PAG Secondary

G6070524               GESURE Secondary

E6010596                GESURE Secondary

D2040646               GETA  Secondary School

C7140119               GETA  Secondary School

G6071150               GETA SDA Secondary

G6070683               GETAARI MIXED Secondary

E6010971                GETAI SDA Secondary

H6030678               GETEMBE  Secondary School

E6010576                GETENGA MIXED DAY Secondary

K6030217               GETERI  Secondary

D6050326               GETONGANYA Secondary

D6050215               GETONGOROMA MIXED Secondary

E6010037                GETUKI MIXED Secondary

L7050676                GETUMBE  Secondary School

H6030223               GETURI  Secondary School

B2020427               GETUYA MIXED  Secondary School

D7070592               GG RUMURUTI  Secondary School

C2060119               GIACHUKI  Secondary School

B2050040               GIAKAIBEI Secondary

A2050264               GIAKANJA  Secondary School

D4080745               GIAKI  Secondary School

H6030810               GIANCHERE FRIENDS High School

G6070727               GIANCHORE Secondary

B4130023               GIANCHUKU MIXED Secondary

P1010589               GIANT STEP  Secondary School

D4080946               GIANTUNE  Secondary School

F2030432                GIATHIYA  Secondary School

H2010273               GIATHUGU Secondary

A2050142               GIATHUNGU  Secondary School

N1010532               GIBS GIRLS High School

C2070669               GICHAGI-INI  Secondary School

C4010165               GICHICHE  Secondary School

F2050103                GICHIRA  Secondary

K7091497               GICHOBO  Secondary  School

G2010117               GICHURU Secondary

C7140821               GIDEA  Secondary School

J6080525                GIDEONS MEMORIAL ACA  Secondary School

H4040550               GIGIRI LIONS GIRLS  Secondary School

H4040551               GIGIRI NZEENI LIONS BOYS Secondary

F2030537                GIKANDU  Secondary School

H2010060               GIKANGA KAGECHE Secondary

A4070128               GIKIIRO   Secondary School

B2060055               GIKINDU  Secondary School

F2030568                GIKINDU  Secondary School

D2040007               GIKINGI  Secondary School

F2030221                GIKOE  Secondary School

C2070374               GIKOMORA Secondary

A2050090               GIKONDI  Secondary School

B2050141               GIKUMBO Secondary

D4080588               GIKUMENE GIRLS  Secondary School

D2060080               GIKURE  Secondary School

D4080102               GIKURUNE BOYS  Secondary School

D4080103               GIKURUNE GIRLS  Secondary School

C7090291               GILGIL  Secondary School

C7090265               GILGIL DAY  Secondary School

C7090301               GILGIL HILLS  Secondary School

S7090044                GILGIL HILLS SENIOR  Secondary School

G8070477               GILWADZI Secondary

F8070628                GIMARIANI  Secondary School

F8070528                GIMEMNGWA  Secondary School

F6020429                GINA MIXED DAY  Secondary School

A6100230               GINGO MIXED  Secondary

E6010738                GIONSERI Secondary

F8070494                GISAMBAI MIXED DAY  Secondary School

D2060055               GITARE  Secondary School

C7090314               GITARE  Secondary School

C4010209               GITARE MIXED DAY  Secondary School

B2060361               GITHAMBIA  Secondary School

F2030468                GITHANGA MIXED  Secondary School

C2070235               GITHEMBE Secondary

H2010037               GITHIGA High School

D2040482               GITHIMA  Secondary

C2070394               GITHIMA Secondary

H2010288               GITHIMA Secondary

E2040723                GITHINJI Secondary

D4080626               GITHONGO  Secondary School

C2070654               GITHUMU  Secondary School

E2040103                GITHUNGUCHU Secondary

A2060132               GITHUNGURI  Secondary School

C2070865               GITHUNGURI GIRLS  Secondary School

C2070867               GITHUNGURI MIXED  Secondary School

H2010112               GITHUNGURI TECH AND  Secondary School

C2060317               GITHURAI CBH  Secondary School

B2060294               GITHURAI MIXED  Secondary School

B2020583               GITHURE Secondary

A4070260               GITIBURI   Secondary School

F2030804                GITIE  Secondary School

F2030819                GITIGE  Secondary School

H2010068               GITIHA Secondary

L2010052                GITITHIA  Secondary  School

E2060111                GITITU  Secondary School

F2050083                GITITU DAY  Secondary  School

F2030234                GITONGU  Secondary School

N1010198               GITU ACADEMY  Secondary School

C2060032               GITUAMBA  Secondary School

L2010080                GITUAMBA  Secondary School

A2050647               GITUGI  Secondary

F2030251                GITUGI GIRLS High School

F2030253                GITUGI MIXED  Secondary School

F2030087                GITUGU  Secondary School

F2030823                GITUI MIXEDSEC

B4130291               GITUJA MIXED DAY Secondary

D7070581               GITUNDIA  Secondary School

A2050789               GITUNDU  Secondary School

B4130213               GITUNTU DAY  Secondary School

F2030725                GITURA  Secondary School

F4110033                GITURA  Secondary School

C4010564               GITURI  Secondary School

C2070655               GITURU  Secondary School

R7090272               GITURU  Secondary School

F2030815                GITUTO  Secondary School

B2020817               GITWE  Secondary School

H2010092               GITWE GIRLS  Secondary

F2030832                GITWEKU GIRLS  Secondary

F8070664                GIVOGI  Secondary School

F8070579                GIVOLE MIXED DAY&BOARDING BOYS  Secondary School

N7040079               GLADPHIL  School -SEC

P1010443               GLADYS GIRLS High School

P1011048               GLOBAL VISION  Secondary School

R1010555               GLORY  SchoolS KOROGOCHO Secondary

K6070119               GLORY  Secondary

R1010277               GLORY  Secondary School

R1010821               GLORYLIGHT STUDENT CENTER  Secondary School

C6110105               GOBEI  Secondary School

H6120389               GOD ABUORO Secondary

J6080609                GOD AGULU  Secondary School

J6080379                GOD BER  Secondary School

C7140565               GOD BLESS YOU  Secondary School

A6100429               GOD BUR  Secondary

F6020067                GOD KADO MIXED DAY  Secondary School

H6060030               GOD NGOCHE Secondary

A6100466               GOD OLOO MIXED DAY  Secondary

A3010303               GODOMA  Secondary

L6080193                GOGO MIXED  Secondary School

F7020023                GOITABSILIBWET  Secondary School

K7090025               GOLDEN HEART ACADEMY  Secondary

F3020015                GOLINI MIXED DAY  Secondary School

M6090365              GONGO MIXED DAY  Secondary

D4080290               GOOD HOPE  Secondary School

B8050087               GOOD NEWS UHURU Secondary

K7090720               GOOD SAMARITAN ACADEMY SOLAI ROAD  Secondary

N1010028               GOOD SAMARITAN MIXED  Secondary School

B2020059               GOOD SAMARITAN Secondary

C7090266               GOOD SHEPHERD ACADEMY  Secondary School

L4040756                GOOD SHEPHERD GIRLS Secondary

N1010667               GOOD SHEPHERD High School

M7180831              GOOD SHEPHERD KIPSIGIS BOYS  Secondary School

A7120065               GOOD SHEPHERD MINOR SEMINARY Secondary

P1010905               GORD RICH  GIRLS High School

F7020527                GORGOR  Secondary School

C7140941               GOSETA BOYS  Secondary School

K7090679               GOSHEN ACADEMY  Secondary

K7091319               GOSPEL CHRISTIAN  Secondary

K6090298               GOSPEL MISSION ACADEMY  Secondary

C6110430               GOT ABIERO  Secondary School

C6110409               GOT AGULU  Secondary School

M6020088              GOT KOJOWI MIXED  Secondary

K6090329               GOT OSIMBO  Secondary

J6080256                GOT RATENG  Secondary School

E6011285                GOTICHAKI ELCK Secondary

A7100775               GOT-NE-LEL Secondary

N1011104               GRACE COMMUNITY  Secondary School

R7040205               GRACE HANNAH GIRLS  Secondary School

A2050422               GRACELAND  Secondary

G7070008               GRACELAND GIRLS SENIOR  Secondary School


G4050168               GRASS VALLEY GIRLS HIGH

N1010481               GRATIA DEI EDUCATION CENTRE

M4050364              GREAT GANIUS High School

C7140421               GREEN FIELDS  Secondary School

K2010120               GREEN GARDEN  Secondary

K7090868               GREEN HILLS  Secondary

L3040460                GREEN PALMS ACADEMY  Secondary School

G2010072               GREEN SPRINGS  Secondary School

K7090733               GREEN VALLEY  Secondary

G2010142               GREEN VALLEY INT. SC

H6030706               GREEN VALLEY Secondary

R1010790               GREENLANDS ED CENTER  Secondary School

B2060295               GREENVILLE High School

L7050862                GREENWOODS ACADEMY – Secondary

F5030248                GRIFTU  Secondary School

E6010526                GUCHA SDA ACADEMY Secondary

G6071158               GUCHA SDA MIXED Secondary

A4080027               GUNDUA  DAY EX-LEWA  Secondary School

D6060081               GUNGA  Secondary School

N1010959               GUREC MIXED  School

N1010998               GURU NANAK  Secondary School

H2010107               GURU NANAK ACADEMY

H6030648               GUSII HIGHLIGHTS Secondary

H6120305               GUU MIXED  Secondary

A4070334               GWAKAITHI  MIXED  Secondary School

D6050446               GWITEMBE MIXED Secondary

F5030282                HABASWEN BOYS  Secondary School

F5030283                HABASWEN GIRLS  Secondary School

H6120021               HADRIENNE MERCY GIRLS

M5010145              HAGADERA  Secondary

L3040334                HAKIMA High School

B8050646               HAN DOW Secondary

D2060119               HANDEGE  Secondary School

J6080326                HARAMBEE MIXED  Secondary School

B8050303               HARVEST Secondary

M6090096              HAWINGA GIRLS  Secondary School

P1011195               HEART OF MERCY School  Secondary

F2060108                HEIGHTS SENIOR Secondary.  SchoolOOOL

C2060098               HEKIMA GIRLS  Secondary School

R7040108               HEKIMA SENIOR  Secondary School

R7040154               HELENA B High School

K6030031               HEMA  Secondary

E2040715                HENI Secondary

A7100729               HENRY KOSGEY Secondary KIBUKWO

M3050171              HERIESTA  Secondary School

E7160552                HERITAGE Secondary

K4050464               HERMATTON  Secondary School

G7070094               HEROES  Secondary School

D2040255               HEZTA  Secondary

L3040996                HIGH ACHIEVERS  Secondary School

L3041064                HIGH BRIDGE ACADEMY Secondary

H6030651               HIGHCREST KIAMOKAMA Secondary

L3041001                HIGHGATE ACADEMY Secondary

L6040424                HIGHWAY  Secondary School

J7140034                HILARIO  Secondary School WEKHONYE

H6030697               HILL Secondary

E7160418                HILL Secondary ELDORET

L2010195                HILL SIDE GIRLS Secondary

K7090066               HILLCREST  Secondary

R1010020               HILLCREST  Secondary School

B7101096               HILLS ACADEMY  Secondary School NDALAT

K7090407               HILLS VIEW  Secondary  School

E2060107                HILLS VIEW Secondary

C7090215               HILLS WIND  Secondary School

H7130077               HILLSPRINGS High School

B2050252               HIRIGA MIXED  Secondary School

K3060135               HIRIMANI   Secondary

R1010219               HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY Secondary.  School

G8070309               HOBUNAKA Secondary

K3060034               HOLA   Secondary

L3040717                HOLBROOK High School

P1010040               HOLINESS ACADEMY

H6120242               HOLO MIXED Secondary

M6090001              HOLY CROSS  Secondary

N7040444               HOLY FAMILY  Secondary School

B8050001               HOLY FAMILY MARUKUSI  Secondary School

E2040132                HOLY FAMILY Secondary

R7170093               HOLY ROSARY GIRLS  Secondary School

B7100400               HOLY ROSARY GIRLS Secondary KOIBEM

L4050191                HOLY SPIRIT  Secondary School

B7100845               HOLY TRINITY GIRLS Secondary KAIBOI

C7141058               HOLY TRINITY SABOTI  Secondary School

E8080333                HOLYCROSS EMALINDI GIRLS Secondary

J3070388                HOLYWAYS  Secondary School

M6020145              HOMABAY ACADEMY  Secondary

F6020542                HOMABAY High School

F6020541                HOMABAY SDA  Secondary School

F8070373                HOMBALA MIXED DAY  Secondary School

N1010761               HON  MAINA KAMANDA Secondary

N1010603               HON DR MWENJE High School

F5030245                HON KHLIF GIRLS  Secondary School

C3030112               HONGWE  Secondary School

M6090206              HONO  Secondary

N1010912               HOPE  Secondary School OF ACHIEVERS

G6071020               HOPE WELL High School

K7090502               HOPEWELL  Secondary

L7090012                HOPEWELL  Secondary School

K6090029               HOPEWELL MIXED  Secondary

K6090180               HORACE ONGILI  Secondary

D2040077               HOSPITAL HILL  Secondary

P1010268               HOSPITAL HILL High School

J7080005                HOSSEN  Secondary School

L4040310                HSM TULIMANI GIRLS Secondary

N7040114               HUDUMA MIXED  Secondary

D2040289               HUHIRIO  Secondary

F2050143                HUHOINI  Secondary

E6040023                HUMA GIRLS  Secondary School

N1010230               HURUMA GIRLS High School

K7090841               HYRAX High School

K6030057               IBACHO  Secondary

E6010223                IBENCHO Secondary

H6030881               IBENO COG MIXED

L8040184                IBINZO GIRLS  Secondary School

B4130483               IBIRIGA MIXED DAY Secondary

E8080139                IBOKOLO Secondary

G8070303               IBUBI GIRLS Secondary

D2060125               ICACIRI  Secondary School

C2070366               ICHAGAKI Secondary

A2050174               ICHAMARA ORTHODOX  Secondary

F2030136                ICHICHI Secondary

B2050144               ICUGA  Secondary School

G8070491               IDELERI Secondary

M5010198              IFO  Secondary

M5010005              IFTIN GIRLS  Secondary

B4130119               IGAKIRAMBA MIXED DAY Secondary

D4080188               IGANDENE  Secondary School

D4080432               IGANE  Secondary School

D2040163               IGANJO  Secondary School

E2040472                IGANJO MEMORIAL Secondary

B2060041               IGEGANIA  Secondary School

F4110451                IGEMBE BOYS  Secondary School

C2070127               IGIKIRO Secondary

D4080003               IGOJI BOYS  Secondary School

D4080218               IGOKI  Secondary School

E6010750                IGOMA MIXED Secondary

H6030485               IGONGA Secondary

E6010391                IGORERA MIXED Secondary

A4070050               IGUMORI  Secondary

F8070423                IGUNGA GIRLS  Secondary School

G7070102               IGWAMITI  Secondary School.

B4130152               IGWANJAU Secondary

F2030030                IHIGA  Secondary School

F2050029                IHITHE TECHNICAL  Secondary

A2050804               IHURIRIO  Secondary School

A2050245               IHWA  Secondary School

K4050224               IIANI  Secondary

H4041150               IIANI  Secondary School

J4050203                IIANI  Secondary School

K4050067               IIYUNI  Secondary

G4050435               IK0MBE Secondary

J4050382                IKALAASA  Secondary School

H4040601               IKALYONI  Secondary School

K6070150               IKAMU  Secondary

F4110811                IKANA Secondary

J4030416                IKANGA  Secondary School  School

J4030386                IKANGA GIRLS  Secondary School

J4050407                IKATINI  Secondary School

B4130661               IKAWA  Secondary School

E6010826                IKENYE Secondary

D6050110               IKEREGE MIXED Secondary

E6011099                IKOBA Secondary

E6011306                IKOBA TOWNSHIP Secondary

G6070571               IKOBE Secondary

F8070283                IKOBERO GIRLS  Secondary School

D8040282               IKOLI  Secondary School

G6070850               IKONGE BOYS Secondary

G6070198               IKONGE PAG  Secondary School

G6070629               IKONGE SDA Secondary

L8040043                IKONYERO  Secondary School

C8020263               IKONZO MIXED DAY  Secondary School

C2070470               IKUMBI Secondary

B4130165               IKUMBO  Secondary School

L4040851                IKUNGU Secondary

J4030468                IKUTHA BOYS  Secondary School

J4030503                IKUTHA GIRLS  Secondary School

B4130482               IKUU BOYS HIGH

B4130512               IKUU GIRLS Secondary

J4030143                IKUYUNI High School

D8040797               IKUYWA Secondary

K4030646               ILAKU MUTUTA  Secondary School

N7040228               ILBISSIL GIRLS  Secondary School

N7040493               ILKINSONKO  Secondary School

N7040466               ILLASIT  Secondary School

H7110275               ILMOTIOOK Secondary

C7140177               IMACULATE CONCEPTION  Secondary School

D8040701               IMALABA Secondary

E8080110                IMANGA Secondary

L3040753                IMARA  Secondary School

D8040664               IMBALE Secondary

J4050308                IMILINI  Secondary School

P1010511               IMMACULATE EDUCATION CENTRE  Secondary School

P1010804               IMMACULATE EDUCATION CENTRE- Secondary

E7160148                IMMACULATE HEART JUNIORATE GIRLS  Secondary

B2060152               IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY-KAIRI GIRLS  Secondary School

N7040706               IMMANUEL  Secondary School

N1010079               IMPREZZA  Secondary School

F8070092                IMUSUTSU  MIXED  Secondary School

E8080090                INAYA Secondary

L8040010                INDANGALASIA  Secondary School

E8080565                INDANGALASIA Secondary

L8040099                INGOTSE  Secondary School

D7070189               INORO  Secondary School

M6090531              INUNGO MIXED  Secondary

H4040699               INYOKONI  Secondary School

M5010045              IQRA High School

H6030345               IRANDA Secondary

A4070592               IRIAITUNE MIXED  Secondary

G6070620               IRIANYI Secondary

E2040154                IRIGITHATHI Secondary

D4080941               IRINDA DAY  Secondary School

A2050765               IRINDI  Secondary School

F4110827                IRINDIRO Secondary

H6030849               IRONDI  MIXED Secondary

M7090152              IRONGO  Secondary

B4130087               IRUMA GIRLS Secondary

B4130086               IRUMA MIXED DAY Secondary

H6030433               IRUMA MIXED Secondary

H6030862               IRUNGU PAG Secondary

F2030316                IRURI  Secondary School

B2050275               IRURI Secondary

E7161400                ISAACK KOSKEI  Secondary School

H6030473               ISAMWERA Secondary

E6010911                ISENA MISSION GIRL’S Secondary

E6010914                ISENA Secondary

D6050379               ISIBANIA High School

L4020013                ISIOLO BOYS  Secondary School

L4020018                ISIOLO GIRLS  Secondary School

L4020010                ISIOLO ST. MARY’S  Secondary School

E8080599                ISONGO Secondary

H4040685               ISOVYA  Secondary School

C2070308               ITAAGA Secondary

C4010086               ITABUA  Secondary School

B4130294               ITARA MIXED DAY Secondary

F7020087                ITEMBE  Secondary School

G7030037               ITEN MIXED Secondary

L4040283                ITETANI  Secondary School

E8080751                ITETEB Secondary

E2060079                ITHANGA  Secondary School

C2060187               ITHANGARARI  Secondary School

F2050097                ITHEKAUNO  Secondary

H6030100               ITIBO BOYS Secondary School

H6030551               ITIBO ELCK MIXED Secondary

H6030098               ITIBO GIRLS Secondary

H6030385               ITIERIO MIXED Secondary

B7100573               ITIGO GIRLS Secondary

L4040005                ITITU  Secondary School

F2030476                ITITU  Secondary School

G4100331               ITIVANZOI Secondary

J4030776                ITOLEKA GIRLS  Secondary School

M4100076              ITOLONI GIRLS  Secondary

M4100072              ITOLONI MIXED  Secondary School

B4130320               ITUGURURU  Secondary School

E6010829                ITUMBE DOK Secondary

G6070131               ITUMBE SDA Secondary

B2050025               ITUNDU Secondary

D2060223               ITURU High School

H4040389               IUANI  Secondary School

J4030941                IVAINI  Secondary School

F8070410                IVAYO  Secondary School

H4041206               IVINGONI  Secondary School

F8070513                IVOLA MIXED DAY  Secondary School

B8050165               IVUGWI  Secondary School

R1010355               IVY  Secondary School

L3040846                IYALE ACADEMY Secondary

F2030023                IYEGO  Secondary School

E6010364                IYENGA Secondary

H2010230               J. G KIEREINI  Secondary  School

F2050161                J.A GETHENJI NGOORU Secondary

K7090742               J.M KARIUKI  MEMORIAL  Secondary

N1011005               JACARANDA SPECIAL  School

N1010513               JACCFO  Secondary School

J6080449                JACKSON ACADEMY Secondary

L3040016                JAFFERY ACA  Secondary School

N1010145               JAGIET ACADEMY (SEC)

L6040280                JALARAM ACA  Secondary School

A8010056               JAMES MWEI Secondary

N1010992               JAMHURI High School

L6040158                JANS SENIOR ACADEMY  Secondary School

J7140252                JAPATA  Secondary School

C6110069               JARAMOGI OGINGA ODINGA  Secondary School

H6120381               JARAMOGI OGINGA ODINGA TAMU  Secondary School

H3010543               JARIBUNI Secondary

R1010044               JARMAT GIRLS  Secondary School

N8030066               JB SERUT  Secondary School

L3040523                JCC EDUCATIONAL COMPLEX High School

F8070191                JEMOVO   Secondary School

K7090592               JEMUS ACADEMY  Secondary

K6090398               JERA MIXED  Secondary

R1010211               JEREMIC ADVENTIST  Secondary School

N4050012               JERESA D’LIMA GIRLS  Secondary School

E2040710                JESA GLORY Secondary

J8010392                JETHRO  Secondary School

J3070243                JILORE High School

L4050179                JIMMY THYAKA  Secondary School

C6110672               JOAKIM OWAN’G MAGETA  Secondary School

H4041237               JOANNA CHASE  Secondary School

L6040257                JOEL OMINO  Secondary School

C2060003               JOGOO KIMAKIA  Secondary School

P1010307               JOGOO ROAD BOYS High School

P1010309               JOGOO ROAD GIRLS High School

C8020041               JOHN OSOGO  Secondary School

R1010370               JOHN PAUL MIXED  Secondary School

A8010053               JOI NDALU Secondary

R1010801               JOISMO STUDENTS ED CENTER  Secondary School

L4040840                JOJANEF Secondary

L3040517                JOLAURABI  Secondary School

K7090734               JOMO KENYATTA High School

F6020605                JONEMO MIXED DAY  Secondary School

R7040404               JORAM G.M ACADEMY-SEC

B4130468               JOSEPH ALLAMANO KARAMANI Secondary

J2010239                JOSSY  Secondary School

C2070810               JOVIOL High School

G5020058               JOWHAR AL ISLAM  Secondary School

B6040070               JOYLAND SPECIAL  Secondary School

F2060018                JOYTOWN  Secondary School

M6090373              JUBILEE High School

A2060042               JUJA  Secondary School

A2060053               JUJA FARM   Secondary School

F2060206                JUJA SENIOR Secondary.  School

A2060010               JUJA TOWNSHIP  Secondary School

L3040514                JUNDA High School

C6110375               JUSA MIXED  Secondary School

L2010074                JUVENALIS GITAU Secondary

F4110288                K.K. BAITHAI  Secondary School

H3010170               K.P SENIOR Secondary

D4080882               KAAGA BOYS’S High School

D4080876               KAAGA GIRLS High School

M4100408              KAAI GIRLS  Secondary

E4120101                KAANYAGA Secondary

B4130106               KAARE MIXED Secondary

H4040121               KAASYA  Secondary School

L4050117                KABAA  BOYS  Secondary School

J4030893                KABAA MIXED DAY  Secondary School

D7070741               KABAGE  Secondary School

B2020696               KABARE GIRLS HIGH

B7010042               KABARNET HIGH

M7180350              KABARTEGAN High School

C2070838               KABATI  Secondary School

K7090866               KABAZI   Secondary

A2050803               KABEBERO  Secondary School

M2010163              KABETE High School

L7050770                KABIANGA High School

M7180462              KABIANGEK  Secondary

B7100158               KABIKWEN Secondary

G7060254               KABIMOI  Secondary School

N1010061               KABIRIA  Secondary School

B7100647               KABIRIRSANG Secondary

N1010205               KABIRO  Secondary School

F2050215                KABIRUINI  Secondary School

M7180340              KABITUNGU  Secondary School

B7100796               KABIYET  Secondary School

M8010249              KABKARA  Secondary School

J7050032                KABOKYEK ADVENTIST  Secondary School

J7050031                KABOKYEK MIXED DAY  Secondary  School

B2020449               KABONGE Secondary

L7050704                KABOROK  Secondary School

F7020825                KABOSON  Secondary School

F7020831                KABOSON GIRLS  Secondary School

A7100161               KABOTE SDA  Secondary School

N8030059               KABOYWO MIXED  Secondary School

J8010304                KABUCHAI GIRLS  Secondary School

A8010782               KABULA Secondary

G7030360               KABULWO  Secondary School

F7020237                KABUNGUT BOYS High School

F7020215                KABUSARE  Secondary School

M7180233              KABUSIENDUK  Secondary

J7140117                KABUYEFWE FRIENDS  Secondary School

J7140116                KABUYEFWE FRIENDS GIRLS  Secondary School

B7100360               KABWARENG  Secondary School

B7170273               KACHELIBA MIXED DAY Secondary

J6080414                KACHIENG MIXED  Secondary School

H6060158               KADIKA GIRLS Secondary

G4100024               KAELA Secondary

M4050026              KAEWA  Secondary School

K4050213               KAEWA GIRLS High School

E7161921                KAG BWAYI Secondary

L2010162                KAGAA HIGH Secondary

C4010202               KAGAARI MIXED DAY  Secondary School

F2030777                KAGANDA  Secondary School

F7020499                KAGASIK GIRLS  Secondary School

D2060105               KAGIO  Secondary School

B2020013               KAGIO MIXED Secondary

C2070933               KAGIRA  Secondary School

E2040058                KAGONDO Secondary

M6090439              KAGONYA  Secondary

A2050668               KAGONYE  Secondary School

D4080597               KAGUMA MIXED DAY  Secondary School

F2030646                KAGUMO  Secondary School

A2050774               KAGUMO  Secondary School

B2020513               KAGUMO GIRLS Secondary

A2050337               KAGUMO High School

C4010552               KAGUMORI  Secondary School

C2070718               KAGUTHI Secondary

D4080360               KAGWAMPUNGU MIXED DAY  Secondary School

C2070265               KAGWATHI ADVENTIST  Secondary School

L2010206                KAGWE GIRLS  Secondary School

C2070179               KAHARATI  Secondary School

A2050104               KAHARO  Secondary School

C2070311               KAHARO Secondary

F2030734                KAHATIA  Secondary School

P1010978               KAHAWA CHRISTIAN  Secondary School

P1010427               KAHAWA GARRISON  Secondary School

C2060326               KAHAWA SUKARI  Secondary School

E2040242                KAHEHO Secondary

A2050042               KAHETI GIRLS  Secondary

A2050040               KAHETI High School

A2050326               KAHIGA  Secondary School

F2030719                KAHITHE  Secondary School

E7160316                KAHOYA Secondary

D2060197               KAHUGUINI  Secondary School

F2030849                KAHUHIA GIRLS  Secondary School

F2030854                KAHUHIA MIXED  Secondary School

E7090005                KAHUHO Secondary

E2040258                KAHUHO Secondary

K2010270               KAHUHO UHURU High School

E2040729                KAHUHU Secondary

D2040313               KAIBAGA  Secondary School

F8070063                KAIMOSI  DEMONSTRATION  Secondary School

F8070070                KAIMOSI  GIRLS HIGH SC.

D4080964               KAINGINYO MIXED DAY  Secondary School

B7150001               KAINUK  MIXED Secondary

D4080156               KAIRA DAY  Secondary School

B2060134               KAIRI  Secondary School

B2060153               KAIRI RUMWE High School

B2020311               KAIRI-INI Secondary

A2050678               KAIRUTHI  Secondary School

J7050053                KAITUI  Secondary School

L3040877                KAJEMBE High School

R7040623               KAJIADO CENTRAL  Secondary School

R7040613               KAJIADO HILL GIRLS ACADEMY

R7040735               KAJIADO INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY  Secondary School

B4130387               KAJIAMPAU MIXED DAY Secondary

J6080085                KAJIEI MIXED  Secondary School

M3050478              KAJIRE  Secondary

B4130240               KAJIUNDUTHI High School

B4130348               KAJUKI MIXED Secondary

L2010130                KAKA  Secondary School

L8040242                KAKAMEGA ELITE  Secondary School

L8040284                KAKAMEGA HIGH   Secondary School

L8040196                KAKAMEGA INTERNATIONAL School

L8040292                KAKAMEGA MUSLIM  Secondary School

L8040271                KAKAMEGA TOWNSHIP  Secondary School

K4030631               KAKEANI MIXED  Secondary School

J6080395                KAKELO  Secondary School

L7050864                KAKIBEI  Secondary School

A6100015               KAKIMBA  Secondary

H4040281               KAKO  Secondary School

J3070253                KAKONENI GIRLS  Secondary School

H6060051               KAKRAO MIXED Secondary

C7150276               KAKUMA  Secondary School

C7150262               KAKUMA REFUGEE  Secondary School

D8040204               KAKUNGA GIRLS  Secondary School

M4100468              KAKUNIKE  Secondary

C8060075               KAKURIKIT  Secondary School

L4040138                KAKUSWI Secondary

J4050338                KAKUYUNI  Secondary School

J3070225                KAKUYUNI BOYS High School

C2070799               KALA  Secondary School

H4040544               KALAANI MIXED DAY  Secondary School

D7070144               KALALU Secondary  Secondary School

K4050120               KALAMA  Secondary

H4040513               KALAMBA  Secondary School

L4050345                KALANDINI  Secondary School

J6080443                KALANDO MIXED  Secondary School

M4100268              KALATINE GIRLS  Secondary School

L4040060                KALAWA  Secondary School

L4040017                KALAWA GIRLS Secondary

B4130001               KALEWA  Secondary School

F4110960                KALIATI MIXED Secondary

F4110798                KALIENE Secondary

J4030016                KALIKU  Secondary School

M4050240              KALIKYA MIXED  Secondary School

M4100059              KALILUNI  Secondary School

M4050074              KALILUNI GIRLS  Secondary

K4030434               KALIMANI  Secondary

A2060067               KALIMONI SENIOR  Secondary School

M4100571              KALITINI  Secondary School

M6090065              KALKADA MIXED  Secondary

G4100389               KALONZO Secondary

M4050335              KALUKINI  Secondary School

L4041038                KALULINI Secondary

M4050316              KALULUINI  Secondary

E7160870                KALYET  Secondary School

L7051056                KALYET A  Secondary School

F2030336                KAMACHARIA Secondary.

B6060692               KAMAGAMBO High School

F7020705                KAMAGET  Secondary School

E7160744                KAMAGUT Secondary

L2010211                KAMAHINDU  Secondary School

C2070159               KAMAHUHA GIRLS HIGH

C4010472               KAMAMA  BOY  Secondary School

M7180114              KAMANAMSIM  Secondary School

J4030872                KAMANDIO MIXED DAY  Secondary School

G2010082               KAMANDURA Secondary

J4050294                KAMANZI  Secondary School

A4070388               KAMARANDI   Secondary School

L7050191                KAMARUS  Secondary School

E8080572                KAMASHA Secondary

L2010001                KAMBAA GIRLS HIGH

E2040208                KAMBAA Secondary

C7090103               KAMBALA  Secondary School

B4130651               KAMBANDI Secondary

F2030262                KAMBARA Secondary

K6090119               KAMBARE  Secondary

A3010084               KAMBE  Secondary School

H4040240               KAMBI MAWE Secondary

C2070061               KAMBITI Secondary

L4040856                KAMBOO  Secondary School

H4041158               KAMBU  Secondary School

H2010178               KAMBUI GIRLS High School

A2050496               KAMBURAINI  Secondary School

L2010172                KAMBURU High School

L4050376                KAMBUSU ABC  Secondary School

B6060652               KAMEJI MIXED Secondary

G7060441               KAMELILO  Secondary School

M7180073              KAMINJEIWA  Secondary School

M7180373              KAMINJEIWET  Secondary  Secondary

M7180936              KAMIRA  Secondary

R1010325               KAMITI  Secondary School

B7170073               KAMITO BOYS Secondary

C4010073               KAMIU DAY  Secondary School

B7100126               KAMOBO MIXED Secondary

J7080090                KAMOI  Secondary School

L6080068                KAMOLO  Secondary School

H2010025               KAMONDO Secondary

F7020839                KAMONGIL  Secondary School

K7091229               KAMPI YA MOTO  Secondary  School

J6080061                KAMSER  MIXED  Secondary School

L2010189                KAMUCHEGE  Secondary School

B2020491               KAMUIRU BOYS Secondary

C2070483               KAMUKABI Secondary

N1010293               KAMUKUNJI  Secondary School

M8010172              KAMUKUYWA FRIENDS  Secondary  School

F2030313                KAMUNE  Secondary School

M7180972              KAMUNGEI  Secondary

B7100946               KAMUNGEI Secondary

C2060116               KAMUNYAKA  Secondary School

F7020360                KAMUREITO  Secondary School

C8060143               KAMURIAI  Secondary School

M8010123              KAMUSINDE  Secondary School

L4040752                KAMUTHINI  Secondary School

D2060090               KAMUTUA  Secondary School

G4100345               KAMUWONGO MIXED Secondary

E7161518                KAMUYU Secondary

C4010455               KAMVIU MIXED DAY  Secondary School

J6080127                KAMWALA  MIXED  Secondary School

E4120169                KAMWATHU Secondary

J7090152                KAMWAURA  Secondary School

G4050245               KAMWELENI High School

B4130329               KAMWIMBI  Secondary School

B2060181               KAMWIRIGI MIXED DAY  Secondary School

K4050458               KANANS MXED Secondary

C6110525               KANDARIA  Secondary School

K6120204               KANDARIA MIXED  Secondary

J6080159                KANDEGWA GIRLS  Secondary School

C2070582               KANDERENDU Secondary

L6080149                KANDIEGE MIXED  Secondary School

B6060752               KANGA High School

B6060049               KANGA ONDITI Secondary

B2020031               KANGAI MIXED Secondary

A4080052               KANGAITA  MIXED DAY  Secondary School.

C4010041               KANGARU  Secondary School

C4010042               KANGARU GIRLS  Secondary School

F2030035                KANGEMA High School

P1010218               KANGEMI BOYS DAY & BOARDING  School

B6060725               KANGESO High School

F4110200                KANGETA GIRLS  Secondary School

G4100092               KANGINGA OASIS Secondary

B2050005               KANGOCHO Secondary

B4130477               KANGORO  Secondary School

C2070627               KANGUI  Secondary School

D2040106               KANGUI  Secondary School

D2040074               KANGUI High School

D7070546               KANGUMO DAY  Secondary School

L4050207                KANGUNDO  Secondary School

K4050379               KANGUNDO BOYS ACADEMY

K4050369               KANGUNDO GIRLS High School

L4050194                KANGUNDO PEARLGATE ACADEMY Secondary

M4050091              KANI LIONS  Secondary School

C4010268               KANJA TEC  Secondary School

H2010154               KANJAI  Secondary

A4110008               KANJALU  GIRLS  Secondary School

K2010276               KANJERU GIRLS

B2020094               KANJINJI MIXED Secondary

B2060075               KANJUKU  Secondary School

B2050059               KANJURI HIGH

B2020538               KANJUU  Secondary School

F2030037                KANORERO Secondary.

H4040148               KANTHUNI   Secondary School

H6030235               KANUNDA Secondary

J2010016                KANUNGA High School

C2060109               KANUNGA MIXED  Secondary School

F7020367                KANUSIN  Secondary School

G2010163               KANVALE ACADEMY Secondary

C6040032               KANYAGWAL  Secondary School

D4080139               KANYAKINE  Secondary School

B2050210               KANYAMA Secondary

L6040177                KANYAMEDHA  Secondary School

L6080205                KANYAMFWA MIXED  Secondary School

K4030343               KANYANGI BOYS  Secondary

M2010160              KANYARIRI  Secondary School

B6060502               KANYASREGA NYOKAL Secondary

B6060730               KANYAWANGA High School

F2030096                KANYENYAINI  Secondary School

D2040520               KANYIRI  Secondary

A4070473               KANYONGA MIXED  Secondary

H4040178               KANYONGA Secondary

K4050146               KANYONGO  Secondary

A4070341               KANYUAMBORA   Secondary School

B4130519               KANYURU Secondary

L4050215                KANZALU SLOPES ACADEMY  Secondary School

K4030252               KANZIKO  Secondary

H4040091               KANZOKEANI  Secondary School

D4080504               KAONGO  Secondary School

J7080303                KAPCHEBAU  Secondary School

M7180319              KAPCHELACH  Secondary School

L7050759                KAPCHELUCH  Secondary School

F8070602                KAPCHEMGUM  Secondary School

B7100618               KAPCHEMOIYWO GIRLS Secondary

B7010302               KAPCHEPKOR  Secondary School

L7051068                KAPCHEPLANGA  Secondary School

C7140029               KAPCHEPLANGET  Secondary School

L7050527                KAPCHEPTOROR  Secondary School

J7080075                KAPCHEROP MIXED  Secondary School

G7060522               KAPCHOLOI Secondary

B7010039               KAPCHOMUSO MIXED DAY Secondary

B7170160               KAPENGURIA BOYS High School

C6110092               KAPIYO  Secondary School

B7100730               KAPKAGAON  Secondary School

M7180079              KAPKARIN  Secondary

C7140122               KAPKARWA  Secondary School

U8030020               KAPKATENY  Secondary School

M7180220              KAPKATET  Secondary School

B7010024               KAPKAWA BOYS Secondary

E7160130                KAPKEBEN  Secondary School

A7100661               KAPKEBEN AIC GIRLS Secondary

L7050869                KAPKEBURU  Secondary School

F7020446                KAPKELEI  Secondary School

G7030114               KAPKENDA GIRLS’ Secondary

F7020788                KAPKESOSIO  Secondary School

G7030442               KAPKESSUM  Secondary

B7010241               KAPKIAMO Secondary

M7180721              KAPKILAIBEI  Secondary

U8030100               KAPKIRWOK High School

M7180238              KAPKISIARA  Secondary School

G7030274               KAPKITONY GIRLS  Secondary School

E7161118                KAPKOIGA Secondary

B7101172               KAPKOIMUR  Secondary School

A7100418               KAPKOLEI GIRLS Secondary

L7050952                KAPKONDOR High School

F7020280                KAPKOROS ACADEMY  Secondary School

A7100830               KAPKOROS BARNGETUNG Secondary

J7080220                KAPKOROS GIRLS  Secondary School

F7020817                KAPKULUMBEN  Secondary School

A7100574               KAPKURES Secondary

F7020380                KAPKURESS  Secondary School

M7090066              KAPLAMAI  Secondary School

E7161718                KAPLELACH  Secondary School

L7050799                KAPLELARTET  Secondary School

A7100043               KAPLELMET  Secondary

M7180793              KAPLONG BOYS  Secondary School

M7180785              KAPLONG GIRLS  Secondary

E7010065                KAPLUK Secondary

L7050774                KAPMASO  Secondary School

E7161183                KAPNGETUNY Secondary

S7090015                KAPNGOROT  Secondary School

B7100700               KAPNYEBERAI GIRLS Secondary

F7020661                KAPOLOSEROI  Secondary School

F7020951                KAPORUSO  Secondary School

B7010058               KAPROPITA GIRLS HIGH

T7100040                KAPSABET ACADEMY Secondary

B7100072               KAPSABET BOYS High School

B7100065               KAPSABET GIRLS High School

F8070273                KAPSAMBO Secondary

R7170258               KAPSANGAR Secondary

E7160370                KAPSAOS Secondary

C7140155               KAPSARA  Secondary School

A7100603               KAPSENGERE Secondary

M7180676              KAPSET JOLLY High School

E7160902                KAPSILIOT  Secondary School

J7090008                KAPSIMBEIWO  Secondary School

F7020049                KAPSIMBIRI MIXED BOARDING Secondary

A7100071               KAPSIMOTWA  Secondary

M7180175              KAPSINENDET  Secondary

B7100350               KAPSISISYWA  Secondary School

C7140776               KAPSITWET  Secondary School

M7180105              KAPSOGIRUK  Secondary School

M7180059              KAPSOGUT  Secondary

L7050620                KAPSOIT  Secondary School

L7050653                KAPSOIYO  Secondary School

N8030029               KAPSOKWONY High School

F8070689                KAPSOTIK Secondary SC

J7080045                KAPSOWAR BOYS High School

E7160154                KAPSOYA  Secondary School

J7080040                KAPTABUK MIXED DAY  Secondary School

G7030136               KAPTAGAT GIRLS’ Secondary

M8010332              KAPTANAI  Secondary School

E7160707                KAPTEBEE Secondary

M7180656              KAPTEBENGWET  Secondary School

E7161767                KAPTEBENGWET  Secondary School

L7050340                KAPTEBESWET  Secondary School

B7100316               KAPTEL BOYS High School

M7180053              KAPTELE  Secondary School

M7180538              KAPTEMBWO  Secondary School

M7180649              KAPTIEN  Secondary School

F8070022                KAPTIK  MIXED  Secondary School

B7100007               KAPTILDIL Secondary

B7010054               KAPTIMBOR DAY Secondary

N8030052               KAPTOLA FYM  Secondary School

F7020394                KAPTULWA Secondary

G7030332               KAPTUM  Secondary School

A7100449               KAPTUMEK Secondary

A7100362               KAPTUMO BOYS Secondary

H7130378               KAPWERIA Secondary

A4070569               KARABA BOYS  Secondary

J6080720                KARABOK  Secondary School

J6080093                KARABONDI BIDII MIXED  Secondary School

J6080096                KARABONDI GIRLS  Secondary School

D4080518               KARAENE MIXED DAY  Secondary School

E2040069                KARAGO – INI Secondary

K2010156               KARAI MIXED DAY  Secondary School

B2020894               KARAINI Secondary

B4110066               KARAMA  Secondary School

B4130660               KARAMUGI Secondary

D7070722               KARANDI  Secondary School

A4070363               KARANGARE   Secondary School

F2050038                KARANGIA  Secondary

G6070331               KARANTINI Secondary

E2040650                KARATI Secondary

B2050165               KARATINA  Secondary School

C4010579               KARAU  Secondary School

C2070417               KAREGA Secondary

D2050029               KAREMENO  Secondary School

R1010033               KAREN C  Secondary School

R1010039               KAREN SOUTH  Secondary School

R1010049               KARENGATA ACADEMY

B7170203               KARENGER BOYS  Secondary School

B2020824               KARIA Secondary

C2070076               KARIAINI  Secondary School

F2030502                KARIAMAINI Secondary

M8010317              KARIBUNI GIRLS  Secondary

D4080418               KARIENE DAY  Secondary School

B4130265               KARIGINI DAY MIXED Secondary

C2070856               KARIGUINI  Secondary School

A2050739               KARIKO  Secondary School

R7090010               KARIMA  Secondary School

A2050703               KARIMA BOYS High School

E2040435                KARIMA GIRLS

A8010248               KARIMA Secondary

B2020284               KARIMA Secondary

B2020424               KARIMAINI  Secondary School

A2050080               KARINDI  Secondary School

D2060083               KARINGA GIRLS High School

C2070519               KARINGA Secondary

D4080429               KARINGENE MIXED DAY  Secondary School

F2030827                KARINGU Secondary

N1010612               KARIOBANGI SOUTH  Secondary School

C4010397               KARIRU MIXED DAY  Secondary School

B2020716               KARIRU Secondary

C2070883               KARITI  Secondary School

C2070599               KARIUA  Secondary School

E4120130                KAROCHO DAY Secondary

D4080025               KAROE MIXED DAY  Secondary School

B2020115               KAROTI GIRLS HIGH

B2020556               KARUCHO Secondary

D4080613               KARUGWA GIRLS  Secondary School

F4110445                KARUMARU DAY  Secondary School

A2050415               KARUNDAS  Secondary

A2050171               KARUNDU MIXED  Secondary School

C7090328               KARUNGA  Secondary School

C7090327               KARUNGA ELLITE  Secondary School

G4100181               KARUNG’A Secondary

E6011041                KARUNGU SDA Secondary

P1010265               KARURA SDA CHURCH  School – Secondary

F2030149                KARURI GAKURE  Secondary School

J2010033                KARURI High School

F2030144                KARURUMO MIXED Secondary

J4030517                KASAALA  Secondary School

P1011015               KASARANI ACADEMY  Secondary School

P1010508               KASARANI SENIOR  School – Secondary

J4050204                KASEVE  Secondary School

L3040810                KASHANI  Secondary School

L7050215                KASHEEN  Secondary School

A3010272               KASIDI  Secondary

H4041031               KASIKEU BOYS Secondary

H4040984               KASIKEU GIRLS  Secondary School

B7010282               KASISIT  Secondary School

L6040303                KASSAGAM BAPTIST  Secondary School

K4030643               KASUE  Secondary School

H4041176               KASUE GIRLS  Secondary School

L4040655                KASUNGUINI Secondary

J4030954                KASYALA  Secondary School

C8060090               KATAKWA  Secondary School

L4040747                KATALANI SA Secondary

H3010430               KATANA NGALA Secondary

K4050078               KATANGA  Secondary

G4050354               KATANGI Secondary

G4050164               KATETHYA Secondary

D2040555               KATEZ  Secondary

B2020385               KATHAKA MIXED Secondary

L4040254                KATHAMBA Secondary

H4040135               KATHAMBONI  Secondary School

F4110329                KATHANGA Secondary

E4120197                KATHANGACHINI Secondary

D4080342               KATHANTHATU DAY MIXED  Secondary School

H4050060               KATHEKA  Secondary School

K4030673               KATHEKA BOYS’  Secondary School

G4050166               KATHEKAKAI Secondary

H4041216               KATHEKANI  Secondary School

F4110376                KATHELWA  Secondary School

D4080355               KATHERA  Secondary School

D4080370               KATHERA GIRLS High School

D4080640               KATHERI High School

M4050127              KATHIANI BOYS High School

M4050145              KATHIANI GIRLS  Secondary School

M4050128              KATHIANI SLOPES  Secondary School

M4050126              KATHIANI VALLEY Secondary School

A4070430               KATHIGAGACERU  Secondary

B4130707               KATHIGIRIRINI MIXED DAY

D4080109               KATHIGU DAY  Secondary School

D4080634               KATHIRANGA MIXED DAY  Secondary School

D4080744               KATHIRUNE MIXED DAY  Secondary School

L4050175                KATHITYAMA  Secondary School

H4040005               KATHONZWENI Secondary

J4050198                KATHUKINI  Secondary School

J4030715                KATHUNGI   Secondary School

L4041109                KATHYAKA Secondary

E7010078                KATIBEL Secondary

H4040646               KATIKOMU  Secondary School

L4040689                KATIKOMU Secondary

H7150106               KATILU  Secondary School

C8020393               KATIRA  Secondary School

K6120079               KATOLO MIXED  Secondary

G4050342               KATOLONI  Secondary School

M4100175              KATOTENI  SecondarySchool

M4100285              KATSE  Secondary School

J4030705                KATULANI  Secondary School

K4050337               KATULYE  Secondary

H4040645               KATULYE SA  Secondary School

G4050265               KATUMANI Secondary.

J4030575                KATUTI  Secondary School

K4030691               KATUTU GIRLS’  School

J4030197                KATWALA MIXED  Secondary School

L4050360                KATWANYAA  Secondary School

D4080397               KAUBAU DAY  Secondary School

K6090159               KAUDHA  Secondary

K4030485               KAUMA  Secondary School

H4040375               KAUMONI BOYS Secondary

L4041001                KAUNGONI Secondary

F4110104                KAURIENE MIXED DAY  Secondary School

K4030658               KAUWI MIXED Secondary

J4030006                KAVAANI  Secondary School

M4100128              KAVAINI  Secondary School

J4050344                KAVILINGONI  Secondary School

J4050120                KAVINGONI  Secondary School

H4040110               KAVINGONI Secondary

J4030725                KAVISUNI  Secondary School

B2020735               KAVOTE Secondary

L4040064                KAVUMBU  Secondary School

H4050044               KAVUMBU ABC  Secondary School

J4030765                KAVUTA  Secondary School

C4010591               KAVUTIRI High School

H4040566               KAWALA  Secondary  School

L4050265                KAWAUNI  Secondary School

L4050311                KAWETHEI  Secondary School

E6040037                KAWINO MIXED Secondary

F4110726                KAWIRU Secondary

K4030383               KAWONGO  Secondary

F3020078                KAYA TIWI  Secondary School

N1010480               KAYOLE  Secondary School

N1010339               KAYOLE HEKIMA ACADEMY (SEC)

P1010057               KCCL  Secondary School

M4100087              KEA  Secondary School

G6070758               KEA SDA Secondary

G6070752               KEBABE GIRLS Secondary

E6010298                KEBABE SDA MIXED Secondary

D6050258               KEBAROTI Secondary

L7050667                KEBEN  Secondary School

L7050911                KEBENETI  Secondary School

E6010004                KEBERE SDA Secondary

G6070278               KEBIRICHI Secondary

G6071108               KEBIRIGO MIXED Secondary

B7100901               KEBULONIC  Secondary School

B7100206               KECHIRE MIXED Secondary

L7051000                KEDOWA GIRLS  Secondary School

L4040646                KEE Secondary

D4080594               KEERU  Secondary School

C7140915               KEESE  Secondary School

G6070084               KEGINGA Secondary

E6010823                KEGOCHI PAG Secondary

K6030086               KEGOGI  Secondary

D6050173               KEGONGA Secondary

C4010386               KEGONGE BOYS  Secondary School

G8070367               KEGOYE Secondary

K7090468               KEIWA MOI  Secondary

K7090473               KELELWET  Secondary

M7180275              KELUNET  Secondary

G6070646               KEMASARE Secondary

E7160924                KEMELIET  Secondary School

A7100533               KEMELOI GIRLS Secondary

A7100539               KEMELOI Secondary

J6080037                KENDU MUSLIM MIXED  Secondary School

L7050581                KENEGUT  Secondary School

G6070787               KENGUSO MIXED Secondary

K7091850               KENJOKETTY Secondary

E6011124                KENSHINE Secondary

E2040754                KENTON Secondary

C4010529               KENYA ELLITE  Secondary School

P1010098               KENYA HIGH  School

N1010768               KENYA MUSLIM ACADEMY

P1011058               KENYA PALM  Secondary School

E2040321                KENYA WHEAT LAND Secondary

K7090225               KENYATTA  Secondary

A2050626               KENYATTA  Secondary School

F2060081                KENYATTA  Secondary School

M3050293              KENYATTA High School

E6010249                KENYENYA MIXED  Secondary School

E6010634                KENYERERE  MIXED Secondary

C2070872               KENYOHO  Secondary School

E6010601                KENYORO DOK Secondary

G6070912               KENYORO ELCK Secondary

H6030052               KENYORO MIXED Secondary

E6010394                KENYORO PAG MIXED Secondary

H6030833               KEOKE FRIENDS Secondary

L7050300                KEONGO  Secondary School

H6030320               KEORE MIXED Secondary

H6030713               KERERI GIRLS Secondary

L7050276                KERICHO DAY  Secondary School

L7050347                KERICHO High School

L7050436                KERICHO TEA  Secondary School

L7050305                KERICHO TOWNSHIP  Secondary School

K7091673               KERIKO Secondary

H6030540               KERINA ELCK Secondary

H6030536               KERINA MIXED Secondary

J7090081                KERINGET  Secondary School

J7080382                KERIO VALLEY  Secondary School

E7161160                KERITA Secondary

P1010950               KERITH BROOK SchoolS – Secondary

G6070283               KERONGETA Secondary

G8070519               KERONGO  Secondary

E6010303                KERONGORORI Secondary

E7162020                KEROTET Secondary

B2020840               KERUGOYA BOYS HIGH

B2020751               KERUGOYA GIRLS


A4070066               KERWA  MIXED  Secondary School

K2010246               KERWA  Secondary  School

C7140274               KESOGON  Secondary School

A7100435               KESOGON Secondary

G7030305               KESSUP MIXED  Secondary

P1010124               KESTREL MANOR  School – Secondary

L7050616                KETITUI  Secondary School

E7010033                KETURWO Secondary

F8070346                KEVEYE GIRLS HIGH

B7010162               KEWAMOI DAY  Secondary School

J8010330                KHACHONGE GIRLS  Secondary School

M5010070              KHADIJA GIRLS  Secondary

K7090218               KHALSA  Secondary

P1010875               KHALSA GIRLS  Secondary School

L3040114                KHAMIS High School

A8010695               KHASOKO BOYS Secondary

E8080692                KHAUNGA Secondary

E8020305                KHAYO Secondary

F5030119                KHOROF-HARAR  Secondary School

G8070158               KHWILIBA  Secondary

E8080250                KHWISERO GIRLS’ Secondary

E8080245                KHWISERO Secondary

B2020856               KIABARIKI Secondary

E6011262                KIABIGORIA ELCK Secondary

G6070591               KIABIRAA Secondary

G6070800               KIABONYORU High School

B4130698               KIABUMBU Secondary

H6030451               KIABUSURA DOK MIXED Secondary

B2020453               KIAGA  Secondary School

F2050081                KIAGONDE  Secondary  School

A2050716               KIAGUTHU  Secondary

F2030707                KIAGUTHU BOYS Secondary

E6011048                KIAGWARE  Secondary School

A2050809               KIAHAGU MIXED  Secondary School

F2030085                KIAIRATHE  Secondary School

H2010144               KIAIRIA Secondary

B2050181               KIAMABARA Secondary

H6030656               KIAMABUNDU MIXED Secondary

K7090715               KIAMAINA  Secondary School

B2020516               KIAMAINA  Secondary School

B4130167               KIAMAOGO MIXED DAY Secondary

B2050264               KIAMARIGA Secondary

B2020602               KIAMBATHA  Secondary

A4070207               KIAMBERE  MIXED  Secondary School

A4070028               KIAMBERE  School COMPLEX  Secondary

D2040677               KIAMBOGO  Secondary School

L2010030                KIAMBOGO  Secondary School

R7090069               KIAMBOGO  Secondary School

M2010086              KIAMBU High School

M2010054              KIAMBU TOWNSHIP  Secondary School

F2030429                KIAMBUGI High School

B2020539               KIAMBUI  Secondary School

H2010170               KIAMBURURU  Secondary School

F2030389                KIAMBUTHIA  Secondary School

B2020626               KIAMICIRI  Secondary School

D4080672               KIAMIRIRU MIXED DAY  Secondary School

K6030081               KIAMOKAMA FRIENDS  Secondary

B4130670               KIAMUCHII Secondary

B2020586               KIAMUGUMO GILRS Secondary

K7090376               KIAMUNYEKI  Secondary

K7091239               KIAMUNYI  Secondary  School

F2030460                KIAMURI  Secondary School

D4080465               KIAMURI DAY  Secondary School

A4070175               KIAMURINGA  Secondary School

B4130408               KIAMURIUKI  Secondary School

B2020917               KIAMURUGA  Secondary School

B2020568               KIAMUTUGU  Secondary School

F2030189                KIAMUTURI DAY  Secondary School

A2050764               KIAMUYA  Secondary School

D2060026               KIAMWANGI  Secondary School

B2050046               KIAMWANGI Secondary

B2020686               KIAMWATHI  Secondary School

C2060068               KIAMWATHI  Secondary School

D2060052               KIAMWORIA  Secondary School

P1010137               KIANDA  School – Secondary

B2020390               KIANDAGAE Secondary

B2020745               KIANDAI  Secondary School

F2030783                KIANDERI GIRLS  Secondary School

B2020859               KIANDIERI Secondary

F2050058                KIANDU  Secondary

F2030534                KIANGAGE  Secondary School

B2020333               KIANGAI  Secondary School

C2070664               KIANGARI  Secondary School

G6070450               KIANGINDA Secondary

H4040022               KIANGINI Secondary

F2030590                KIANGOCHI  Secondary School

A2050066               KIANGOMA  Secondary School

B2050190               KIANGOMA  Secondary School

B4130598               KIANGONDU  Secondary School

D4080046               KIANGUA Secondary

C4010310               KIANGUNGI  Secondary School

B2060222               KIANGUNU  Secondary School

F2030053                KIANGUNYI GIRLS  Secondary School

B2020649               KIANGWENJI UPPERHILL Secondary

B2020642               KIANGWNYI MIXED Secondary

B4130052               KIANJAGI MIXED DAY Secondary

B2020469               KIANJEGE EAST GIRLS  Secondary School

B2020301               KIANJEGE WEST MIXED Secondary

B2050219               KIANJOGU Secondary

C4010586               KIANJOKOMA MIXED DAY  Secondary School

K7091819               KIANJOYA Secondary

D4080651               KIANTHUMBI MIXED DAY  Secondary School

G6070959               KIANUNGU PAG Secondary

B2020704               KIANYAGA Secondary

B2020545               KIANYAMBO Secondary

L4041097                KIAONI Secondary

B2020446               KIARAGANA GIRLS  Secondary School

H6030177               KIARENI Secondary

B4130299               KIARITHA MIXED Secondary

B2050047               KIARITHAINI High School

B2020486               KIARUGU Secondary

B2050015               KIARUHU Secondary

C2060140               KIARUTARA  Secondary School

L4040318                KIATINENI Secondary

F2050116                KIAWAITHANJI  Secondary

F2030165                KIAWAMBOGO  Secondary School

C2070757               KIAWAMBUTU Secondary

C2070617               KIBAGE  Secondary School

J4050389                KIBAUNI  Secondary School

R1010284               KIBERA ACADEMY- Secondary School

K2010287               KIBICHIKU  Secondary

H6120402               KIBIGORI Secondary

R7040298               KIBIKO  Secondary School

M8010011              KIBINGEI FRIENDS  Secondary

D4080691               KIBIRICHIA BOYS  Secondary School

D4080696               KIBIRICHIA GIRLS BOARDING  Secondary School

B2020351               KIBIRIGWI GIRLS Secondary

D2060095               KIBIRU  Secondary School

A8010225               KIBISI Secondary

F2030701                KIBOI  Secondary School

K4050289               KIBOKO  Secondary

J3070060                KIBOKONI  High School

B7100232               KIBORGOK Secondary

E7162099                KIBORUM Secondary

R1010150               KIBRA ACADEMY Secondary.  School

M7180274              KIBUGAT GIRLS  Secondary

N8030028               KIBUK GIRLS  Secondary School

F4110948                KIBULINE  Secondary School

B2020713               KIBURIA GIRLS Secondary

D4080769               KIBURINE High School

B2020416               KIBURU BOYS Secondary

F2030106                KIBUTHA GIRLS  Secondary School

F2030102                KIBUTHA MIXED  Secondary School

A2050116               KIBUTIO  Secondary School

F3020680                KICHAKA SIMBA GIRLS Secondary

G8070388               KIDINYE Secondary

F4110005                KIEGOI  Secondary School

G6070600               KIENDEGE Secondary

K7090882               KIENI  Secondary

D2040304               KIENI  Secondary School

B4130091               KIENI MIXED Secondary

B4130614               KIERENI Secondary

F8070228                KIGAMA FRIENDS  Secondary School

D2040294               KIGANJO  Secondary School

A2050378               KIGANJO AMBON  Secondary

D4080364               KIGARINE MIXED DAY Secondary

F2030483                KIGETUINI  Secondary School

F2030472                KIGONGO  Secondary School

H2010262               KIGUMO  Secondary School

C2070425               KIGUMO BENDERA High School

C2070711               KIGUOYA MIXED Secondary

D6050214               KIGUTIMO Secondary

A4070419               KIGWAMBITI  Secondary

F2050055                KIGWANDI  Secondary  School

E2040199                KIHARA Secondary

A2050237               KIHATHA  Secondary School

A2050672               KIHOME  Secondary School

F2030186                KIHOYA  Secondary School

A2050800               KIHUHI  Secondary School

C2060050               KIHUMBUINI  Secondary School

F2030344                KIHURO  Secondary School

E2070019                KIHURU-INI  Secondary School

A2050184               KIHUTI  Secondary School

A2050393               KIHUYO  Secondary

H4040771               KIIMA KIU Secondary

B2020361               KIINE GIRLS  Secondary School

B2020365               KIINE MIXED DAY Secondary

B4130228               KIINI Secondary

G4100285               KIIO  Secondary

B4080058               KIIRUA BOYS Secondary

B4080061               KIIRUA SDA  Secondary School

L2010032                KIJABE BOYS Secondary

L2010035                KIJABE GIRLS Secondary

M8010342              KIKAI FRIENDS  Secondary School

L4050217                KIKAMBUANI CENTRAL  Secondary School

H4050112               KIKELENZU  Secondary School

M4100100              KIKIINI  Secondary

L4040492                KIKIINI Secondary

L4040394                KIKIMA Secondary

M4050106              KIKOMBI  SecondarySchool

F3020426                KIKONENI Secondary

J4050111                KIKULE  Secondary School

K4050054               KIKUMBO  Secondary

J4050048                KIKUMINI  Secondary School

L4040757                KIKUMINI Secondary

L4040237                KIKUSWI Secondary

K2010005               KIKUYU TOWNSHIP  Secondary School

H4050323               KILALA  Secondary School

F4110054                KILALAI  Secondary School

M4050286              KILANGO MIXED DAY  Secondary School

H4050225               KILEMBWA  Secondary School

H7130304               KILETIEN Secondary

H7130010               KILGORIS  Secondary School

H7130011               KILGORIS GIRLS Secondary

B7100688               KILIBWONI  Secondary School

H3010009               KILIFI High School CENTRE

H3010035               KILIFI HIGH VISION Secondary

H3010346               KILIFI HIGHLIGHTS ACADEMY Secondary

H3010271               KILIFI TOWNSHIP Secondary

H4040796               KILIKU  Secondary School

H4040326               KILILI  Secondary School

F4110222                KILIMAMUNGU  Secondary School

R4050003               KILIMANJARO GIRLS  Secondary School

N7040501               KILIMANJARO SENIOR GIRLS

K7091539               KILIMO  Secondary

L8040162                KILIMO GIRLS  Secondary School

L3041102                KILINDINI  Secondary School

G8070210               KILINGILI  Secondary

B7010222               KILINGOT Secondary

C7140446               KILO TACT  Secondary School

L4040700                KILOME SA Secondary

J4030134                KILONZO MIXED DAY  Secondary School

N7040369               KILUANI NEW LIFE  Secondary School

H4040624               KILUNGU High School

J6080194                KILUSI  MIXED  Secondary School

L4040563                KILYUNGI Secondary

U8030046               KIM GIRLS High School

U8030021               KIMABOLE  Secondary School

F4110927                KIMACHIA Secondary

B6060080               KIMAI MIZED Secondary

N7040572               KIMANA  Secondary School

C2060093               KIMANDI MIXED  Secondary School

D8040262               KIMANG,ETI  Secondary  School

G4100370               KIMANGAO BOYS Secondary

G4100367               KIMANGAO GIRLS Secondary

C4010092               KIMANGARU MIXED DAY  Secondary School

K7091351               KIMANGU  Secondary

A7100487               KIMAREN Secondary

F7020300                KIMARGIS MIXED DAY Secondary

L7050993                KIMASIAN  Secondary School

F2050167                KIMATHI  Secondary School

F2030496                KIMATHI  Secondary School

A8010731               KIMATUNI RC Secondary

M7180908              KIMAWIT  Secondary School

B2060283               KIMBO MIXED High School

L2010014                KIMENDE High School

M8010113              KIMILILI BOYS High School

M8010009              KIMILILI GIRL’S  Secondary School

J7140052                KIMININI  Secondary School

J7140045                KIMININI High School

J7080153                KIMNAI GIRLS  Secondary School

B7100370               KIMNYOASIS Secondary

N8030015               KIMOBO FRIENDS  Secondary School

M7180911              KIMOLWET  Secondary

B7100792               KIMOLWET SDA Secondary

A2050181               KIMONDO  Secondary School

E7161320                KIMONING  Secondary School

G7060020               KIMOSE DAY  Secondary School

C7140304               KIMOSON  Secondary School

B4130035               KIMUCHA MIXED DAY Secondary

F2060120                KIMUCHU MIXED DAY  Secondary  School

F7021051                KIMUCHUL  Secondary School

M7180670              KIMULOT  Secondary

E7160030                KIMUMU Secondary

B2020673               KIMUNYE MIXED Secondary

D2060199               KIMUNYU  Secondary School

D2050012               KIMURI  Secondary School.

E2040322                KIMURI Secondary

G4050231               KIMUTWA  Secondary School

A7100077               KIMWANI  Secondary

G7030392               KIMWARER Secondary

G7030222               KIMWOGO  Secondary School

U7140043               KIMWONDO  Secondary School

L2010114                KINALE High School

B4110008               KINANGARU MIXED DAY

D3020065               KINANGO  Secondary School

A3010205               KINARANI  Secondary

D6040114               KINDU R.C Secondary

G6070001               KINENI MIXED  Secondary School

E6010186                KINENI PEFA MIXED Secondary

J3070057                KING DAVID High School MALINDI

H3010347               KING SOLOMON High School

F2060115                KING SOLOMON Secondary. School

C8020272               KINGANDOLE  Secondary School

N1011066               KINGS High School AND CENTER-SEC

G7070047               KINGS HILL  Secondary School

N1010070               KINGS PAVILLION  Secondary School

F3020318                KINGWEDE Mixed Secondary School

E2040474                KINJA Secondary

D4080643               KINJO GIRLS  Secondary School

D4080646               KINJO MIXED DAY  Secondary School

L4020172                KINNA  Secondary School

F3020184                KINONDO MIXED DAY Secondary

K4050098               KINOO GIRLS  Secondary

D4080080               KINORO GIRLS High School

D4080085               KINORO MIXED DAY Secondary

D4080924               KINORU DAY  Secondary School

R7090246               KINUNGI  Secondary School

B2020317               KINYAKIIRU MIXED Secondary

M4050204              KINYAU  Secondary

J2010275                KINYOGORI High School

C2070518               KINYONA Secondary

K4050435               KINYUI BOYS High School

K4050431               KINYUI GIRLS  Secondary

K7091921               KIO  Secondary. School

D7070861               KIO DAY  Secondary School

E6010760                KIOBEGI MIXED Secondary

H6030324               KIOGE GIRLS Secondary

H6030367               KIOGO SDA MIXED Secondary

G6070635               KIOMAKONDO  Secondary School

K6030196               KIOMITI  Secondary

E6010873                KIONDUSO Secondary

E6010687                KIONGONGI MIXED Secondary

L4040725                KIONGUINI MIXED Secondary

H4040760               KIONGWANI  Secondary School

F4110913                KIONI MIXED GENERATION  Secondary School

F2030761                KIONJOINE  Secondary School

D4080264               KIONYO  Secondary School

E6011362                KIOROKI DOK Secondary

B7010311               KIPCHERERE Secondary

L7050559                KIPCHIMCHIM HIGH  Secondary School

L7050255                KIPCHORIAN  Secondary School

K3060389               KIPINI  Secondary School

E7161174                KIPKABUS Secondary

J7080298                KIPKANER  Secondary School

F7020777                KIPKEIGEI  Secondary School

C7140058               KIPKEIKEI  Secondary School

E7160595                KIPKENYO Secondary

F7020232                KIPKOI  Secondary School

M7180580              KIPKORIR SALAT  Secondary School

F7020884                KIPLABOTWA  Secondary School

F7020318                KIPLELJI  Secondary School

F7020264                KIPLOKYI  Secondary School

F7020267                KIPLOKYI BOYS  Secondary School

F7020268                KIPLOKYI GIRLS Secondary

G7060289               KIPLOMBE  Secondary School

F7020900                KIPRERES Secondary.  School

F7020741                KIPROROGET DAY  Secondary School

L7050821                KIPSAMOI  Secondary School

E7161864                KIPSANGUI Secondary

E7161860                KIPSANGUI Secondary

G7030231               KIPSAOS BOYS  Secondary School

L7051089                KIPSEGI  Secondary School

B7100171               KIPSIGAK High School

S7050020                KIPSIGI  Secondary School

L7050336                KIPSIGIS GIRLS High School

F7020566                KIPSIMBOL  Secondary School

C7090070               KIPSINENDET  Secondary School

F7020477                KIPSINGEI  Secondary School

L7050966                KIPSIRICHET  Secondary School

U8030056               KIPSIS  Secondary School

G7030057               KIPSOEN Secondary

B7010189               KIPSOIT  Secondary School

L7050728                KIPSOLU  Secondary School

F7020404                KIPSONOI  Secondary School

F7020692                KIPSUTER  Secondary School

M7090122              KIPTAGICH  Secondary School

M7090029              KIPTARAGON Secondary. School

M7180422              KIPTENDEN  Secondary School

K7090495               KIPTENDEN GIRLS  Secondary  School

L7050847                KIPTERE  Secondary School

L7050083                KIPTERIS GIRLS  Secondary School

M7180003              KIPTEWIT HIGH  School

F7020882                KIPTOBIT  Secondary School

M7180246              KIPTOBON MIXED  Secondary

G7060313               KIPTOIM  Secondary School

K7091957               KIPTORORO  Secondary.School

G7030107               KIPTULOS Secondary

A7100325               KIPTULUS Secondary

B7100661               KIPTURE  Secondary School

F7020981                KIPYOSIT  Secondary School

C2070791               KIRANGA  Secondary School

K2010305               KIRANGARI  Secondary

B2020879               KIRANJA Secondary

B4130601               KIREGE Secondary

L6040146                KIREMBE MIXED  Secondary School

L2010084                KIRENGA BOYS HIGH

L2010083                KIRENGA GIRLS High School

J7140092                KIRENGA High School MUGAA

D4080539               KIRIA MIXED DAY  Secondary School

F2030381                KIRIA-INI GIRLS  Secondary School

F2030380                KIRIA-INI MIXED  Secondary School

B4130065               KIRIANI BOYS Secondary

C4010491               KIRIARI MIXED DAY  Secondary School

F7020595                KIRIBA DAY Secondary

D4080410               KIRIGARA GIRLS  Secondary School

D4080985               KIRIGE DAY  Secondary School

D4080789               KIRIGE High School

C4010468               KIRIGI  Secondary School

C2070724               KIRIGITHI Secondary

B2020847               KIRIGO MIXED DAY Secondary

E4120354                KIRIIRIA MIXED  Secondary School

F2030362                KIRIKU MIXED DAY  Secondary School

A4070110               KIRIMA   Secondary School

D2040602               KIRIMA  Secondary

D7070713               KIRIMA HOLY FAMILY GIRLS  Secondary School

B2050083               KIRIMARA Secondary

C4010035               KIRIMARI  Secondary School

E2060106                KIRIMIRI  Secondary School

F4110395                KIRINDARA MIXED  Secondary School

F4110533                KIRINDIN DAY Secondary

B2020901               KIRINYAGA COMPLEX ACADEMY Secondary

B2020274               KIRINYAGA High School

B2020646               KIRINYAGA MARY IMMACULATE ACADEMY Secondary

E2040182                KIRIOGO Secondary

C2070893               KIRIRWA  Secondary School

D4080532               KIRIRWA DAY  Secondary School

A7120055               KIRISIA Secondary

F2050139                KIRITI  Secondary

F2030211                KIRITI MIXED  Secondary School

K7091561               KIROBON High School

F2030845                KIROGO BOYS  Secondary School

F4110729                KIROMWATHI DAY Secondary

F7021131                KIROMWOK  Secondary School

F2030354                KIRU MIXED Secondary

F2030130                KIRURI Secondary

H6030858               KIRWA Secondary

C2060190               KIRWARA High School

G7060207               KISANANA  Secondary School

F8070219                KISANGULA  Secondary School

J4030283                KISASI MIXED Secondary

J4030286                KISASI Secondary

L4040175                KISAU GIRLS Secondary

L3040580                KISAUNI High School

J4030339                KISAYANI  Secondary School

L4041081                KISAYANI Secondary

T7010011                KISERIAN  Secondary School


R7040218               KISERYAN GIRLS ACADEMY

G4050295               KISEVENI  Secondary School

H6030714               KISII School

A4080022               KISIMA   Secondary School

D2040056               KISIMA MIXED Secondary

E7120078                KISIMA Secondary

L4040875                KISINGO Secondary

N7110184               KISIRIRI  Secondary School

K4050260               KISUKIONI  Secondary

L6040425                KISUMU BOYS  Secondary School

L6040365                KISUMU DAY  Secondary School

L6040426                KISUMU GIRLS  Secondary School

L6040403                KISUMU SENIOR ACADEMY  Secondary School

L6040255                KISUMU SOUTH ADVENTIST  Secondary School

L6040104                KIT MIKAYI  Secondary School

L4040676                KITAINGO  Secondary School

C7140380               KITALE ACADEMY GIRLS  Secondary School

A2060165               KITAMAIYU  Secondary School

C6110631               KITAMBO MIXED  Secondary School

L4040671                KITANDI Secondary

G4050175               KITANGA Secondary

J4050026                KITANGANI   Secondary School

L4050333                KITANGANI MIXED DAY  Secondary School

G7030128               KITANY Secondary

D7070538               KITE DAY  Secondary School

N7040117               KITENEGELA GIRLS High School

H4041091               KITENGEI  Secondary School

N7040148               KITENGELA BOYS HIGH

N7040051               KITENGELA HILLTOP SENIOR  School


L4040146                KITETA GIRLS  Secondary School

G4050133               KITHAAYONI Secondary

D4080639               KITHAMBURU DAY High School

H4050097               KITHANGAINI  Secondary School

D4080253               KITHANGARI BOYS  Secondary School

D4080282               KITHANGARI GIRLS  Secondary School

H4040634               KITHANGATHINI  Secondary School

D4080165               KITHATU  Secondary School

C4010622               KITHEGI MIXED DAY  Secondary School

H4040964               KITHEINI  Secondary School

M4050393              KITHENDU  Secondary School

F4110641                KITHEO  Secondary School

F4110279                KITHETU  Secondary School

G4050454               KITHEUNI Secondary

M4050355              KITHIMANI H.G.M  Secondary

H4041192               KITHINGIISYO  Secondary School

D4080606               KITHIRUNE GIRLS  Secondary School

D4080607               KITHIRUNE MIXED DAY  Secondary School

A4080114               KITHITHINA MIXED DAY  Secondary School

H4041036               KITHITUNI  Secondary School

K4050393               KITHUANI  Secondary

H4040534               KITHUMBA Secondary

K4030501               KITHUMULA  Secondary School

L4040590                KITHUNGO Secondary

M4050062              KITHUNGUINI  Secondary

D4080311               KITHUNGURI MIXED DAY  Secondary School

C4010493               KITHUNGURIRI  Secondary School

C4010132               KITHUNGUTHIA DAY  Secondary School

J4050133                KITHYOKO  Secondary School

L4041140                KITHYULULU Secondary

M4050004              KITIE  Secondary School

J4050400                KITILE  Secondary School

H4040031               KITISE Secondary

P1010269               KITISURU BOYS High School

E2060113                KITITO COFFEE  Secondary School

F7020149                KITOBEN  Secondary School

K7091942               KITOBEN Secondary. School

E2040465                KITOGO Secondary

L4040221                KITONDO  Secondary School

K4050015               KITONYNNI  Secondary

H4040221               KITONYONI  Secondary School

J4030305                KITOO  Secondary School

L4040028                KITOTO  Secondary School

K4030720               KITUI School

J4030900                KITUI SDA  Secondary School

J4030804                KITUI TOWNSHIP  Secondary School

M4100113              KITULANI  Secondary

G4050283               KITULU DAY  Secondary School

J7140222                KITUM High School

M3050076              KITUMBI  Secondary

L4040556                KITUNDU Secondary

J4030210                KITUNGATI Secondary

A8010567               KITUNI High School

B7010132               KITURO BOYS HIGH

M4050068              KITUVU  Secondary School

L4050257                KITWII  Secondary School

H4040750               KIU  Secondary School

H4050311               KIUNDWANI  Secondary School

J7140021                KIUNGANI ACA Secondary

B4130621               KIUNGUNI MIXED DAY Secondary

C2060041               KIUNYU  Secondary School

B4130130               KIURANI Secondary

K4050244               KIVAA  Secondary

F8070210                KIVAGALA  Secondary School

M4050306              KIVANDINI  Secondary

L4040627                KIVANI Secondary

B8050051               KIVAYWA  Secondary School

J4050301                KIVI ABC  Secondary School

A4070321               KIVUE  Secondary

L4041203                KIVUTHINI Secondary

J4050234                KIVUTINI  Secondary School

M4050412              KIWANZA  Secondary

M3050017              KIWINDA  Secondary

A3010051               KIZURINI  Secondary

J6080134                KOBALA MIXED  Secondary School

L6080099                KOBILA MIXED  Secondary School

E7090093                KOBILO  Secondary School

C7140887               KOBOS  Secondary School

L6040025                KOBURA GIRLS  Secondary School

K6120005               KOCHOGO  Secondary

G7030424               KOCHOLWO  Secondary

B6060773               KODERO BARA Secondary

L6080115                KODOCH MIXED  Secondary School

C7090262               KOELEL  Secondary School

B6060450               KOGELO MIXED Secondary

G7060155               KOIBARAK  Secondary School

A7100638               KOIBARAK Secondary

F7021021                KOIBEIYON  Secondary School

C7090004               KOIGE  Secondary School

A7100289               KOILOT DAY Secondary

E7161110                KOILUGET Secondary

F2030841                KOIMBI  Secondary School

F2030840                KOIMBI MIXED DAY  Secondary School

G7060545               KOISAMO Secondary

B7100849               KOISOLIK  Secondary School

J7080186                KOISUNGUR BOYS High School

A7100619               KOITABUT Secondary

M7180380              KOITUK  Secondary School

M7180437              KOIWA  Secondary School

M7180450              KOIWA CENTRAL DAY  Secondary

L7050908                KOIWALELACH GIRLS  Secondary School

E7161101                KOIWOARUSEN Secondary

J6080344                KOJWACH BOYS High School

D6050004               KOKEHARAKA  Secondary School

B6060584               KOKURO Secondary

J6080424                KOKWANYO  Secondary School

L7050103                KOKWET  Secondary School

L4040639                KOLA Secondary

C8060007               KOLANYA GIRLS  Secondary School

J6080269                KOLWENY KINGSWAY  Secondary School

N1010728               KOMAROCK ROAD  Secondary School

B7100293               KOMBE Secondary

A3010250               KOMBENI GIRLS  Secondary

F6020519                KOME MIXED  Secondary School

E2060158                KOMO MIXED  Secondary School

B6060603               KOMOLO RUME MIXED DAY Secondary

H2010213               KOMOTHAI BOYS High School

H2010258               KOMOTHAI GIRLS  Secondary School

D6050228               KOMOTOBO Secondary

J7080146                KONDABILET  Secondary School

N8030089               KONGIT  Secondary School

K7091910               KONGOI  Secondary. School

B8010164               KONGOLI  Secondary School

F7020928                KONGOTIK  Secondary School

K6120041               KONIM  Secondary

M6090502              KONYA  Secondary

B7170326               KONYAO Secondary

G4050252               KONZA ABC  Secondary  School

G7030151               KOPTEGA GIRLS’ Secondary

G7030031               KORKITONY Secondary

M7180048              KORONGOI GIRLS  Secondary School

K6120311               KORU GIRLS  Secondary School

E7160724                KOSACHEI Secondary

B7100463               KOSIRAI High School

A7100027               KOSOIYWO MIXED  Secondary

D4080223               KOTHINE DAY  Secondary School

J6080215                KOTIENDITI  Secondary School

J6080052                KOTIENO GUMBA  Secondary School

F5030123                KOTULO GIRLS  Secondary School

J6080183                KOWIDI MIXED  Secondary School

L6080102                KOWUOR MIXED  Secondary School

A7100393               KOYO Secondary

E8080767                KOYONZO Secondary

D6050417               KUBWAHA  Secondary School

D6050399               KUBWEYE MIXED  Secondary School

E7161747                KUINET  Secondary School

B6060761               KUJA SPECIAL Secondary. FOR THE DEAF

L4050087                KUNDU  Secondary School

F4110972                KUNENE  Secondary School

F2050078                KUNGUBIRI GIRLS  Secondary

L7050033                KUNYAK  Secondary School

A6040031               KUOYO MIXED  Secondary

B7100930               KURGUNG Secondary

D6050074               KURUTIANGE MIXED Secondary

M7180134              KUSUMEK  Secondary School

G4050106               KUSYOMUOMO Secondary

L4040587                KUSYONGALI Secondary

A7110252               KUTO  Secondary School

B2020797               KUTUS Secondary

G6070978               KUURA DEB Secondary

D8040289               KUVASALI  Secondary School

D8040789               KUYANDA Secondary

F6020015                KUYO KOCHIA  Secondary School

A8010507               KUYWA FYM Secondary

J8010164                KUYWA GIRLS  Secondary School

J4030829                KWA KUNUVWA  Secondary School

K4030529               KWA MUTONGA  Secondary  School

H6060016               KWA Secondary

J4030905                KWA UKUNGU  Secondary School

J4050313                KWAKATHULE  Secondary School

L4040695                KWAKIKETI  Secondary School

F3020026                KWALE BOYS  Secondary School

F3020023                KWALE GIRLS  Secondary School

H4041013               KWALE GIRLS  Secondary School

L4050166                KWAMUTULA  Secondary School

C8060267               KWANGAMOR High School

C7140843               KWANZA FRIENDS  Secondary School

C7140841               KWANZA GIRLS  Secondary School

K4050318               KWASYOKIMANZA  Secondary

G4050153               KWATHANZE Secondary

J4030081                KWATUNDU MIXED  Secondary School

F7020206                KWENIK-AB-ILET Secondary

D6050475               KWIBANCHA GIRLS Secondary

A2060210               KWIHOTA  Secondary School

B6060518               KWOYO KODALO MIXED Secondary

J6080563                KWOYO Secondary OYUGIS  School

K4030132               KYAANGO  Secondary School

K4030491               KYAANI GIRLS

K4030027               KYAMATU  Secondary

H4050296               KYAMATULA Secondary

J4030676                KYAMBITI  Secondary School

M4100049              KYAMBO  Secondary School

G4050099               KYAMBUKO Secondary

L4040325                KYAMITHENGE Secondary

M4100535              KYAMWENZE GIRLS  Secondary

G4050023               KYANDA Secondary

K4050162               KYANDILI  Secondary

L4040553                KYANDOTE ACK GIRLS

J4030538                KYANDULA  Secondary School

K4050128               KYANGALA  Secondary

L4041122                KYANGINYWA Secondary

L4040247                KYANGONDU Secondary

G4050080               KYANGULI Secondary

L4040348                KYANGUMA Secondary

J4030668                KYANGUNGA High School

J4030890                KYANGWITHIA  Secondary School

G4050462               KYASIONI Secondary

J4030385                KYATUNE  Secondary School

H4040909               KYEMUNDU  Secondary School

L4050253                KYENI ACADEMY  Secondary School

G4050270               KYENI BAPTIST  Secondary

J4050074                KYENI EXCEL High School

C4010333               KYENI GIRLS  Secondary School

C4010286               KYENI GIRLS High School

H4050145               KYETHIVO GIRLS  Secondary School

J4050327                KYEVALUKI  Secondary School

J4030481                KYOANI  Secondary School

F7020043                KYOGONG MIXED Secondary

G4050414               KYUA  Secondary

H4040435               KYUASINI  Secondary School

G4050309               KYULU HILL  Secondary

N4050011               KYUMBI MIXED Secondary

H4040860               KYUMBUNI  Secondary School

H4040413               KYUMU  Secondary School

N1011129               KYUNA ACADEMY Secondary

G4100439               KYUSO GIRLS Secondary

G4100432               KYUSO Secondary

L4040474                KYUU Secondary

J3070289                L.B MAITHA  Secondary School

B7101044               LABORET Secondary

C7090223               LADY ANN DELAMERE Secondary

P1011060               LADY LUSHIA  Secondary School

J6080514                LADY SHARON ACADEMY  Secondary School

G5020270               LAFEY BOYS  Secondary School

G7070038               LAIKIPIA MIXED  Secondary School

D4060114               LAISAMIS  Secondary School

R7040016               LAISER HILL ACADEMY-SEC

B7010507               LAKE BOGORIA ROCHDALE  Secondary School

C7090224               LAKE ELEMENTAITA Secondary

K7090207               LAKE LAWRENZO  Secondary

R7090125               LAKE NAIVASHA High School

E2040296                LAKE OL-BOLLOSAT Secondary

K7091133               LAKE SOLAI  Secondary  School

M6020133              LAKE VIEW ACADEMY  Secondary

F6020643                LAKEVILLE ACADEMY MIXED DAY Secondary

M6020132              LALA MIXED  Secondary

A6100337               LAMBWE  Secondary

C3030033               LAMU BOYS  Secondary School

C3030046               LAMU GIRLS  Secondary School

E2050025                LAMURIA Secondary

K7090543               LANET  Secondary

K7090509               LANET HILLS VIEW  Secondary

K7090220               LANGALANGA  Secondary

E7160466                LANGAS Secondary

R1010076               LANGATA High School

F6020566                LANGI MIXED  Secondary School

K7091626               LARE VISION  Secondary School

L2010091                LARI  Secondary  School

D7070843               LARIAK DAY  Secondary School

K7091452               LARMUDIAC  Secondary

E2050031                LAVENDA SPRINGS  Secondary School

K2010225               LAY CANNON NUMA  Secondary

N1010066               LE PIC  Secondary School

F6020279                LEEDS MIXED DAY Secondary

E7162060                LEGEBET Secondary

B8010051               LEIGH ACADEMY BUNGOMA

L6040028                LELA  Secondary School

F7020804                LELAITICH  Secondary School

J7080163                LELAN  Secondary School

G7030163               LELBOINET BOYS’ Secondary

E7161341                LELEI  Secondary School

B7100589               LELMOKWO High School

E7161471                LELMOOK Secondary

L7050198                LELU  Secondary School

A7100227               LELWAK BOYS Secondary

H4050268               LEMA GIRL’S  Secondary School

N1010089               LENANA  School

K7091216               LENGINET  Secondary  School

D2040720               LERESHWA  Secondary School

E7160793                LESERU  Secondary School

E2040084                LESHAU Secondary

L7050232                LESIRWO  Secondary School

R7040282               LEWISA ACADEMY-SEC

L6040379                LIBERTY  Secondary School

L6080028                LIETA MIXED  Secondary School

N1010013               LIGHT ACADEMY

M7180348              LIGHT OF GOD MISSION High School

M6090293              LIHANDA  Secondary

D7070008               LIKII HILL  Secondary School

L3040251                LIKONI  Secondary School


L3040329                LIKONI VALENTINE  Secondary School

L7050203                LILOCH  Secondary School

P1011049               LILY VISION  Secondary School

J2010277                LIMURU DAY MIXED  Secondary School

G2010165               LIMURU GIRLS Secondary

J2010267                LIMURU HIGHLANDS High School

E7161577                LINGWAY Secondary

H2010201               LIOKI Secondary

C4010058               LIONS  Secondary School

L6040294                LIONS HIGH  Secondary School

E7160172                LIONS Secondary

C8040183               LIRHANDA GIRLS  Secondary School

D8040573               LIRHEMBE  Secondary School

D8040576               LIRHEMBE GIRLS  Secondary School

K6120240               LISANA  Secondary  School

M7180157              LITEIN BOYS High School

M7180148              LITEIN EAST  Secondary

M7180158              LITEIN GIRLS High School

J7080367                LITER GIRLS  Secondary School

B8010159               LITUNGU  Secondary School

C7150048               LODWAR BOYS High School

D7070083               LOISE NANYUKI GIRLS High School

H7110085               LOITA High School

D4060156               LOIYANGALANI  Secondary School

C7150361               LOKITAUNG SALVATION ARMY  Secondary School

E7162082                LOLKINYEI Secondary

L7050981                LONDIANI BOYS  Secondary School

L7050944                LONDIANI GIRLS  Secondary School

L7050980                LONDIANI GIRLS ACADEMY – Secondary

L7050977                LONDIANI TOWNSHIP  Secondary School

F7020027                LONGISA BOYS High School

R7090078               LONGONOT TOWNSHIP  Secondary School

G2010134               LORETO  High School LIMURU

J2010007                LORETO  Secondary School

K7090322               LORETO BOYS NAKURU  Secondary

P1010084               LORETO CONVENT MSONGARI GIRLS  Secondary School

E7161908                LORETO CONVENT Secondary

P1010022               LORETO CONVENT VALLEY ROAD GIRLS  Secondary School

E7161907                LORETO MATUNDA Secondary

N1010354               LORNA WADINGTON High School

D4080208               LOWER CHURE MIXED DAY Secondary

E8080295                LUANDA DUDI Secondary

E8080637                LUBINU BOYS’ Secondary

B4110059               LUBUATHIRUA Secondary

J6080353                LUCKY SUMMER  Secondary School

F6020181                LUDHE DONGO MIXED  Secondary School

C8040133               LUGALA  Secondary School

C8040045               LUGANGO  Secondary School

C8020335               LUGULU AC  Secondary School

J8010005                LUGULU GIRLS High School

F7020810                LUGUMEKSEC School

D8040250               LUGUSI  Secondary School

J8010143                LUGUSI  Secondary School

D8040752               LUGUSI Secondary

R4050001               LUKENYA  Secondary School

J8010201                LUKHOME  Secondary School

A8010167               LUKHUNA Secondary

F3020691                LUKORE  Secondary School

D8040357               LUKUME Secondary

F3020173                LULU HIGH

A8010448               LUMONYA FRIENDS  Secondary School

H4041022               LUMU Secondary

M6090267              LUNDHA MIXED  Secondary

F3020478                LUNGA LUNGA MIXED DAY Secondary

A8010261               LUNGAI Secondary

L4040197                LUNGU Secondary

B8050472               LUNYITO Secondary

D8040770               LUNYU MIXED Secondary

E8080106                LUNZA Secondary

F6020155                LUORA MIXED DAY  Secondary School

E8020314                LUPIDA MIXED Secondary

B8010110               LUPINDA  Secondary

E8080491                LUREKO Secondary

F8070153                LUSENGELI   Secondary School

D8040728               LUSIOLA Secondary

A2050460               LUSOI High School

D8040524               LUSUMU  Secondary School

H3010476               LUTSANGANI Secondary

B4110042               LUUMA Secondary

C7140804               LUUYA  Secondary School

J8010344                LUUYA GIRLS  Secondary School

F6020090                LWAHO MIXED DAY  Secondary School

C6110609               LWAK GIRLS  Secondary School

E6040008                LWALA KADAWA  Secondary School

B6060356               LWALA MIXED Secondary

C8040144               LWANDA  Secondary School

D8040299               LWANDA  Secondary School

F6020405                LWANDA KAWUOR MIXED DAY  Secondary School

D6060001               LWANDA MAGWAR  Secondary School

J6080287                LWANDA MIXED  Secondary School

M8010231              LWANDANYI  Secondary School

D8040165               LWANDETI Secondary

F8070510                LWOMBEI Secondary

B4130527               MAABI DAY MIXED Secondary

G6070907               MAAGONGA SDA Secondary

R7090048               MAAI MAHIU  Secondary School

A3010034               MAANDANI  Secondary

A7110026               MAASAI GIRLS Secondary

F7020283                MAASET MIXED DAY  Secondary School

M7180291              MABASI  Secondary

A4070015               MACANGA MIXED  Secondary

M4020002              MACCI BOYS  Secondary

M4020001              MACCI GIRLS  Secondary School

G4050139               MACHAKOS ACADEMY GIRLS High School

G4050314               MACHAKOS BAPTIST High School

G4050308               MACHAKOS CENTRAL  Secondary

G4050094               MACHAKOS GIRLS High School

G4050322               MACHAKOS School

C7141091               MACHEWA  Secondary School

U7140020               MACHEWA  Secondary School

D4080277               MACHIKINE GIRLS  Secondary School

E6010115                MACHONGO PAG Secondary

F4110418                MACHUNGULU  Secondary School

C7140409               MACHUNGWA High School

G6070324               MACHURURIATI Secondary

F2060132                MACJERRY  Secondary School

K4050444               MACKENZIE EDUCATION CENTRE High School

D3020295               MACKINNON ROAD  Secondary School

C4010141               MACUMO DAY  Secondary School

G8070446               MADIRA GIRLS  Secondary School

A6100129               MADO  Secondary

K3060225               MADOGO  Secondary

K6090342               MADUNGU  Secondary  School

M8010104              MAENI GIRLS  Secondary School

D6050181               MAETA MIXED Secondary

E7162087                MAFUTA Secondary

R7040523               MAGADI  Secondary School

D8040737               MAGALE  Secondary School

C2070160               MAGANJO Secondary

C3070005               MAGARINI  Secondary School

J8010122                MAGEMO FRIENDS  Secondary School

E6010376                MAGENA HIGH

E6010443                MAGENCHE ACADEMY Secondary

B4130455               MAGENKA MIXED  Secondary School

L2010027                MAGINA  Secondary School

F6020336                MAGINA GIRLS  Secondary School

R7040043               MAGNET High School

J4050276                MAGODO COMPLEX  Secondary School

E2060165                MAGOGONI  Secondary School

K7090837               MAGOMANO  Secondary School

E2040490                MAGOMANO Secondary

D6060201               MAGONGO RIBE  Secondary School

G8070399               MAGUI  Secondary

B4130114               MAGUMA MIXED DAY Secondary

B4130437               MAGUMONI  GIRLS  Secondary School

B4130430               MAGUMONI MIXED DAY Secondary

E2040722                MAGUMU Secondary

E2040733                MAGUMU Secondary

K6120186               MAGUNGA  Secondary

F6020719                MAGUTI MIXED DAY  Secondary School

B2050126               MAGUTU  Secondary School

B8050101               MAHANGA K  Secondary School

C6110582               MAHAYA MIXED DAY  Secondary School

A2050636               MAHIGA GIRLS  Secondary

D2040738               MAHINDU  Secondary School

D8040343               MAHIRA Secondary.

E8080240                MAHONDO Secondary

M3050713              MAHOO  Secondary

K2010118               MAI-A-IHII  Secondary

L4040744                MAIANI Secondary

R7090213               MAIELLA MIXED  Secondary School

R7090205               MAIELLA TOWNSHIP  Secondary School

E6010432                MAIGA FP Secondary

D4060172               MAIKONA GIRLS  Secondary School

L4040834                MAILINDU Secondary

B8010073               MAINA FRIENDS ACADEMY

C7140590               MAINEK  Secondary School

M4050509              MAIUNI  Secondary School

C6110637               MAJANGO MIXED  Secondary School

H3010302               MAJAONI  Secondary School

C6110353               MAJENGO MIXED  Secondary School

G7060503               MAJI MAZURI GIRLS Secondary

G7060493               MAJI MAZURI Secondary

E6010845                MAJIMAZURI Secondary

C6110108               MAJIWA  Secondary School

F6020582                MAJIWA MIXED DAY Secondary

G6071095               MAKAIRO Secondary

B4130628               MAKAWANI MIXED DAY Secondary

D8040533               MAKHOKHO  Secondary School

J8010206                MAKHONGE  Secondary School

A4070490               MAKIMA MIXED  Secondary

F7020630                MAKIMENY  Secondary School

P1010046               MAKINI  Secondary School

M4050281              MAKIVENZI GIRLS  Secondary School

C2070576               MAKOMBOKI MIXED Secondary

P1010287               MAKONGENI  Secondary School

E7162033                MAKONGI Secondary

F8070029                MAKUCHI   Secondary School

H4040352               MAKUENI BOYS  School

H4040350               MAKUENI GIRLS  Secondary School

H4040434               MAKULI ACK High School

E8080831                MAKUNDA MUSLIM Secondary

E8080611                MAKUNGA Secondary

B4130017               MAKURI GIRLS Secondary

L4040972                MAKUSU GIRLS Secondary

H4050005               MAKUTANO  Secondary School

C7140153               MAKUTANO  Secondary School

G2010050               MAKUTANO Secondary

C2070037               MAKUYU  Secondary School

C2070044               MAKUYU GIRLS  Secondary School

B2060008               MAKWA  Secondary School

L4040355                MALAA Secondary

A8010555               MALAHA Secondary

E8020247                MALANGA MIXED  Secondary School

D8040063               MALAVA BOYS HIGH

D8040064               MALAVA GIRLS

D7070269               MALE  Secondary School

K6090160               MALELE  Secondary

D6060184               MALERA MIXED  Secondary School

D2040700               MALEWA  Secondary School

R1010085               MALEZI School-SEC

M6090264              MALIERA  Secondary

A8010293               MALIKI  Secondary School

J4030744                MALIKU GIRLS  Secondary School

K4050032               MALILI  Secondary

J3070029                MALINDI High School

J3070092                MALINDI PROGRESSIVE ACA  Secondary School

M6090062              MALOMBA MIXED DAY  Secondary

J4030555                MALUMA  Secondary School

J4030756                MALUNGU  Secondary School

L3040023                MAMA NGINA GIRLS  Secondary School

K7091367               MAMA NGINA KENYATTA  Secondary

L3040908                MAMA WA SHIME  Secondary School

J3070318                MAMBRUI  Secondary School

F2030372                MANANGA  Secondary School

J4050253                MANANJA  Secondary School

G5020037               MANDERA  Secondary School


H4040235               MANDOI Secondary

G6070059               MANGA GIRLS  Secondary School

A8010530               MANGANA FRIENDS Secondary

G4050237               MANGAUNI  Secondary School

F3020597                MANGAWANI  Secondary School

L4050047                MANGO  Secondary School

A2060001               MANGU High School

J2010276                MANGUO  Secondary School

H4040918               MANOONI Secondary

C7140422               MANOR HOUSE  Secondary School

D2040681               MANUNGA GIRLS High School

E8080230                MANYALA Secondary

J4050280                MANYATTA  Secondary School

D2040263               MANYATTA  Secondary School

B6060468               MANYATTA High School

K7090897               MAOMBI GIRLS  Secondary

R1010443               MAONO ED CENTRE  Secondary School

J3070438                MAPIMO GIRLS  Secondary School

F7020685                MARA SIONGIROI SENIOR ACADEMY  Secondary School

D4080178               MARAA  Secondary School

E8080614                MARABA MIXED Secondary

A7100478               MARABA Secondary

C3070013               MARAFA Secondary

F2030531                MARAGI Secondary

C2070276               MARAGUA  Secondary School

C2070340               MARAGUA MUSLIM GIRLS Secondary

C2070149               MARAGUA RIDGE Secondary

C2070346               MARAGUA SUMMIT SENIOR  Secondary School

R7090253               MARAIGUSHU  Secondary School

J7080068                MARAKWET BOYS High School

A7120005               MARALAL Secondary

D2040139               MARANATHA High School

C6110076               MARANDA High School

G6070962               MARANI PAG Secondary

H6030173               MARANI Secondary

E7161877                MARAREN  Secondary School

L7090026                MARARO DAY MIXED  Secondary School

L3040944                MARBEN High School Secondary

M2010127              MARIA IMMACULATA  Secondary


B2060111               MARIA-INI  Secondary School

A3010221               MARIAKANI  Secondary

A4070218               MARIARI  GIRLS  Secondary School

E6010503                MARIBA ACADEMY Secondary

C7140762               MARIDADI MIXED  Secondary School

D4080550               MARIENE MIXED DAY  Secondary School

B7010594               MARIGAT  Secondary School

C2070465               MARIIRA  Secondary School

E2040661                MARIKO Secondary

E4120072                MARIMANTI GIRLS Secondary

F6020357                MARINDI  Secondary School

G6070996               MARINDI Secondary

L7050415                MARINYN  Secondary School

R1010334               MARION SchoolS Secondary

F4110388                MARIRI  Secondary School

K4050474               MARIS STELLA  Secondary School

R1010352               MARIS STELLA GIRLS  Secondary School

H6120423               MARIWA  Secondary

F6040001                MARIWA MIXED DAY  Secondary School

E6011172                MARIWA Secondary

E6010016                MARKSON’S Secondary

D7070520               MARMANET  Secondary School

E6010124                MAROBA MIXED Secondary

J8010238                MAROBO  Secondary School

E6011432                MARONGO PAG Secondary

E6011145                MAROO ESINDE Secondary

D4060034               MARSABIT BOYS’  Secondary School

A2050322               MARUA MIXED DAY  Secondary

M3050522              MARUNGU  Secondary  School

P1011062               MARURA ACADEMY Secondary


E2050086                MARY IMMCULATE Secondary

M2010165              MARY LEAKEY GIRLS High School

C7090050               MARY MOTHER OF GOD  Secondary School

D7070631               MARY MOTHER OF GRACE  Secondary School

E2040267                MARY MOTHER OF MERCY Secondary

C7090105               MARY MOUNT  Secondary School

F2060037                MARYHILL GIRLS HIGH

K7091018               MARYLAND  Secondary

P1010491               MARYQUEEN CATHOLIC  Secondary School

G6070216               MASABA High School

J7140077                MASABA MIXED  Secondary School

K6030099               MASABO  Secondary

R7040312               MASAI  High School

R7040316               MASAI BOYS High School

L7051030                MASAITA  Secondary School

L4041133                MASAKU NDOGO Secondary

H6030204               MASAKWE PAG Secondary

C6110172               MASALA  Secondary School

G8070463               MASANA  Secondary School

D6060154               MASARA  Secondary School

H6120007               MASARA MIXED  Secondary School


A6040008               MASENO High School

D2060191               MASHARIKI Secondary

R1010267               MASHIMONI  Secondary School.

R1010286               MASHIMONI CALVARY High School

N7040787               MASHUURU  Secondary School

H4050027               MASII  Secondary School

H4050032               MASII CENTRAL High School

H4050021               MASII GIRLS  Secondary School

H4050107               MASII SDA  Secondary School

K6030138               MASIMBA  Secondary

J4050015                MASINGA BOYS  Secondary School

J4050020                MASINGA GIRLS  Secondary School

D8040544               MASIYENZE  Secondary School

L6040006                MASOGO  Secondary School

H4040940               MASOKANI Secondary

H6030590               MASONGO DEB Secondary

G6070697               MASOSA MIXED Secondary

B2060114               MATAARA  Secondary School

E6010175                MATAGARO MIXED Secondary

E4120031                MATAKIRI DAY Secondary

D6050222               MATARE BOYS Secondary

E8080488                MATAWA Secondary

A8010761               MATEKA Secondary

L8040279                MATENDE  Secondary School

E4120343                MATERI GIRLS’

L4050291                MATETANI  Secondary School

D8040175               MATETE Secondary

B2050159               MATHAITHI GIRLS Secondary

F2050042                MATHAKWA-INI  Secondary

N1010855               MATHARE COMMUNITY OUTREACH  School

C2070409               MATHARE INI Secondary

R1010765               MATHARE NORTH  Secondary School

J4050102                MATHAUTA  Secondary School

H4040072               MATHEANI Secondary

K4050432               MATHEINI AIC Secondary

B2020322               MATHIA Secondary

K4030185               MATHIMA  Secondary

E2040022                MATHINGIRA GIRLS Secondary

F4110133                MATIANDUI  Secondary School

K6030190               MATIBO  Secondary

H6030290               MATIEKO Secondary

H4040803               MATIKU  Secondary School

H4040556               MATILIKU  Secondary  School

D2040458               MATINDIRI  Secondary

K4030445               MATINYANI BOYS  Secondary

K4030457               MATINYANI MIXED  Secondary

L8040175                MATIOLI  Secondary School

E4120294                MATIRI BOYS Secondary

C7140443               MATISI  Secondary School

L7050350                MATOBO  Secondary School

K6070113               MATONGO BOYS  Secondary

K6070104               MATONGO LUTHERAN MIXED  Secondary School

H6030442               MATONGO Secondary

D8040115               MATSAKHA Secondary

H3010429               MATSANGONI ACADEMY Secondary

F3020055                MATUGA GIRLS  Secondary School

K7091346               MATUIKU  Secondary

A8010434               MATULO FRIENDS  Secondary School

C7090197               MATUMAINI  Secondary School

J8010415                MATUMBUFU BAPTIST GIRLS  Secondary School

E2060052                MATUNDA  Secondary School

B8050336               MATUNDA HIGHWAY Secondary

B8050351               MATUNDA Secondary

K4050439               MATUNGULU  GIRLS  Secondary  School

L4050239                MATUNGULU MIXED  Secondary School

H6030633               MATUNWA COG Secondary

D2040092               MATURA  Secondary School

F2030241                MATUTO Secondary

G6070365               MATUTU PAG Secondary

G6070144               MATUTU Secondary

M4050266              MATUU DELIGHT High School

M4050276              MATUU H.G.M MEMEORIAL GIRLS

M4050284              MATUU High School

D7070779               MATWIKU DAY  Secondary School

K3060033               MAU MAU GIRLS  Secondary School

K7091754               MAU NAROK Secondary

C7090028               MAU SUMMIT  Secondary School

F4110062                MAUA GIRLS  Secondary School

H4040486               MAUMBA  Secondary School

A6100062               MAUTA MIXED  Secondary

B8050598               MAUTUMA Secondary

H4040207               MAVINDINI AIC Secondary

L4040384                MAVINDU Secondary

R4050052               MAVOKO  Secondary School

M4050405              MAVOLONI  Secondary School

F3020308                MAVUMONI  Secondary School

D8040095               MAVUSI Secondary

K7091393               MAWE MIXED  Secondary  School

L4050062                MAWELE  Secondary School

D2040747               MAWINGO  Secondary School


D6040018               MAYENYA Secondary

J6040031                MAYIEKA High School

A4070043               MAYORI  Secondary School

D3020187               MAZERAS GIRLS MEMORIAL High School

D3020186               MAZERAS High School

L4040263                MBA Secondary

H4050171               MBAANI  Secondary School

M6090187              MBAGA MIXED  Secondary

R7040172               MBAGATHI VIEW ACADEMY-SEC

H4050226               MBAIKINI High School

D4080121               MBAINE MIXED DAY  Secondary School

D4080513               MBAJONE  Secondary School

A8010214               MBAKALO FRIENDS Secondary

F8070443                MBALE BOYS  Secondary School

M6020115              MBANI MIXED  Secondary

L3040033                MBARAKI GIRLS  Secondary School

B4110082               MBARANGA Secondary

L2010037                MBAUINI Secondary

M4050175              MBEE  Secondary School

M3050111              MBELA High School KISHUSHE

H4040905               MBELETU  Secondary School

M4050441              MBEMBANI  Secondary School

B2060178               MBICHI  Secondary School

F8070477                MBIHI MIXED DAY  Secondary School

G8070353               MBIHI Secondary

H4040999               MBIINI  Secondary School

D4080764               MBIRIKINE MIXED DAY  Secondary School

A4070097               MBITA  Secondary School

A6100126               MBITA High School

J4030184                MBITINI GIRLS  Secondary School

J4030269                MBITINI MIXED Secondary

L4050103                MBIUNI  Secondary School

A4070524               MBONDONI   Secondary School

A4070560               MBONZUKI   Secondary School.

L4040422                MBOONI BOYS Secondary

L4040405                MBOONI GIRLS Secondary

H6120183               MBORA  Secondary School

K4050088               MBUANI  Secondary

H6120181               MBUGRA  Secondary School

C2060152               MBUGUTI  Secondary School

A7120057               MBUKIWA Secondary

L4040090                MBUKONI MIXED  Secondary School

K4050153               MBUKUNI  Secondary

B8050272               MBURURU  Secondary School

L4050323                MBUSYANI  Secondary School

H4040847               MBUTHANI  Secondary School

M4050099              MBUUNI DAY  Secondary School

H4040017               MBUVO  Secondary School

D4080593               MBWINJERU MIXED DAY  Secondary School

B4130325               MCK KIANGIRI  Secondary School

B4080012               MCK KIIRUA GIRLS Secondary

B4080030               MCK MICHOGOMONE Secondary

A4110036               MCK MITUNTU  GIRLS  Secondary School.

G6070047               MECHEO Secondary

J3070270                MEKATILILI  MEMORIAL  Secondary School

A7110346               MELELO  Secondary School

M6090192              MELIS SENIOR School  Secondary

K7090106               MELVIN JONES  Secondary

K7091298               MEMA  Secondary

L3040188                MEMON High School

K7090725               MENEGAI HILL  Secondary

K7090110               MENENGAI  Secondary

F7021117                MENET  Secondary School

F7020891                MENGIT  Secondary School

F7020617                MENGWET  Secondary School

K7090566               MENTOR  Secondary  School

D4080250               MENWE  Secondary School

G6070103               MENYENYA SDA Secondary

M4050268              MERC HIGH SCOOL

E6011150                MERCY BAPTIST Secondary

L7050251                MERCY GIRLS  Secondary School

K7090533               MERERONI  Secondary

F7021087                MERIGI  Secondary School

N7040735               MERRUESHI MASAI High School

M4020023              MERTI  Secondary School

M4020024              MERTI MUSLIM GIRLS  Secondary

D4080838               MERU GIRLS High School

D4080888               MERU MUSLIM MIXED DAY  Secondary School

D4080883               MERU School

D4080782               MERU UNITED GIRLS High School

E6010240                MESABAKWA  Secondary School

K6030214               MESABISABI  Secondary

H6030003               MESARIA Secondary

A3010125               MESHA SENIOR  Secondary

B7170038               MESHACK TUMKOO MIXED Secondary

E6011086                MESOCHO Secondary

G6070074               METAMAYWA SDA Secondary

A7100848               METEITEI BOYS Secondary

K6030158               METEMBE SDA  Secondary

G7030227               METKEI GIRLS  Secondary School

A6100003               MFANGANO GIRLS  Secondary

F4110295                MFARIJI GIRLS  Secondary School

M3050027              MGHALU High School

D7070224               MIA MOJA  Secondary School

L4040061                MIANGENI  Secondary School

M7090187              MIANZINI  Secondary School

A4110013               MIATHANE  BOYS  Secondary School

A4110012               MIATHANE MIXED DAY   Secondary School

L4040268                MIAU  Secondary School

A8010486               MICHAEL WAMALWA FRIENDS Secondary

M7090253              MICHINDA  Secondary School

D2040299               MICHORE  Secondary School

C7090293               MIDLAND  Secondary School

A8010460               MIENDO FRIENDS  Secondary School

L6040047                MIGINGO GIRLS  Secondary School

H6060143               MIGORI  Secondary

D6060245               MIGORI BAPTIST  Secondary School

C6110252               MIGOWA  Secondary School

H2010161               MIGUTA  Secondary

M4100060              MIGWANI  Secondary

D2040703               MIHARATI  Secondary School

D2040331               MIHUTI  Secondary

A2050129               MIHUTI  Secondary School

J8010025                MIHUU  Secondary School

L4040783                MII Secondary

B2060187               MIIRI  Secondary School

B2050010               MIIRI Secondary

E2040392                MIKARO SecondaryOONDARY School

B6060120               MIKEI Secondary

F4110770                MIKINDURI DAY  Secondary School

F4110787                MIKINDURI GIRLS Secondary

F4110769                MIKINDURI SPECIAL UNIT

B4130186               MIKUI MIXED DAY Secondary

G4050287               MIKUINI  Secondary School

D4080347               MIKUMBUNE BOYS  Secondary School

L4041026                MIKUYUNI Secondary

J4050177                MILAANI  Secondary School

J8010176                MILAN S  ACA  Secondary School

J8010175                MILAN S  ACA NUR  School

A8010277               MILIMA FRIENDS Secondary

L7050353                MILIMANI  High School

H6030602               MILIMANI RAMASHA ACADEMY

R7040130               MILLENIUM  Secondary School

P1010111               MILLENIUM ACADEMY –  Secondary School

D2040370               MILLENIUM HIGHWAY HIGH  School

A8010493               MILO Secondary

C7140996               MIMA  Secondary School

B6060639               MINYENYA Secondary

E4120036                MIOMPONI MIXED DAY Secondary

F2030200                MIORO DAY  School

E6011213                MIRA Secondary

C6110217               MIRANDO ONGALO  Secondary School

L2010107                MIRANGI  Secondary School

D2040439               MIRANGINE  Secondary

R7090001               MIRERA  Secondary School

F2030716                MIRICHU  Secondary School

F2030554                MIRIRA  Secondary School

G6070479               MIRIRI Secondary

G2010039               MIRITHU Secondary

L3040934                MIRITINI  Secondary School

H6120268               MIRIU  Secondary School

D4080113               MIRURIIRI  Secondary School

A8010586               MISIKHU FRIENDS Secondary

A8010572               MISIKHU RC Secondary

H4041123               MISUUNI MIXED Secondary

L4050230                MISYANI GIRLS  Secondary School

M4050190              MITABONI A.B.C GIRLS  Secondary

M4050178              MITABONI MIXED  Secondary School

M4050188              MITABONI ST. PAUL’S  Secondary

H4050092               MITHANGA AIC  Secondary School

E2060095                MITHINI  Secondary School

J6080572                MITHUI MIXED  Secondary School

D7070881               MITHURI  Secondary School

E7090080                MITIMINGI Secondary

C6110512               MITIRO  Secondary School

J6080622                MITITI MIXED  Secondary School

C7140522               MITONI MITATU  Secondary School

B4080009               MITOONE DAY MIXED Secondary

A8010073               MITUA GIRLS Secondary

D4080287               MITUNGUU MIXED DAY  Secondary School

H4050208               MIU  Secondary School

M4050228              MIUMBUNI A.I.C  Secondary School

G4100446               MIVUKONI Secondary

B6040058               MIWANI  Secondary School


M6090408              MIYARE MIXED  Secondary

E7161474                MKOMBOZI Secondary

F3020605                MKONGANI Secondary

K7091916               MKULIMA   Secondary

E2040382                MKUNGI  Secondary School

M3050395              MLAMBA  Secondary

A2050612               MLIMA KENYA  Secondary

R4050026               MLOLONGO  Secondary School

D3020170               MNYENZENI  Secondary School

K6030076               MOBAMBA  Secondary

E7161821                MOBETT Secondary

E6010500                MOBIRONA PAG Secondary

E6010920                MOCHENGO PAG Secondary

K6030107               MOCHENGO SDA  Secondary

K6070049               MOCHENWA  Secondary

G6070337               MOCHENWA Secondary

G7010050               MOCHONGOI Secondary

B8010137               MODERN COMMUNITY ACADEMY

G2010155               MODERN High School

B6060140               MODI Secondary

C8060042               MODING  Secondary School

J5010036                MODOGASHE  Secondary School

F7020936                MOGAMA  Secondary School

E6010216                MOGAMBI DOK Secondary

J7080330                MOGIL DAY  Secondary School

A7110273               MOGOIYUET  Secondary School

F7020199                MOGOIYWET “B”  Secondary School

E6010925                MOGONGA PAG Secondary

M7180516              MOGONJET  Secondary

K7090486               MOGOON  Secondary  School

F7020734                MOGOR  Secondary School

G7060150               MOGOTIO GIRLS Secondary

R1010737               MOGRA STAR ACADEMY Secondary

G6070163               MOGUSII Secondary

K6030112               MOGWEKO  Secondary

K7090312               MOI  Secondary

M7090022              MOI  Secondary School

N8030076               MOI  Secondary School KAPTAMA

H7110158               MOI  Secondary School NAIKARRA

E7161546                MOI CHUIYAT Secondary

A2050599               MOI EQUATOR GIRLS  Secondary

L3040351                MOI FORCES ACADEMY  Secondary

N1010254               MOI FORCES ACADEMY (SEC)

K7090532               MOI FORCES ACADEMY LANET

K6030200               MOI GESUSU  Secondary

N1010015               MOI GIRLS  School – NAIROBI

G5020036               MOI GIRLS’  Secondary School

D4060035               MOI GIRLS’  Secondary School

N7040168               MOI GIRLS  Secondary School ISINYA

J7080083                MOI GIRLS  Secondary School KAPCHEROP

E7160145                MOI GIRLS’ High School ELDORET

K2010189               MOI GIRLS KAMANGU  Secondary

M8010045              MOI GIRLS KAMUSINGA

L4040947                MOI GIRLS Secondary

F8070163                MOI GIRLS VOKOLI HIGH  School

K7091272               MOI High School KABARAK

B7010231               MOI High School KABARTONJO

C7150174               MOI High School KALOKOL

C7140312               MOI High School KAPLAMAI Secondary

M3050487              MOI High School KASIGAU

C4010217               MOI High School MBIRURI

B7100501               MOI High School SIRGOI

A3010215               MOI KADZONZO GIRLS  Secondary

J7080063                MOI KAPSOWAR GIRLS  Secondary School

J7050012                MOI KIPSITET GIRLS  Secondary School

M7180834              MOI MINARIET  Secondary School

B8050250               MOI NANGILI GIRLS HIGH

K7090656               MOI NDEFFO  Secondary

D6050384               MOI NYABOHANSE GIRLS High School

B6060099               MOI NYATIKE Secondary

F7020656                MOI SIONGOROI GIRLS  Secondary School

L7050602                MOI SITOWET  Secondary School

L7051019                MOI SORGET  Secondary School

D6060222               MOI SUBA GIRLS  Secondary School

L7050441                MOI TEA GIRLS  Secondary School

K6090358               MOI ULOMA  Secondary  School

E7160042                MOI UNIVERSITY CHEPKOILEL  Secondary School

E7161432                MOI UNIVERSITY Secondary

E7160955                MOIBEN  Secondary School

E7161936                MOI’S BRIDGE Secondary

E6010449                MOKOMONI SDA MIXED Secondary

G6070428               MOKOMONI Secondary

C3030072               MOKOWE  Secondary School

E6010466                MOKUBO Secondary

G6070607               MOKWERERO Secondary

G7030101               MOKWO GIRLS’ Secondary

C7090111               MOLO  Secondary School

C7090152               MOLO ACADEMY  Secondary School

C7090153               MOLO HILLS GIRLS ACADEMY  Secondary School

C7090107               MOLO SENIOR  Secondary School

G7060201               MOLO SIRWE  Secondary School

C7090173               MOLO TOWNSHIP  Secondary School

L3040075                MOMBASA  Secondary School

L3040708                MOMBASA  Secondary School FOR THE PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED

L3040098                MOMBASA BAPTIST High School

L3040193                MOMBASA High School

M7180064              MOMBWO  Secondary

L7050183                MOMONIET  Secondary School

C7090123               MONA  Secondary School

G6070252               MONGONI Secondary

J4030619                MONGUNI   Secondary School

E6011115                MONIANKU Secondary

G6071183               MONTAGARA High School

H6030408               MONTESSORI ANGELIC Secondary

H6030057               MONTONTO MIXED Secondary

C8020062               MOODY AWORI GANJALA MIXED  Secondary School

L7050222                MORAO  Secondary School

K6030070               MOREMANI  Secondary

H2010246               MORIAH MOUNT School

K6120217               MORO  Secondary  School

J4030298                MOSA MIXED  Secondary School

H6030774               MOSANDO SDA Secondary

E6010361                MOSENSEMA Secondary

K6030250               MOSISA  Secondary

H6030278               MOSOCHO  Secondary School

H6030296               MOSOCHO GIRLS Secondary

H6030049               MOSOCHO PAG TECHNICAL Secondary

E6010695                MOSORA Secondary

E6010456                MOTEIRIBE Secondary

E7160412                MOTHER OF APOSTLES Secondary

H6030263               MOTHER OF MERCY

R1010784               MOTHER OF MERCY  Secondary School

F7021077                MOTIGO  Secondary School

D2060217               MOUNT HOREB GIRLS

E4090088                MOYALE ODDA MILITARY CAMP Secondary

E4090025                MOYALE Secondary

E4090058                MOYALE Secondary

C3030139               MPEKETONI  Secondary School

B4130520               MPUKONI Secondary

D4080669               MPURI MIXED DAY  Secondary School

J3070116                MSABAHA VICTORY  Secondary School

F3020283                MSAMBWENI  Secondary School

M3050211              MSHIMBA  Secondary

H3010123               MSUMARINI Secondary

L4040704                MT CARMEL GIRLS

B2050174               MT CARMEL GIRLS HIGH

R1010310               MT LAVERNA Secondary.  School

L3040313                MT SINAI ACADEMY  Secondary

C7140431               MT. ELGON  Secondary School

C7140473               MT. EMORU  Secondary School

P4050014               MT. GERIZIN  Secondary  School

A2050363               MT. KENYA SENIOR School

E2040635                MT. KINANGOP GIRLS Secondary

L3040379                MTONGWE GIRLS  Secondary School

H3010239               MTWAPA ELITE Secondary

H3010138               MTWAPA NORTH Secondary

G4050066               MUA FARM Secondary

G4050029               MUA HILLS GIRLS  Secondary School

H4040948               MUAMBWANI  Secondary School

H4040969               MUANGINI Secondary

H4041044               MUANI  Secondary School

H4041197               MUASA GIRLS Secondary

J7140217                MUBERE  Secondary School

B2020723               MUCAGARA Secondary

C2070154               MUCHAGARA Secondary

A2050738               MUCHARAGE  Secondary School

D4080697               MUCHEENE  Secondary School

F2030603                MUCHUNGUCHA  Secondary School

F4110874                MUCII MUKURU MIXED DAY  Secondary School

F4110977                MUCUUNE MIXED DAY  Secondary School

G8070334               MUDASA ACADEMY Secondary

G8070540               MUDAVADI GIRLS  Secondary

K6090254               MUDHIERO  Secondary

C4010295               MUFU  Secondary School

B8050467               MUFUTU  Secondary School

E7090075                MUGAA Secondary

D4080071               MUGAE HILL  Secondary School

D8040072               MUGAI Secondary

D4080559               MUGAMBONE  Secondary School

F7020132                MUGANGO  Secondary School

C2070804               MUGECHA  Secondary School

E2060099                MUGEDI BRAIN SHARPENER  Secondary School

F2030463                MUGEKA  Secondary School

L2010131                MUGIKO  Secondary School


F2030669                MUGOIRI  Secondary School

F2030666                MUGOIRI GIRLS  School

C8040120               MUGOMARI Secondary

B4130218               MUGONA GIRLS  Secondary School

K2010231               MUGUGA HERITAGE School

K2010237               MUGUGA High School

K2010232               MUGUGA WAGATONYE  Secondary

C4010254               MUGUI  Secondary School

B2020661               MUGUMO GIRLS Secondary

C7090163               MUGUMO MIXED  Secondary School

J2010069                MUGUMOINI  Secondary School

E4120128                MUGUNA AANA Secondary

D2050002               MUGUNDA  Secondary

B8050563               MUGUNGA Secondary

G7060167               MUGURIN  Secondary School

F2030074                MUGURU  Secondary School

B2020866               MUGWANDI MIXED DAY Secondary

F8070625                MUHAYA  Secondary School

K7090931               MUHIGIA  Secondary

D2060039               MUHOHO HIGH   School

B8050037               MUHOMO Secondary ACH

K6120335               MUHORONI Secondary

D7070543               MUHOTETU GIRLS  Secondary School

F2050188                MUHOYA HIGH

K2010104               MUHU  Secondary

F8070054                MUHUDU   Secondary School

N1010552               MUHURI MUCHIRI BOYS High School

M4100553              MUI BOYS  Secondary School

G4050028               MUINDI MBINGU  Secondary School

A2050729               MUIRUNGI  Secondary School

F7020422                MUIYWEK  Secondary School

D4080441               MUJWA GIRLS  Secondary School

L4040719                MUKAA BOYS HIGH

L4040730                MUKAA GIRLS Secondary

L4040436                MUKAATINI Secondary

H4040877               MUKAMENI  Secondary School

L4040951                MUKAMENI Secondary

F2030857                MUKANGU  Secondary School

B2020305               MUKANGU Secondary

C2070846               MUKERENJU  Secondary School

C8040105               MUKHONJE  Secondary School

D8040303               MUKHONJE K DAY MIXED  Secondary School

D8040790               MUKHUHU Secondary

L4040165                MUKIMWANI Secondary

B2020475               MUKINDURI  Secondary School

F8070448                MUKINGI  Secondary School

C7090177               MUKINYAI  Secondary School

E2040089                MUKOE Secondary

E4120239                MUKOTHIMA DAY Secondary

E4120241                MUKOTHIMA GIRLS Secondary

H2010126               MUKUA Secondary

B2020297               MUKUI MIXED Secondary

L4040232                MUKUKU Secondary

F2030758                MUKUMU  Secondary School

C8040090               MUKUMU BOYS  Secondary School

C2070621               MUKURIA  Secondary School

K7090547               MUKURU GIRLS  Secondary

B2060061               MUKURWE  Secondary School

F2030436                MUKURWE WA NYAGATHANGA  Secondary School

D4080451               MUKUUNE MIXED DAY

B4130446               MUKUUNI  Secondary School

H2010083               MUKUYU  Secondary School

B8050657               MUKUYU GIRLS Secondary

B6060243               MUKUYU MIXED Secondary

H4040468               MUKUYUNI  Secondary School

A8010307               MUKUYUNI Secondary

K6090009               MULAHA  Secondary

H4040788               MULALA GIRLS  Secondary School

J4030661                MULANGO GIRLS High School

D4080786               MULANTHANGARI DAY  Secondary School

D4080865               MULANTHANGARI GIRLS High School

U8030036               MULATIWA  Secondary School

J4050350                MULINGANA  Secondary School

A8010005               MULIRO  Secondary School

L4050192                MULLI ACADEMY  Secondary School

M4050466              MULLY’S CHILDREN FAMILY HOME  Secondary

L4040367                MULOONI Secondary

F7021003                MULOT Secondary

H4050271               MULU  Secondary School

H4040782               MULUMINI  Secondary School

J4030801                MULUTU GIRLS  Secondary School

E6011131                MUMA Secondary

L4040889                MUMBE BOYS Secondary

G7060368               MUMBERES GIRLS’  Secondary School

F2030609                MUMBI GIRLS  Secondary School

G8070003               MUMBOHA  Secondary School

C2070251               MUMBU  Secondary School

B2020086               MUMBUINI  Secondary School

G4050130               MUMBUNI BOYS Secondary

G4050129               MUMBUNI GIRLS Secondary

G4100208               MUMBUNI Secondary

E8080505                MUMIAS BOYS’ MUSLIM  Secondary School

E2040407                MUMUI Secondary

E8080788                MUNAMI Secondary

E7090030                MUNANDA Secondary

M3050177              MUNDA  Secondary

C8020015               MUNDERE  Secondary School

E8020122                MUNDIKA Secondary

B4130060               MUNGA MIXED DAY Secondary

D8040521               MUNGAKHA  Secondary School

E8080666                MUNG’ANG’A Secondary

C2070639               MUNGARIA  Secondary School

D7070514               MUNGETHO DAY  Secondary School

E2040101                MUNGETHO Secondary

A8010700               MUNGORE GIRLS Secondary

C2070351               MUNGUINI  Secondary School

H4040935               MUNGYANI  Secondary School

D4080830               MUNITHU GIRLS  Secondary School

D4080818               MUNITHU MIXED DAY  Secondary School

C2070652               MUNORU HIGHLANDS GIRLS  Secondary School

R7090266               MUNUNGA High School

C2070501               MUNUNGA Secondary

E2040580                MUNYAKA Secondary

A2050643               MUNYANGE  Secondary School

D2040357               MUNYEKI  Secondary School

A2050488               MUNYU  Secondary School

R7090235               MUNYU  Secondary School

E2060155                MUNYU GIRLS Secondary

E2060152                MUNYU MIXED  Secondary School

D2060100               MUNYU-INI  Secondary School

B8050531               MUNYUKI Secondary

H4040256               MUNYUNI Secondary

F8070524                MUNZATSI FRIENDS  Secondary School

J2010095                MUONGOIYA  Secondary School

B4130286               MURAGA TECHNICAL Secondary

B2020438               MURAGARA Secondary

C4010233               MURAGARI  Secondary School

G6070556               MURAKO Secondary

D7070130               MURAMATI  Secondary School

F2030540                MURANGA  Secondary School

D4080052               MUREMBU MIXED DAY Secondary

E8020036                MURENDE Secondary

E2060188                MURERA  Secondary School

F2060197                MURERA STAR Secondary.  School

A2050563               MURERU  Secondary

E7160613                MURGUSI Secondary

D4080629               MURI MIXED DAY  Secondary School

E2040149                MURICHU Secondary

B2020079               MURINDUKO  Secondary School

K7091890               MURINDUKO BAPTIST Secondary

D4080703               MURINYA MIXED DAY  Secondary School

E7090054                MURIRICUA Secondary

H7130285               MURKAN Secondary

U7140006               MUROKI  Secondary School

M3050321              MURRAY GIRLS High School

E2040549                MURUAKI Secondary

A2050311               MURUGURU  Secondary School

C2070785               MURUKA  Secondary School

D7070678               MURUKU  Secondary School

D2060109               MURURIA  Secondary School

K6030115               MUSA NYANDUSI  Secondary GESICHO

H4040985               MUSAANI  Secondary School

D8040484               MUSAGA Secondary

D8040615               MUSALI  Secondary School

K6070023               MUSAMBI  Secondary

E8080464                MUSANDA  Secondary School

L7050825                MUSARIA  Secondary School

K4030577               MUSENGO  Secondary

C8040069               MUSENO  Secondary School

F8070654                MUSEYWA  Secondary School

J4050012                MUSINGINI  Secondary School

D8040640               MUSINGU High School

L6040405                MUSLIM  Secondary School

N1010969               MUSLIM ACADEMY Secondary

E8080500                MUSLIM GIRLS’ Secondary

K7091241               MUSTARD SEED  Secondary  School

C7140491               MUSTARD SEED  Secondary School

M4100001              MUSUANI  Secondary School

D7070930               MUTARA  Secondary School

F4110784                MUTEWA Secondary

K4030180               MUTHA  Secondary

K4030563               MUTHALE GIRLS  Secondary

K4030566               MUTHALE MIXED DAY  Secondary

B4130271               MUTHAMBI BOYS Secondary

B4130280               MUTHAMBI GIRLS High School

K4030553               MUTHAMO  Secondary

D4080660               MUTHANGENE DAY  Secondary School

B4110029               MUTHARA High School

B4110026               MUTHARA MIXED DAY Secondary

H4050056               MUTHEI  Secondary School

C2070592               MUTHERU Secondary

H4050153               MUTHETHENI GIRLS Secondary

D2060147               MUTHIGA GIRLS  Secondary School

K2010063               MUTHIGA MODEL High School

H4041132               MUTHIINGINI High School

C2070191               MUTHITHI Secondary

A2050256               MUTHUAINI  Secondary School

K4030220               MUTHUE  Secondary

D2060176               MUTHURUMBI  Secondary School

J2010111                MUTHURWA  Secondary School

N4050050               MUTHWANI  Secondary School

L4040187                MUTHWANI Secondary

E2060059                MUTI  Secondary School

B2020679               MUTIGE BOYS Secondary

B4130012               MUTINDWA MIXED DAY Secondary

K4030664               MUTINI  Secondary School

B2020496               MUTIRA GIRLS Secondary

C7090144               MUTIRITHIA  Secondary School

B2020003               MUTITHI GIRLS  Secondary School

J4030059                MUTITO GIRLS  Secondary School

J4030089                MUTITU BOYS High School

L4040398                MUTITU SDA Secondary

B2020478               MUTITU Secondary

G4050085               MUTITUNI Secondary

J4030361                MUTOMO ACADEMY Secondary

J4030342                MUTOMO GIRLS  Secondary School

J4030369                MUTOMO MIXED  Secondary School

K4030611               MUTONGUNI  Secondary

F4110256                MUTUATI  Secondary School

B4130441               MUTUGUNI MIXED DAY Secondary

N1010091               MUTUINI High School

K7091971               MUTUKANIO  Secondary.   School

J4030841                MUTUKYA DAY  MIXED  Secondary School

L4040652                MUTULANI Secondary

K4030475               MUTULU  Secondary

B2060019               MUTUMA  Secondary School

B2020887               MUTUMA TRINITY Secondary

M6090259              MUTUMBU GIRLS  Secondary

A7100756               MUTUMON Secondary

N4050023               MUTUNGONI ACADEMY Secondary

D2060186               MUTUNGURU  Secondary School

D2060135               MUTUNGURU  Secondary School

C2070428               MUTUNGURU EC School

D4080060               MUTUNGURU MIXED DAY Secondary

A4070184               MUTUOBARE   Secondary School

B4080119               MUTUUMA MIXED DAY Secondary

K4050016               MUUMANDU  Secondary

G4100143               MUUNGUU Secondary

H4050080               MUUSINI S.A Secondary

H4040198               MUUSINI Secondary

D4080175               MUUTIOKIAMA  Secondary School

C4010664               MUVANDORI MIXED DAY  Secondary School

G4050276               MUVUTI  Secondary School

H4040502               MWAANI  Secondary School

H4040297               MWAANI GIRLS  Secondary School

H4040300               MWAANI MIXED  Secondary School

M3050308              MWAFUGA High School

M3050273              MWAGHOGHO  Secondary

C2060133               MWAGU  Secondary School

H6120415               MWAI ABIERO OGEN Secondary

M3050448              MWAKICHUCHU  Secondary

L3040807                MWAKIRUNGE  Secondary School

M3050416              MWAKITAU  Secondary

M3050215              MWAKITAWA  Secondary

M3050163              MWAKIWIWI  Secondary

L4050009                MWALA GIRLS Secondary

L4050003                MWALA MIXED Secondary

D4080837               MWALIMU  Secondary School

N4050015               MWALIMU  Secondary School

K4030300               MWALIMU ILIKA  Secondary

B6060769               MWALIMU STAR SHINE ACADEMY

F3020574                MWALUPHAMBA  Secondary School

M3050296              MWAMBIONU  Secondary

M3050476              MWAMBITI  Secondary

E2060046                MWANA WIKIO  Secondary School

F3020412                MWANANYAMALA Secondary

M3050349              MWANDANGO  Secondary

D4080525               MWANGANTHIA  Secondary School

H4050039               MWANGAZA  School MASII

C2070085               MWANGAZA  Secondary School

G4050348               MWANGAZA CENTRE

M3050563              MWANGEA  Secondary School

H3010652               MWANGEA GIRLS Secondary

B2020565               MWANIANJAU  Secondary School

M3050216              MWANYAMBO  Secondary

C2070478               MWARANO Secondary

K7090013               MWARIKI MIXED  Secondary

M3050196              MWASERE GIRLS  Secondary

M3050420              MWATATE High School

M3050357              MWATATE MIXED  Secondary

L4050380                MWATATI  Secondary School

N4050051               MWATU WA NGOMA MIXED High School

D3020130               MWAVUMBO  Secondary School

B2020139               MWEA BOYS  Secondary School

L4040617                MWEA Secondary

E2050105                MWEIGA Secondary

B7100191               MWEIN ADVENTIST Secondary

L4040804                MWEINI Secondary

C7140532               MWENCHA  Secondary School

E2040502                MWENDA ANDU Secondary

G7010095               MWENGE DAY Secondary

D7070764               MWENJE MIXED DAY  Secondary School

M6090104              MWER BOYS High School

F3020515                MWERENI MIXED DAY  Secondary School

A2050140               MWERU  Secondary School

D4080012               MWERU MIXED DAY Secondary

R7090227               MWICIRINGIRI  Secondary School

A2050526               MWICWIRI  Secondary

E8080345                MWIHILA BOYS’ Secondary

P1010670               MWIKI MIXED High School

G4100001               MWINGI  Secondary School

G4100067               MWINGI MIXED Secondary

E8080713                MWIRA Secondary

D4080902               MWIRINE MIXED DAY  Secondary School

F4110347                MWIRONGUNDU Secondary

A8010796               MWIRUTI Secondary

E7160579                MWIRUTI Secondary

D4080986               MWITERIA MIXED DAY  Secondary School

D4080872               MWITHUMWIRU MIXED DAY  Secondary School

K4030006               MWITIKA  Secondary School

G8070226               MWITUHA  Secondary

L8040216                MWIYALA  Secondary School

E2050002                MWIYOGO Secondary

G6070160               MWONGORI MIXED Secondary

D4080009               MWORORA Secondary

M8010377              MYANGA  Secondary School

J3070067                MY-ME Secondary ACA

M3050338              MZWANENYI  Secondary

M5010044              N.E.P GIRLS  Secondary

B4080042               NAARI Secondary

C2070813               NAARO  Secondary School

F4110263                NAATHU MIXED  Secondary School

D4080868               NABEA ACADEMY GIRLS  Secondary School

J8010462                NABICHAKHA FYM  Secondary School

A8010319               NABINGENGE FRIENDS Secondary

J7140097                NABUNGA  Secondary

K2010167               NACHU  Secondary

J8010255                NAGWE  Secondary School

J7140234                NAI  Secondary School

D7070829               NAIGERA  Secondary School

E6010939                NAIKURU PAG Secondary

R1010036               NAIROBI ACADEMY Secondary


N1010333               NAIROBI EAST  Secondary School

P1011053               NAIROBI GIRLS ACADEMY

P1010089               NAIROBI JAFFREYS  ACADEMY – Secondary

P1010001               NAIROBI MILIMANI  Secondary School

R1010110               NAIROBI MUSLIM ACADEMY- Secondary

P1010251               NAIROBI School

R1010113               NAIROBI SOUTH  Secondary School

K7091666               NAISHI Secondary

A8010331               NAITIRI BOYS Secondary

S7090061                NAIVASHA GIRLS  Secondary School

B7090038               NAIVASHA MIXED DAY  Secondary School

B7090053               NAIVASHA MIXED Secondary

R7040452               NAJILE BOYS  Secondary School

C7141008               NAKAMI  Secondary School

R7040121               NAKEEL BOYS  Secondary School

H6120314               NAKI Secondary

K7090346               NAKURU BLANKETS  Secondary

K7090321               NAKURU BOYS HIGH

K7090145               NAKURU CENTRAL   Secondary

K7090217               NAKURU DAY MIXED  Secondary

K7090320               NAKURU GIRLS HIGH

K7090251               NAKURU WEST SecondaryODARY

J8010229                NALONDO  Secondary School

B8010087               NAMACHANJA High School

D8040201               NAMAGARA  Secondary School

E8080803                NAMALASIRE Secondary

N7040374               NAMANGA BORDER  Secondary School

N7040391               NAMANGA GIRLS High School

N7040380               NAMANGA MIXED DAY  Secondary School

M8010282              NAMANG’OFULO  Secondary

D8040130               NAMANJA Secondary

C7140455               NAMANJALALA EC School

E8080268                NAMASOLI Secondary

M8010084              NAMAWANGA BAHARI  Secondary

A8010547               NAMAWANGA GIRLS Secondary

E8020138                NAMBALE Secondary

E8020231                NAMBALE URBAN MIXED Secondary

C8020101               NAMBOBOTO  Secondary School

G6071065               NAMI Secondary

J8010284                NAMILAMA  Secondary School

D8040463               NAMIRAMA GIRLS Secondary

E8080820                NAMULUNGU Secondary

D8040385               NAMUNDERA Secondary

A8010711               NAMUSASI Secondary

D8040103               NAMUSHAI Secondary

J8010447                NAMWACHA  Secondary School

M8010352              NAMWELA  Secondary

E2040434                NANDARASI Secondary

C8020201               NANDEREMA  Secondary School

M8010436              NANG’ENI GIRLS  Secondary

D7070007               NANYUKI High School

C7150260               NAPATA REFUGEE  Secondary School

A7110025               NAROK High School

A2050568               NAROMORU BOYS  Secondary

A2050493               NAROMORU GIRLS  Secondary School

A2050544               NAROMORU MIXED  Secondary School

A2050549               NAROMORU TECHN  Secondary

H7110050               NAROOSURA MIXED Secondary

E8020134                NASIRA MIXED Secondary

B7170062               NASOKOL GIRLS School

P1010954               NATIONAL HIDDEN TALENTS ACADEMY – Secondary

D8040435               NAVAKHOLO Secondary

K7090524               NAVIGATORS GIRLS  Secondary

C6110291               NAYA  Secondary School

E6011077                NCHORO SDA Secondary

B4110034               NCHUUI DAY Secondary

B4080124               NCOROIBORO Secondary

R7090187               NDABIBI  Secondary School

B4130580               NDAGANI  Secondary School

D4080236               NDAGENE  Secondary School

B4130452               NDAGONI GIRLS Secondary

C2060236               NDAKAINI  Secondary School

M4050459              NDALANI  Secondary

B7101067               NDALAT GAA GIRLS Secondary

M4100028              NDALUNI  Secondary

H7130411               NDAMAMA Secondary

F7020520                NDANAI Secondary

B7100459               NDAPTABWA MIXED HIGH

A2060012               NDARAGU High School

E2040266                NDARAGWA Secondary

F7020174                NDARAWETA GIRLS Secondary

D2060134               NDARUGU  Secondary School

E4120321                NDARUNI MIXED DAY  Secondary School

G4100564               NDATANI GIRLS Secondary

A2050443               NDATHI  Secondary School

L4040016                NDAUNI MIXED DAY  Secondary School

L4041168                NDAUNI Secondary

D3020099               NDAVAYA  Secondary School

B2060128               NDEKEI  Secondary School

D2040577               NDEMI  Secondary

M6090420              NDENGA  Secondary

M6090240              NDERE MIXED  Secondary

F6020495                NDHIWA MIXED DAY ACADEMY  Secondary School

A2050018               NDIANI  Secondary School

C6110276               NDIGWA  Secondary School

D7070801               NDINDIKA DAY  Secondary School

B2020198               NDINDIRUKU Secondary

B4130109               NDINTUNE Secondary

C6110117               NDIRA  Secondary School

H2010149               NDIRET Secondary

M6040012              NDIRU MIXED  Secondary

J4050223                NDITHINI  Secondary School

E2040047                NDIVAI Secondary

J8010101                NDIVISI  Secondary School

H4040664               NDOLO  Secondary School

E6011161                NDONYO Secondary

B7100615               NDONYONGARIA Secondary

L4040351                NDOO Secondary

K6090103               NDORI  Secondary

H6120321               NDORI BC Secondary

B7100681               NDUBENETI Secondary

L7050068                NDUBUSAT GIRLS’  Secondary School

C2070432               NDUGAMANO Secondary

L4040224                NDULUKU  Secondary School

H4040976               NDULUNI  Secondary School

M2010013              NDUMBERI  Secondary

L4040209                NDUMBI MIXED Secondary

K7090941               NDUNGIRI  Secondary

G2010002               NDUNGU NJENGA Secondary

E7161514                NDUNGULU Secondary

K4030424               NDUNGUNI  Secondary

B4080064               NDUNYU BARIKUI Secondary

C2060084               NDUNYU CHEGE  Secondary School

E2040558                NDUNYU NJERU Secondary

A7100411               NDURIO Secondary

L2010253                NDURIRI  Secondary School

M6090030              NDURU  Secondary

C6040022               NDURU  Secondary School

E6011232                NDURU Secondary

D7070617               NDURUMO DAY  Secondary School

G7070036               NDURURI  Secondary School

D7070469               NDURURUMO High School

F2030631                NDUTUMI  Secondary School

H4040809               NDUUNDUNE  Secondary School

H4040815               NDWAANI Secondary

M2010143              NEEMA HIGH

D2060003               NEMBU  Secondary School

N1010135               NEMBU GIRLS High School

C4010418               NEMBURE  Secondary School

K7090193               NEW BIRTH KINGS  Secondary

K7090699               NEW ELIMU GIRLS  Secondary

J6080476                NEW HOPE MIGWA  Secondary School

L6040413                NEW KISUMU  Secondary School

L4040603                NGAI Secondary

E2040090                NGAINDETHIA Secondary

B2050240               NGAINI Secondary

L4040922                NGAKAA Secondary

A3010211               NGALA MEMORIAL  Secondary

J3070170                NGALA MEMORIAL GIRLS  Secondary School

F2030304                NGAMBA  Secondary School

B7010524               NGAMBO  Secondary School

M3050385              NGAMI  Secondary

A2050153               NGAMWA  Secondary School

B2020178               NGANGA  Secondary School

M3050070              NGANGAO  Secondary

D2040205               NGANO  Secondary School

K3060310               NGAO GIRLS  Secondary School

E7161631                NGARA FALLS  Secondary School

N1010979               NGARA GIRLS High School

N1010993               NGARA QUEENS ACADEMY

C2070828               NGARARIA GIRLS  Secondary School

C2070827               NGARARIA MIXED  Secondary School

J2010255                NGARARIGA Secondary SH

B2020597               NGARIAMA  Secondary School

M7180858              NGARIET  Secondary

B2020831               NGARU Secondary

B4130180               NGATIA GIRLS Secondary

B7100549               NGECHEK Secondary

C7090332               NGECHO  Secondary School

H6060171               NGEGE GOT KACHACHA Secondary

N1010776               NGEI PAG  Secondary School

G4050030               NGELANI High School

E2060063                NGELELYA  Secondary School

A4070147               NGENGE   Secondary School

D7070201               NGENIA  Secondary School

G2010078               NGENIA Secondary

H6120112               NGENY  Secondary School

J7050072                NGENY KOIBOROT  Secondary School

E7160656                NGENYILEL Secondary

J6040052                NGERE High School

H6120086               NG’ERE KAGORO MIXED  Secondary School

M7180544              NGERERIT  Secondary

E7161456                NGERIA Secondary

B4130173               NGERU BOYS Secondary

M7180106              NGESUMIN GIRLS  Secondary School

L6080021                NGETA  Secondary  School

B2060159               NGETHU  Secondary School

B7010158               NGETMOI GIRLS Secondary

M6090022              NG�YA GIRLS High School

M4050215              NGIINI  Secondary School

H7110297               NGIITO Secondary

J4030238                NGILUNI Secondary

C2070290               NGINDA GIRLS Secondary

C2070286               NGINDA MIXED Secondary

B2020559               NGIRIAMBU GIRLS Secondary

D7070341               NGOBIT  Secondary School

A6100089               NGODHE  Secondary School

B7010125               NGOLBELON Secondary

M4050160              NGOLENI  Secondary School

E2060167                NGOLIBA  Secondary School

L4040932                NGOMANO Secondary

F3020124                NGOMBENI Secondary

G4050018               NGOMENI Secondary

G4100551               NGOMENI Secondary

M4100185              NGONGONI  Secondary School

L4040220                NGONI MIXED DAY Secondary

C7140359               NG’ONYEK  Secondary School

D4080583               NG’ONYI BOYS  Secondary School

F2050193                NGORANO GIRLS Secondary

D2040552               NGORIKA  Secondary  School

M7180015              NGORORGA  Secondary School

A2050058               NGORU ORTHODOX  Secondary School

H4040894               NGOTO BOYS High School

F3020455                NGOZI GIRLS  Secondary School

D4080484               NGUCHIA  Secondary School

B2020341               NGUGUINI Secondary

G2010019               NGUIRUBI Secondary

A4080092               NGUISISHI  DAY MIXED  Secondary School

K4050187               NGUKEMWE High School

C2070404               NGUKU  Secondary School

K4050407               NGULUNI SA  Secondary

L4040660                NGULUNI Secondary

G4050398               NGUMBULU Secondary

D7070550               NGUMO BOYS’  Secondary School

J4030106                NGUNGI MIXED  Secondary School

L4040076                NGUNGI MIXED DAY Secondary

B2020630               NGUNGU  Secondary School

B2050202               NGUNGURU Secondary

M4100432              NGUNI  Secondary School

E2070007                NGURWE-INI Secondary

M4100192              NGUTANI  Secondary

C2070769               NGUTHURU  Secondary School

L4040827                NGUU NGULAI Secondary

L4040799                NGUU Secondary

M4100308              NGUUKU  Secondary

L4041012                NGUUMO Secondary

C4010519               NGUVIU BOYS High School

H4041069               NGWATA  Secondary School

A8010537               NGWELO FRIENDS Secondary

F2060055                NICA ACADEMY

E6010315                NICO HIGH

P1010322               NILE ROAD SPECIAL  School – Secondary

K7091049               NISSI  Secondary

E2040617                NJABINI GIRLS Secondary

E2040609                NJABINI GLAMOUR Secondary

E2040614                NJABINI Secondary

B2060191               NJAHI  Secondary School

B2020457               NJEGA BOYS High School

C7090110               NJENGA KARUME  Secondary School

F7020050                NJERIAN Secondary

F4110227                NJIA BOYS  Secondary School

C2070554               NJIIRI Secondary

A2050034               NJIRU-INI  Secondary School

F2050173                NJOGUINI Secondary

G7070120               NJONJO GIRLS  Secondary School

C2070210               NJORA Secondary

J7140248                NJORO  Secondary School

K7091610               NJORO ACADEMY

K7091575               NJORO AIC  Secondary

K7091576               NJORO BOYS HIGH

K7091579               NJORO CENTRAL  Secondary

K7091583               NJORO DAY SecondaryODARY

K7091574               NJORO GIRLS  Secondary

K7091495               NJORO TOWNSHIP MIXED  Secondary  School

D7070823               NJORUA High School

F2030226                NJUMBI High School

B4130418               NJURI  Secondary School

D4080798               NKABUNE BOYS DAY  Secondary School

D4080792               NKABUNE GIRLS High School

R7040125               NKAIMURUNYA MIXED DAY  Secondary School

F4110294                NKAMATHI  Secondary School

F4110438                NKANDA  Secondary School

D4080498               NKANDO  Secondary School

H7130169               NKARARO Secondary

A7110147               NKARETA Secondary

F4110196                NKINYANGA MIXED DAY  Secondary School


D4080328               NKUBU High School

D4080330               NKUBU MIXED DAY  Secondary School

D4080379               NKUENE BOYS  Secondary School

D4080225               NKUENE GIRLS High School

D4080308               NKUMARI DAY  Secondary School

N7040013               NOONKOPIR GIRLS  Secondary School

N7040670               NORI  Secondary School

D4060209               NORTH HORR  Secondary School

P1010114               NOTRE DAME School

K2010103               NOVA STAR ACADEMY

P1010378               NPC  BURUBURU  Secondary School

D4080587               NTAKIRA GIRLS DAY  Secondary School

G6070159               NTAMOCHA Secondary

K6070073               NTANA MIXED  Secondary

C4010061               NTHAMBO  Secondary School

D4080204               NTHARENE DAY  Secondary School

D4080961               NTHIMBIRI DAY  Secondary School

D4080676               NTIRIMITI MIXED DAY  Secondary School

D4080542               NTONYERO MIXED DAY  Secondary School

F4110043                NTUENE  Secondary School

D4080718               NTUGI MIXED DAY  Secondary School

B4130337               NTUMBARA Secondary

D4080726               NTUMBURI DAY MIXED  Secondary School

F4110400                NTUNENE GIRLS  Secondary School

B4130073               NTURIRI BOYS Secondary

B4130078               NTURIRI GIRLS Secondary

F4110181                NTURUBA MIXED DAY  Secondary School

B4110072               NTURUTU  Secondary School

D2060074               NUNDU  Secondary School

F2060129                NURUWEST Secondary

M4100370              NUU  Secondary School

H4050276               NYAANI MIXED DAY  School

M6090246              NYABEDA MIXED  Secondary

H6030478               NYABIEYO Secondary

E6011301                NYABIGENA Secondary

E6011105                NYABINE DEB Secondary

H6030493               NYABINWA MIXED Secondary

E6010495                NYABINYINYI AIC MIXED Secondary

E6010437                NYABIORE Secondary

E6010202                NYABIOTO MIXED Secondary

E6010716                NYABISASE MIXED Secondary

D6060128               NYABISAWA GIRLS High School

E6010721                NYABISIA MIXED Secondary

G6071125               NYABISIMBA  Secondary School

E6010769                NYABITE A.C Secondary

E6010800                NYABITE DOK Secondary

D6050354               NYABOHANGE MIXED Secondary

K6120252               NYABOLA  Secondary  School

J6080549                NYABOLA  Secondary School

H6120276               NYABONDO BOYS HIGH

E6010559                NYABONGE Secondary

C7140527               NYABONG’O  Secondary School

H6030640               NYABOTERERE ACADEMY Secondary

E6011010                NYABOTERERE Secondary

E6010117                NYABURUMBASI Secondary

H6030688               NYABURURU GIRLS HIGH

H6030216               NYABWOROBA Secondary

E6010930                NYACHEKI ACADEMY Secondary

E6011352                NYACHENGE ELCK Secondary

G6070971               NYACHOGOCHOGO  Secondary School

E6010879                NYACHOGOCHOGO AIC Secondary

G6070950               NYACHURURU Secondary

A6100320               NYADENDA MIXED  Secondary

F6060020                NYADUONG’ MIXED DAY Secondary

J6080680                NYAFARE  Secondary School

H2010173               NYAGA  Secondary School

C2060061               NYAGA  Secondary School

G6071167               NYAGACHI  Secondary School

E6010573                NYAGANCHA MIXED Secondary

B2020109               NYAGATI  Secondary School

F2030176                NYAGATUGU BOYS  Secondary School

D4080303               NYAGENE GIRLS  Secondary School

E6010093                NYAGENKE Secondary

H6030208               NYAGESENDA MIXED Secondary

E6010543                NYAGIKI SDA Secondary

H6030340               NYAGISAI Secondary

G6070830               NYAGOKIANI ELCK Secondary

C6110605               NYAGOKO  Secondary School

K6090177               NYAGONDO MIXED  Secondary School

H6030197               NYAGONYI ELCK TECH MIXED Secondary

J6080652                NYAGOWA  Secondary School

C6110445               NYAGUDA  Secondary School

E6010614                NYAGUKU Secondary

H6030622               NYAGUTA DEB Secondary

A6100502               NYAGWETHE  Secondary

J6080536                NYAHERA GIRLS  Secondary School

D2040003               NYAHURURU ELITE High School

D2040001               NYAHURURU High School

E2040099                NYAHURURU HIGHWAY Secondary

G7070062               NYAHURURU MUNYAKA  Secondary School

E6010426                NYAIBATE Secondary

G6070521               NYAIKURO SDA Secondary

E6011043                NYAIMIRA ELCK Secondary

G6070777               NYAIRANGA ELCK Secondary

L7050071                NYAIROBI  Secondary School

D2040374               NYAIROKO HIGH SC.

G6070551               NYAISA MANGA Secondary

F6020075                NYAJANJA MIXED DAY  Secondary School

K6090063               NYAJUOK  Secondary

H6120239               NYAKACH GIRLS High School

F2030003                NYAKAHURA  Secondary School

L6040037                NYAKAKANA MIXED  Secondary School

H6030159               NYAKEIRI Secondary

E6011425                NYAKEMBENE Secondary

K6070086               NYAKENIMO  Secondary

H6030359               NYAKEOGIRO Secondary

G6071123               NYAKEORE  Secondary School

H6030011               NYAKEYO Secondary

E6011059                NYAKEYO Secondary

C8020055               NYAKHOBI  Secondary School

D2040451               NYAKIAMBI GIRLS HIGH

M7090210              NYAKIAMBI MIXED  Secondary

D6050162               NYAKIBAYE  Secondary School

F2030451                NYAKIHAI  Secondary School

D7070812               NYAKINYUA  Secondary School

C7140288               NYAKINYWA  Secondary School

J6080649                NYAKIYA  Secondary School

H6030249               NYAKOE STARLIGHT Secondary

E6010228                NYAKOIBA Secondary

H6120055               NYAKOKO MIXED  Secondary School

H6030120               NYAKOME FRIENDS Secondary

G6070415               NYAKONGO  Secondary School

C6110222               NYAKONGO GIRLS  Secondary School

H6030027               NYAKOORA Secondary

E6011399                NYAKORERE PAG Secondary

E6010465                NYAKORERE Secondary

B6060509               NYAKURU MIXED Secondary

J6080672                NYALENDA MIXED  Secondary School

L3040745                NYALI High School

F6020597                NYALKINY MIXED DAY  Secondary School

K6090024               NYALULA  Secondary

D6040058               NYALUNYA Secondary

E6010805                NYAMACHE Secondary

E6011094                NYAMAGENA MABARIRI DEB Secondary

K6030101               NYAMAGESA COG  Secondary

E6010655                NYAMAGWA BOYS’ Secondary

H6030893               NYAMAGWA SDA MIXED Secondary

G6070656               NYAMAIYA Secondary

E6010960                NYAMAKOROBO FAM Secondary

G6070370               NYAMAKOROTO Secondary

B2060066               NYAMANGARA  Secondary School

A6100145               NYAMASARE GIRLS  Secondary

D6040070               NYAMASARIA Secondary

K6030122               NYAMASEGA DEB  Secondary

C6110159               NYAMASORE  Secondary School

B2060046               NYAMATHUMBI  Secondary School

H6030270               NYAMATUTA MIXED Secondary

G6070839               NYAMAUGO Secondary

M6090132              NYAMBARE  Secondary

G6070462               NYAMBARIA High School

B4110013               NYAMBENE GIRLS Secondary

K6070093               NYAMBIRI  Secondary

E6010766                NYAMBUNWA MIXED Secondary

H6030888               NYAMECHEO DOK Secondary

G6070738               NYAMERU Secondary

K6030222               NYAMESOCHO SDA  Secondary

E6010350                NYAMESOCHO Secondary

D6050149               NYAMETABURO  Secondary School

E6010209                NYAMIOBO Secondary

C6110066               NYAMIRA GIRLS  Secondary School

G6071017               NYAMIRA TECHNICAL  Secondary School

G6070920               NYAMIRANGA SDA Secondary

M6090335              NYAMNINIA  Secondary

E6011249                NYAMONARIA Secondary

E6011089                NYAMONDO Secondary

E6010586                NYAMONENA Secondary

C6110345               NYAMONYE GIRLS  Secondary School

E6010052                NYAMONYO Secondary

D6050042               NYAMOTAMBE  Secondary School

E6011327                NYAMUE Secondary

B6060712               NYAMUGA MIXED Secondary

K6070058               NYAMUSI  Secondary

E6010917                NYAMUYA ELCK Secondary

J6080280                NYAMWAGA E.L.C.K  Secondary School

G6070857               NYAMWANCHANIA Secondary

G6070473               NYAMWANGA  Secondary School

L2010067                NYAMWERU  Secondary

H6030668               NYANCHWA ADVENTIST Secondary

H6030669               NYANCHWA MIXED HIGH

D2040390               NYANDARUA High School

J6080467                NYANDIWA  Secondary School

A6100450               NYANDIWA MIXED  Secondary

F6020272                NYANDIWA MIXED DAY Secondary

L2010217                NYANDUMA  Secondary School

A2050534               NYANGE  Secondary School

K7091593               NYANGE Secondary

B6060008               NYANGERE Secondary

E6010414                NYANGETI Secondary

J6080605                NYANG’IELA  Secondary School

D6060133               NYANGO  Secondary School

E6011343                NYANGO MIXED Secondary

G6070791               NYANGOGE Secondary

H6030564               NYANGOGE Secondary

C6110502               NYANGOMA  Secondary School

H6120091               NYANG’OMA  Secondary School

F8070558                NYANG’ORI BOYS  Secondary School

E6011008                NYANGOSO SDA Secondary

M6090283              NYANGULU MIXED  Secondary

H6030612               NYANGURU Secondary

H6030382               NYANGURU Secondary

A4070083               NYANGWA BOYS  Secondary School

E6011025                NYANGWETA SDA Secondary

H6030585               NYANKO Secondary

G6070247               NYANKOBA SDA Secondary

D6050332               NYANKORE Secondary

H6030912               NYANKORORO Secondary

G6070688               NYANSABUKO Secondary

H6030019               NYANSAKIA Secondary

E6010148                NYANSARA Secondary

H6030840               NYANSIRA SDA Secondary

K6030272               NYANTURAGA  Secondary

K4030310               NYANYAA MIXED DAY  Secondary School

L6040461                NYANZA CHRISTIAN  Secondary School

B6060688               NYARACH MIXED Secondary

G6070260               NYARIACHO Secondary

D7070112               NYARIGINU  Secondary School

D6050248               NYAROHA GIRLS Secondary

K6090274               NYASANDA COMMUNITY  Secondary

E6011032                NYASASA SDA Secondary

G6070094               NYASIONGO High School

J6080203                NYASORE  Secondary School

H6030129               NYASORE MIXED Secondary

A6100461               NYATAMBE MIXED  Secondary

E6010082                NYATARO  Secondary School

J2010282                NYATHUNA  Secondary School

H6030350               NYATIEKO  MIXED Secondary

J6080491                NYATINDO MIXED  Secondary School

A6100302               NYATOTO MIXED  Secondary

E6011070                NYATWONI SDA Secondary

H6030748               NYAURA MIXED Secondary

M6090342              NYAWARA GIRLS  Secondary

F6020172                NYAWITA MIXED DAY  Secondary School

A2050354               NYERI BAPTIST  Secondary School

A2050388               NYERI High School

A2050453               NYERI SENIOR  School

H6060078               NYIKENDO Secondary

D7120004               NYIRO BOYS  Secondary School

E6010857                NYOERA Secondary

D4080183               NYOMBAYATHI DAY  Secondary School

R7090307               NYONDIA  Secondary School

F7020179                NYONGERES  Secondary School

H6120163               NYONG’ONG’A  Secondary School

R7090295               NYONJORO  Secondary School

H6030578               NYOSIA DOK Secondary

H6030185               NYOTA MARANI Secondary

D4080414               NYWERI MIXED DAY  Secondary School

J4030124                NZAMBANI  Secondary School

J4030157                NZANGATHI  Secondary School

M4100091              NZAUNI  Secondary School

G4100240               NZELUNI BOYS Secondary

L4040507                NZEVENI Secondary

H4040422               NZIU BOYS Secondary

H4040423               NZIU GIRLS  Secondary School

B8050082               NZOIA DEB Secondary

J4050092                NZUKINI  Secondary School

M4100142              NZULI  Secondary

K7090977               OASIS  Secondary

E7160196                OASIS  Secondary School

L6040304                OASIS OF HOPE  Secondary School

R7090138               OASIS OF KNOWLEDGE EDUCATION CENTER Secondary

M6090179              OBAMBO  Secondary

E4090137                OBBU Secondary

C6040071               OBEDE  Secondary School

J6080358                OBER MIXED   Secondary School

F6020341                OBERA BOYS  Secondary School

J6080509                OBISA  Secondary School

D2050048               OBSERVATION  Secondary School.

L6040211                OBWOLO  Secondary School

F6020019                ODIENYA  Secondary School

P1010334               OFAFA JERICHO High School

C6040078               OGADA  Secondary School

F6020646                OGANDE GIRLS High School

F6020690                OGANDE MIXED DAY  Secondary School

F6020418                OGANGO MIXED DAY  Secondary School

G6070538               OGANGO Secondary

E6010048                OGEMBO HIGH

J6080765                OGENYA GIRLS  Secondary School

K7091566               OGILGEI  Secondary

J6080430                OGILO  Secondary School

A6100348               OGONGO  Secondary

B7010171               OINOBMOI   Secondary School

M6020085              OJODE GOT RACHAR  Secondary

K6120025               OKANJA  Secondary

C6110194               OKELA MIXED  Secondary School

B6060179               OKENGE  Secondary School

N1010843               OKOA MAISHA  Secondary School

F6020375                OKOK MIXED DY Secondary CSH

D6040106               OKOK Secondary

F6020729                OKOTA MIXED  Secondary School

D7070649               OL ARINYIRO  Secondary School

D2040112               OL JOROOROK Secondary

D2040290               OL KALOU  Secondary School

D7070702               OL NGARUA  Secondary School

B6060060               OLANDO Secondary

F6020051                OLARE MIXED DAY&BOARDING  Secondary School

B6060035               OLASI MIXED  Secondary School

N7110025               OLASITI  Secondary School

F7020994                OLBOBO  Secondary School

F7020604                OLBUTYO  Secondary School

H7110219               OLCHEKUT SUPAT APOSTOLIC  Secondary School

A7110176               OLCHORRO  Secondary School

N7040513               OLCHORRO  Secondary School

A7110313               OLCHORRO OIROWUA  Secondary School

F7020498                OLDEBESI  Secondary School

H7130229               OLDONYO OROK Secondary

A7110117               OLE TIPIS GIRLS  Secondary School

R7040199               OLEKASASI DAY  Secondary School

K6120255               OLEMBO BOYS  Secondary

M7090016              OLENGURUONE  Secondary

M7090013              OLENGURUONE TOWNSHIP  Secondary

K7090521               OL-KAGAA LANET  Secondary

R7040640               OLKEJUADO High School

R7040387               OLKERI  Secondary School

A7100245               OLLESSOS MIXED DAY Secondary

K7091073               OL-MANYATTA  Secondary

B7100956               OL-MAROROI Secondary

H7110319               OLMEKENYU Secondary

H7130115               OLMELIL Secondary

D7070904               OL’MORAN  Secondary School

N7040558               OLOILE Secondary SH

R7040558               OLOIRIEN  Secondary School

N7040490               OLOITOKITOK BOYS HIGH

V7110051               OLOKURTO  Secondary School

A7110214               OLOLULUNG’A  Secondary School

R7040388               OLOOLAISER High School

R7040361               OLOOLUA  Secondary School

A7110268               OLOOMIRANI  Secondary School

R7040551               OLOOSEOS  Secondary School

V7110106               OLORROPIL  Secondary School

H7110231               OLPUKOTI Secondary

V7110069               OLPUSIMORU  Secondary School

K7091258               OL-RONGAI  Secondary  School

D7070299               OLTAFFETA  Secondary School

E6040011                OLUOWA  Secondary School

R1010147               OLYMPIC  Secondary School

J6080635                OMBEK LUTHERAN  Secondary School

H6120018               OMBEYI  Secondary School

L6080080                OMBOGA MIXED  Secondary School

F6020018                OMBOGO GIRLS  Secondary School

J6080402                OMIRO MIXED DAY  Secondary School

E6010275                OMOBERA SDA GIRLS’ Secondary

E6011394                OMOBIRI Secondary

F6020228                OMOCHE MIXED DAY Secondary

G6070418               OMOYO MIXED  Secondary School

M6040020              OMUYA MIXED  Secondary School

B6060824               OMWARE Secondary

K2010181               ONDIRI ACADEMY

C6040101               ONGALO  Secondary School

L6080009                ONGALO  Secondary School

H7130262               ONGATA BARRIKOI Secondary


L6040016                ONGE’CHE  Secondary School

F6020039                ONGETI MIXED  DAY  Secondary School

H6030283               ONGICHA Secondary

K6120031               ONJIKO  Secondary

A4080053               ONTULILI  BOYS  Secondary School.

A4080045               ONTULILI  MIXED DAY  Secondary.  School

H6060130               ONYALO Secondary

A6100295               ONYWERA MIXED  Secondary

F6020117                OPINDE MIXED DAY Secondary

L6040072                ORANDO MIXED  Secondary School

N1010562               ORBIT  School OF THE CROSS

K6120105               OREN  Secondary

J6080186                ORERA MIXED  Secondary School

F6020262                ORERO BOYS BOARDING  Secondary

M6020032              ORIDI MIXED  Secondary

L6080126                ORIWO BOYS High School

E6010699                OROGARE Secondary

N7040359               OROK  Secondary School

D6040006               ORONGO  Secondary School

R7170098               ORTUM  Secondary School

B6060369               ORUBA GIRLS Secondary

H6060104               ORUBA MIXED Secondary

B6040005               ORUGA MIXED Secondary

R7090162               OSERIAN High School

N1011007               OSHWAL ACADEMY (IGCSE)


L3040738                OSHWAL ACADEMY Secondary

E8020346                OSIEKO  Secondary School

H6060010               OSINGO MIXED Secondary

L6040549                OSIRI MIXED  Secondary School

H7130086               OSONKOROI  Secondary School

C7140051               OSORONGAI  Secondary School

B7010206               OSSEN High School

E6010264                OSWETA MIXED Secondary

J6080787                OTARO MIXED  Secondary School

D6060032               OTATI MIXED  Secondary School

E6011235                OTENYO MARCS Secondary

A2050690               OTHAYA BOYS High School

A2050814               OTHAYA GIRLS  Secondary School

J6080292                OTHORO MIXED  Secondary School

L6040001                OTIENO OYOO  Secondary School

L6080041                OTOK  Secondary School

F6020452                OTOTO MIXED DAY  Secondary School

F6020396                OTOTO MIXED DAY  Secondary School

H7110249               OUR LADY OF ANGELS MARINWA GIRLS Secondary

R1010579               OUR LADY OF FATIMA  Secondary School

B2060288               OUR LADY OF FATIMA  Secondary School

B2060087               OUR LADY OF FATIMA-KIRIKO  Secondary School

H6120193               OUR LADY OF LOURDES BOLO GIRLS Secondary

E2050001                OUR LADY OF LOURDES Secondary

P1010395               OUR LADY OF MERCY  Secondary School

B4130210               OUR LADY OF MERCY GIRLS Secondary

E8020196                OUR LADY OF MERCY GIRLS’ Secondary

A7100125               OUR LADY OF PEACE GIRLS  Secondary School

M3050452              OUR LADY OF PERPECTUAL SACCOUR  Secondary

H6030720               OUR LADY OF VICTORY NYABERA Secondary

H6030843               OUR LADY OF VICTORY NYABIOSI  ‘N’ Secondary

A4080109               OUR LADY OF VISITATION GIRLS  Secondary School

K6120298               OUR LADY QUEEN OF PEACE Secondary

C7150213               OUR LADYS GIRLS  Secondary School

N1010617               OUTERING High School

J6080150                OWIRO  MIXED  Secondary School

B6060611               OWIRO AKOKO GIRLS Secondary

D2040345               OXFORD High School

B6060743               OYUGI OGANGO GIRLS Secondary

J6080556                OYUGIS  Secondary School

M3050039              PJ Mwangola Secondary School

J6080303                PALA  Secondary School

K6120127               PALA MIXED SE  School

B2050168               PAN AFRICAN GIRLS Secondary

P1010880               PAN AFRICAN HIGH  School

N1010890               PANGANI GIRLS  Secondary School

A8010366               PANPAPER Secondary

K7090282               PARAMOUNT  Secondary

N1010991               PARKLAND BOYS High School

P1010116               PARKLANDS ARYA GIRLS  Secondary School

P1010500               PARKLANDS BOYS High School

R7170360               PARUA MIXED DAY  Secondary School

D2040409               PASENGA  Secondary

J6080706                PASSY MIXED  Secondary School

K7090908               PATEL DAY  Secondary

R7040573               PATTERSON MEMORIAL  Secondary School

E7160736                PAUL BOIT Secondary

K2010151               PCEA GICHURU MEMORIAL  Secondary

D2060190               PCEA GITHARU  Secondary School

N7040605               PCEA IMBIRIKANI GIRLS High School

H2010104               PCEA KAHUNIRA  Secondary School

D2060036               PCEA KIGANJO  Secondary School

C2060172               PCEA KIGIO  Secondary School

K2010092               PCEA KIKUYU DAY  Secondary School

B2060071               PCEA MUKUYU-INI  Secondary School

K2010091               PCEA MUSA GITAU  Secondary

D2060189               PCEA NGENDA  Secondary School

R7040376               PCEA NGONG  Secondary School

C2070114               PCEA NYATI GIRLS Secondary

K2010064               PCEA RUNGIRI  Secondary School

R1010391               PCEA SILANGA  Secondary School

N1010343               PEARLS OF WISDOMGIRLS  Secondary School

H3010202               PEFA High School

B6060420               PE-HILL High School

B7010008               PEMWAI GIRLS Secondary

N1010166               PENIEL  Secondary School

P1011127               PENUCCI EDC CENTER Secondary

D7070690               PESI  Secondary School

E2060029                PETER KARIUKI  Secondary School

E7160070                PGC Secondary S School

F2030573                PHILADELPHIA  Secondary School

C7140482               PHINEHAS  Secondary School

K7091604               PIAVE  Secondary School

B6060287               PINY OWACHO Secondary

H2010057               PIONEER ACADEMY

N1010610               PIONEER High School

C2070337               PIONEER Secondary

E2040088                PIONEER Secondary

H7130113               PIRRAR GIRLS High School

K7090236               PISTIL ACADEMY  Secondary

E2040313                PLAIN HILLS GIRLS Secondary

E7161273                PLATEAU  Secondary School

E2040712                PLATEAU SENIOR Secondary

K7091232               PLEASANT VIEW  Secondary  School

B7010357               POI MIXED DAY AND BOARDING Secondary

L7050530                POIYWEK  Secondary School

E2040027                PONDO Secondary

J6080250                PONGE  Secondary School

P1010779               POPE JOHN PAUL II  School – Secondary

G4050341               POPE PAUL VI JUNIOR SEMINARY

L4050189                POPULAR  Secondary School

H7130032               POROKO FRIENDS  Secondary School

G7060519               POROR High School

L3040991                PORT REITZ ACADEMY Secondary

F3020157                PORTREITZ ACA Secondary

R1010807               PRAGMATIC MOMENTUS  Secondary School

H4040694               PRECIOUS BLOOD  Secondary School KILUNGU

N1010164               PRECIOUS BLOOD  Secondary School RIRUTTA

E8020220                PRECIOUS HOPE  Secondary School

K7090038               PRECIOUS MORNING  Secondary

K7090446               PRECIOUS SAND  Secondary

K7090877               PRESTIGE  Secondary SUBUKIA

N1010383               PRESTIGE EDUCATION CENTRE

A4070063               PRESTIGE HIGH  School

E7160873                PRILIMO ACADEMY  Secondary School

G6070110               PRINCE DAN ADVENTIST  Secondary School

P1010718               PRINCE JOHN’S High School

N1010421               PRINCE SENIOR School

H6120035               PROF AYIECHO OBUMBA High School

L4041072                PROF. SUMBI Secondary

J2010119                PROFFESOR MUIGA ACADEMY

B2060334               PROGRESSIVE GIRLS High School

R7170021               PROPOI Secondary SC

N1010951               PUMWANI GIRLS  Secondary School

C7140701               PURPOSE DRIVEN  Secondary School

L3040237                PWANI  Secondary School

A8010189               PWANI FRIENDS Secondary

L3040526                PWANI High School

D2050044               QUALITY MIXED  Secondary School

L3040066                QUBAA  Secondary School

H6030362               QUEEN OF APOSTLES KANYIMBO Secondary

P1010860               QUEEN OF APOSTLES SEMINARY  Secondary School

J7080325                QUEEN OF PEACE  Secondary School

P1010883               R.G.S.  Secondary School

A3010240               RABA  Secondary

F6020221                RABANGO Secondary

B6060887               RABWAO MIXED Secondary

P1011228               RACE COURSE ROAD  Secondary School

E7160420                RACE COURSE Secondary

E7160436                RACE COURSE Secondary

R1010857               RACECOURSE ED COMPLEX Secondary

C6110183               RACHAR  Secondary School

K6120053               RAE GIRLS  Secondary

H6030309               RAGANGA Secondary

K6120278               RAGEN  Secondary  School

E2040675                RAGIA Secondary

E2040030                RAICHIRI Secondary

R1010153               RAILA EDUCATIONAL CENTER-  Secondary School

H6120343               RAKWARO Secondary

C6110542               RALIEW  Secondary School

C6110617               RAMBA  Secondary School

M6090044              RAMBO  Secondary

F3020336                RAMISI MIXED Secondary

C6110168               RAMOGI ACHIENG’ ONEKO  Secondary School

E6011340                RAMOYA HILL  Secondary School

E6010282                RANDANI Secondary

B6060495               RANEN SDA  Secondary School

K6090219               RANG’ALA BOYS  Secondary

D2040246               RANGE VIEW  Secondary School

G6070653               RANGENYO GIRLS Secondary

F2050156                RANGES Secondary

J8010440                RANJEA    Secondary School

M6020027              RAPHEDHI MIXED  Secondary

J6040059                RAPOGI  Secondary School

F6020320                RARAGI MIXED DAY Secondary

C2070444               RARAKWA Secondary

C6110589               RARIEDA MIXED  Secondary School

K7090061               RASUL AL AKRAM  Secondary

R1010031               RASUL AL AKRAM  Secondary School

M6020106              RATANGA MIXED  Secondary

M6040057              RATTA MIXED  Secondary

G7060465               RAVINE Secondary

H7150135               RCEA LOKORI MIXED Secondary

A8010141               RCEA NAMUNYIRI GIRLS  Secondary School

M2010120              REACH THE CHILDREN  Secondary

F3020236                REDEEMED ACA Secondary


B2060305               REERIA  Secondary School

K7090492               REHEMA  Secondary

M7180804              REHEMA BOYS  Secondary School

M7180805              REHEMA GIRLS  Secondary School

E8080506                REHEMA GIRLS’ Secondary

M7180343              REHEMA MISSION GIRLS  Secondary

A8010411               RELIANCE High School

R7040188               REMA BOYS High School

K2010196               RENGUTI High School

G7060141               REUBEN CHERUYOT  Secondary School

A2050041               REV MUHORO  Secondary School FOR THE DEAF

B7170146               REV MURUPUS Secondary

P1010187               REV OSAKAISE PRECIOUS CENTRE &  School – Secondary

R7090166               REV. GITHIRWA AIC  Secondary School

G5020104               RHAMA MIXED  Secondary School

G5020091               RHAMU GIRLS  Secondary School

M2010071              RIABAI High School

K6030143               RIABIGUTU PAG  Secondary

E6011194                RIAGUMO Secondary

E6010680                RIAKEMONI Secondary

G6070967               RIAKIMAI MODEL GIRLS  Secondary School

G6070404               RIAKWORO Secondary

G6070425               RIAMANDERE Secondary

E6010757                RIAMBASE Secondary

G6070394               RIAMONI Secondary

E6010523                RIAMUGUNDE Secondary

A2050272               RIAMUKURWE  Secondary School

H6030527               RIAMUTING’A DEB Secondary

A4070237               RIANDU  Secondary School.

E6010369                RIANYANCHABERA Secondary

M2010050              RIARA  Secondary  School

N1010567               RIARA SPRINGS GIRLS High School

A3010073               RIBE BOYS  Secondary

A3010070               RIBE GIRLS  Secondary

A4080040               RIDGE HAVEN ACADEMY  Secondary School.

L2010031                RIFT VALLEY ACADEMY

K7091545               RIFT VALLEY PRESTIGE Secondary

C7090188               RIFT VALLY ADVENTIST  Secondary School

E6010989                RIGENA PAG Secondary

K7090966               RIGOGO CHONJO  Secondary

G6070087               RIGOKO Secondary

G6070315               RIGOMA Secondary

J6080341                RINGA BOYS High School

J6080321                RINGA GIRLS  Secondary School

E6010661                RIOBARA PAG Secondary

E6010400                RIOKINDO BOYS Secondary

E6010401                RIOKINDO MIXED Secondary

H6030154               RIOMA Secondary

K6070166               RIOMEGO MIXED  Secondary

E6010164                RIONCHOGU HEILDERG Secondary

H6030878               RIONDINGA MIXED Secondary

G6070399               RIOOGA Secondary

G6070391               RIOSIAGO Secondary

E6011277                RIOSIRI Secondary

H6030252               RIOTERO SDA MIXED Secondary

G2010086               RIRONI Secondary

G6071122               RIRUMI  Secondary School

N1010034               RIRUTA CENTRAL School

L3040658                RISE AND SHINE ACADEMY Secondary

H3010139               RISE AND SHINE MTWAPA COMPLEX

E6010331                RITEMBU MIXED Secondary

K6030255               RIURI  Secondary

H6030575               RIVERBANK ACADEMY Secondary

K7091845               RIVERSIDE  Secondary School

R1010698               RIVERSIDE ACADEMY

F8070416                RIVERSIDE High School

P1010233               RIVERSIDE MEMORIAL School – Secondary

B7170224               RIWO MIXED  Secondary School

B7010090               RIWO MIXED DAY  Secondary School

G6070299               RIYABE Secondary

E6010407                RIYABU Secondary

H6030696               RM GUDKA MEMORIAL Secondary

P1010513               ROBINS  Secondary School

C7140397               ROBINSONS ACADEMY  Secondary School

E6010878                ROGONGO Secondary

H3010415               ROKA  Secondary School

K7091375               RONGAI BOYS’  Secondary

K7091381               RONGAI GIRLS  Secondary

B6060807               RONGO JUNIOR Secondary

B6060762               RONGO MASOGO COMPLEX Secondary.

M7180312              RORET MIXED  Secondary School

P1010782               ROSA MYSTICA High School

D2040060               ROSEWOOD GIRLS High School

G7060043               ROSOGA  Secondary School

N1011011               ROSSYLYN ACADEMY (IGCSE)

L8040320                ROTARY  Secondary School

F7020502                ROTIK  Secondary School

K7090607               ROVY GIRLS  Secondary

K7090032               ROYAL GIRLS  Secondary

P1011071               ROYAL High School

R7040077               ROYAL STAR High School

P1010849               RUARAKA High School

B4130537               RUBATE  Secondary School

B7100862               RUBET  Secondary School

D2060140               RUBURI  Secondary School

C2070691               RUCHU GIRLS  Secondary School

B4080023               RUGETENE Secondary

E2040540                RUGONGO Secondary

D4080708               RUIBI MIXED DAY  Secondary School

D4080567               RUIGA DAY  Secondary School

D4080405               RUIGA GIRLS  Secondary School

B4080091               RUIRI GIRLS Secondary

D2040467               RUIRU  Secondary

A2060082               RUIRU  Secondary School

A2060115               RUIRU GIRLS  Secondary School

A2060119               RUIRU STAR  Secondary School

B2020050               RUKANGA  Secondary School

B2020621               RUKENYA MIXED Secondary

C4010620               RUKIRA  Secondary School

E7161570                RUKUINI Secondary

D4080860               RUNOGONE MIXED DAY  Secondary School

F2030273                RUNYEKI Secondary

D4080035               RURAMA MIXED DAY  Secondary School.

E7161024                RURIGI Secondary

D2040391               RURII  Secondary

F2030493                RURII  Secondary School

M7180398              RUSEYA  Secondary School

P1010065               RUSINGA School NAIROBI – High School

D2040544               RUTARA  Secondary

B7010261               RUTH KIPTUI GIRLS HIGH KASOK

F2050196                RUTHAGATI  Secondary School

N1010116               RUTHIMITU GIRLS  Secondary School

N1010110               RUTHIMITU High School

A2050163               RUTUNE  Secondary School

B2020701               RWAMBITI Secondary

E2040695                RWANYAMBO Secondary

D4080813               RWANYANGE MIXED DAY  Secondary School

F4110765                RWARE GIRLS  Secondary School

A2050251               RWARE MIXED DAY  Secondary

B4080097               RWARERA MIXED DAY Secondary

F2030164                RWATHIA GIRLS Secondary

F2030163                RWATHIA MIXED DAY  Secondary School

C2060202               RWEGETHA  Secondary School

D4080317               RWOMPO MIXED DAY  Secondary School

A4070535               S.A GATEGI MIXED DAY  Secondary School.

A4070306               S.A ITIRA   Secondary School

M8010267              S.A NDAKARU High School

P1010870               S.S.D  Secondary School

C8060096               SA ABOLOI  Secondary School

C4010119               SA GIKUURI  Secondary School

C8060006               SA KOLANYA BOYS High School

C4010404               SA MUKURIA  Secondary School

C4010227               SA NDURI  Secondary School

C2070165               SABASABA Secondary

G7060270               SABATIA  Secondary School

C2070050               SABINA GIRLS  Secondary School

B7010562               SABOR MIXED  Secondary School

D2040448               SABUGO  Secondary

F5030059                SABUNLEY  Secondary School

J7140187                SABWANI  Secondary School

B7010415               SACHO HIGH  Secondary School

L3040045                SACRED HEART  Secondary School

K7091371               SACRED HEART BOYS’  Secondary

L4020166                SACRED HEART BOYS  Secondary School

A2050338               SACRED HEART GIRLS  Secondary

C8040080               SACRED HEART MUKUMU GIRLS  Secondary School

E6010968                SACRED HEART OF JESUS EKEONGA Secondary

M7180302              SACRED HEART RORET GIRLS  Secondary School

C3030154               SACRED HEARTS GIRLS  Secondary School

M6090304              SAGAM MIXED  Secondary

A7110299               SAGAMIAN  Secondary School

B2020266               SAGANA  Secondary School

B2020260               SAGANA ALL SAINTS ACADEMY

B2020055               SAGANA HIGHWAY GIRLS High School

G7060318               SAGASAGIK  Secondary School

E7160494                SAGE Secondary

H6060019               SAGEGI MIXED Secondary

D6060117               SAGERO  Secondary School

M2010049              SAINT ANNES  Secondary School -LIOKI

D7070817               SAINT LUCIA GIRLS  Secondary School

G4050321               SAINT VALENTINE GIRLS High School

E7161192                SAITO Secondary

N7110171               SAKUTIEK  Secondary School

B7010531               SALABANI  Secondary School

A7110241               SALABWEK  Secondary School

D7070660               SALAMA  Secondary School

P1010991               SALEM EDUCATION CENTER

D2040365               SALIENT  Secondary School.

C7150023               SALVATION ARMY NAWOITORONG  Secondary School

L6080112                SAMANGA LUTHERAN MIXED  Secondary School

C2070187               SAMARDALE ACADEMY Secondary

C7140451               SAMARITAN  Secondary School

J7080280                SAMBIRIR  Secondary School

D3020226               SAMBURU  Secondary School

A7120043               SAMBURU Secondary

E7160813                SAMBUT  Secondary School

E6010538                SAMETA BOYS’ Secondary

E6010535                SAMETA PAG MIXED Secondary

D8040024               SAMITSI  Secondary School

A7100015               SAMOEI  Secondary

E7160990                SAMOEI EDUCATIONAL CENTRE  Secondary School

B8010131               SAMOYA  Secondary School

B7010497               SANDAI DAY  Secondary School

B7100907               SANGALO  Secondary School

B7010480               SANGARAU GIRLS  Secondary School

H6120162               SANGOBURU MIXED  Secondary School

H6120152               SANG’ORO  Secondary School

B7100416               SANIAK  Secondary School

M5010102              SANKURI  Secondary

J7080251                SANTA MARIA GIRLS Secondary

G7060421               SAOS High School

M7090040              SAOSA  Secondary  School

F2060121                SAPENCIA EDUCATION CENTRE,ALPHA High School

E6010690                SAPO Secondary

L7051062                SARAMEK A  Secondary School

B7101006               SARORA MIXED Secondary

M7180509              SASETA GIRLS  Secondary

E2040600                SASUMUA Secondary

D4060068               SASURA GIRLS  Secondary School

N1010073               SATELITE STAREHE Secondary

D2040631               SATIMA  Secondary School

A7100054               SAVANI  Secondary

C7140470               SAVATI  ACADEMY  Secondary School

B4080001               SAWA SAWA ACADEMY

M6090345              SAWAGONGO  Secondary  School

J6080694                SAYE MIXED  Secondary School

N1010493               SchOLAR  Secondary School

A4070214               SDA MARIARI  Secondary School

E7162048                SDA SEGERO Secondary

L3040995                SEASIDE GIRLS ACADEMY Secondary

M6090455              SEGA GIRLS High School

M6090460              SEGA TOWNSHIP  Secondary

M6090155              SEGERE  Secondary

E7161305                SEKO  Secondary School

N7040073               SELEKA ACADEMY  Secondary School

K6090033               SELLY’S  Secondary

A6100065               SENA  Secondary

N7040496               SENATE High School

G6071013               SENATOR KEBASU Secondary

M6090037              SENATOR OBAMA KOGELO  Secondary

N8030008               SENDERA SA  Secondary School

F8070127                SENENDE  Secondary School

L4050353                SENGANI  Secondary School

E6010195                SENGERA GIRLS’ High School

G6070564               SENGERA MANGA Secondary

E6010198                SENGERA PARISH GIRLS’ Secondary

E6010509                SENGERA SDA Secondary

J2010024                SENIOR CHIEF KOINANGE High School

H6030568               SENIOR CHIEF MUSA NYANDUSI Secondary

M3050059              SENIOR CHIEF MWANGEKA GIRLS High School

H6030229               SENSI  Secondary School

L3040004                SERANI  Secondary School

R7040305               SERARE  School-SEC

A7100582               SEREM Secondary

B7010017               SERETUNIN MIXED DAY  Secondary School

L7050744                SERETUT  Secondary School

G7030433               SERGOIT  Secondary  School

K7091149               SETKOBOR BAPTIST  Secondary  School

B8050239               SETLIGHT Secondary

C8040173               SHABWALI  Secondary School

L6040230                SHADY GARDEN ACA  Secondary School

C8040030               SHAGUNGU  Secondary School

K7090345               SHAH LALJI NANGPAR  Secondary  School

N4050006               SHALOM High School

F8070137                SHAMAKHOKHO  Secondary School

G7070105               SHAMANEI  Secondary School

E2040247                SHAMATA GIRLS  Secondary

D8040325               SHAMBERERE  Secondary School

C8040164               SHAMILOLI  Secondary School

D8040309               SHAMONI  Secondary School

L8040301                SHAMTA ACADEMY  Secondary School

K4030398               SHANDAA  Secondary

D8040756               SHANDEREMA Secondary

C8040010               SHANJERO  Secondary School

H7130184               SHANKOE Secondary

L3040497                SHANZU MIXED  Secondary School

H3010083               SHARIANI Secondary

L3040155                SHARIFF NASSIR GIRLS  School

H7130100               SHARTUKA  Secondary School

N1010210               SHAURI MOYO MUSLIM  Secondary School

N1010360               SHEEP CARE COMMUNITY CENTRE Secondary

L3040165                SHEIK ABDALLA AL-FARSY  Secondary School

L3040707                SHEIK ZAYED  Secondary School

G5020096               SHEIKH ALI High School

E2060123                SHELHERDS HILLS Secondary

R7090143               SHER ACADEMY  Secondary School

D8040150               SHIANDICHE  Secondary School

D8040642               SHICHINJI Secondary

C8040083               SHIDODO  Secondary School

D8040687               SHIDUHA GIRLS Secondary

L8040286                SHIEYWE  Secondary School

L3040390                SHIKA ADABU  Secondary School

D8040596               SHIKOKHO  Secondary School

L8040116                SHIKOMARI  Secondary School

L8040026                SHIKOTI GIRLS  Secondary School

D8040631               SHIKUNGA  Secondary School

N1010045               SHILCE School

R7040015               SHILOH HARVEST ACADEMY- Secondary

D8040678               SHIMANYIRO Secondary

F3020668                SHIMBA HILLS Secondary

M3050132              SHIMBO  Secondary

L3040479                SHIMO LA TEWA School – Secondary

L4040879                SHINE STAR KAI Secondary

C7090216               SHINERS BOYS  Secondary School

K7090368               SHINERS GIRLS  Secondary

R1010800               SHINNERS  Secondary School


E8080043                SHIRAHA Secondary

F8070009                SHIRU   Secondary School

D8040585               SHISESYA  Secondary School

C8040160               SHISWA  Secondary School

C8040126               SHITOCHI  Secondary School

D8040588               SHITOLI  Secondary School

E8080628                SHITOTO GIRLS’ Secondary

D8040604               SHIVAGALA  Secondary School

D8040188               SHIVANGA  Secondary  School

D8040555               SHIVEYE  Secondary School

R1010104               SHREE CUTCHI LEVA PATEL Secondary

L3040741                SHREE SWAMNIRAYAN ACADEMY Secondary

J3070451                SHUJAA MEKATILILI  Secondary School

K7090549               SHUNEM GIRLS  Secondary

J5040042                SHURIE  Secondary School

A4070266               SIAKAGO  GIRLS  Secondary School

A4070225               SIAKAGO  MIXED DAY  Secondary School.

A4070230               SIAKAGO BOYS HIGH  School

E6040032                SIANDA MIXED Secondary

J6080683                SIANY MIXED  Secondary School

H6120291               SIANY MIXED Secondary

K6090016               SIAYA ACADEMY  Secondary

K6090002               SIAYA TOWNSHIP  Secondary

C7140192               SIBANGA  Secondary School

L6080133                SIBURI MIXED  Secondary School

J8010152                SICHEI FYM  Secondary School

D6060045               SIDIKA  Secondary School

D8040418               SIDIKHO Secondary

K6090239               SIDINDI  Secondary

P1011183               SIFMA  Secondary  School

C8020124               SIGALAME  Secondary School

C6110566               SIGER  Secondary School

B6060829               SIGIRIA MIXED Secondary

K2010220               SIGONA ST LUKE  Secondary

F7020765                SIGOR High School

F7020461                SIGORIAN Secondary

G7060556               SIGORO Secondary

B7100597               SIGOT  Secondary School

H6120310               SIGOTI COMPLEX GIRLS Secondary

K6090385               SIHAY  Secondary

B8010156               SIKALAME  Secondary School

M8010097              SIKHENDU MIXED  Secondary School

J8010278                SIKUSI  Secondary School

D2040402               SILANGA  Secondary

D2040232               SILIBWET  Secondary School

J7090019                SILIBWET  Secondary School

M4050136              SILOAM GIRLS  Secondary

B8010064               SILOBA DAY Secondary

D8040156               SILUNGU FRIENDS Secondary

P1011098               SILVER BRIDGE School Secondary

R1010619               SILVERBRIDGE  Secondary School

E7161693                SIMAT  Secondary School

E2040279                SIMBARA Secondary

F8070610                SIMBI MIXED DAY Secondary School

K6090235               SIMENYA  Secondary

K4030279               SIMISI  Secondary

M7180453              SIMOTI  Secondary School

H7130390               SIMOTWET Secondary

G7030263               SIMOTWO High School

M6090286              SINAGA GIRLS  Secondary

A6100253               SINDO GIRLS  Secondary

G7060214               SINENDE  Secondary School

M7090025              SINENDET MIXED DAY Secondary. School

G7030010               SING’ORE GIRLS’ Secondary

L7050834                SINGORONIK  Secondary School

F7020243                SINGORWET  Secondary School

J6080453                SINO S D A  Secondary School

L3040553                SINOGAL High School

J8010113                SINOKO  Secondary School

E6040041                SINYOLO GIRLS’ Secondary

M7180268              SIONGI  Secondary School

J8010014                SIPALA  Secondary School

D7070848               SIPILI  Secondary School

A8010204               SIRAKARU MIXED Secondary

K6090205               SIREMBE  Secondary

C7140406               SIRENDE  Secondary School

M6090091              SIRENDE MIXED  Secondary

A8010596               SIRENDE MIXED Secondary

A7100117               SIRET  Secondary

L7050243                SIRET  Secondary School

H7130241               SIRIA High School

D8040448               SIRIGOI Secondary

C7090082               SIRIKWA  Secondary School

E7160399                SIRIKWA ACADEMY Secondary

A8010609               SIRISIA BOK ERST Secondary

M7180985              SIROIN  Secondary

G6070993               SIRONGA GIRLS Secondary

G7060109               SIRWA  Secondary School

D8040407               SISOKHE Secondary

E7162055                SISYOBEI SDA Secondary

C7140201               SITATUNGA  Secondary School

A8010513               SITIKHO FRIENDS  Secondary

J7090155                SITOITO  Secondary School

D8040491               SIVILLE  Secondary School

A7100210               SIWO Secondary

F7020923                SIWOT  Secondary School

R1010523               SKYVIEW  High School

C2070135               SMALL EARTH GIRLS HIGH

A7100305               SOCHOI AIC GIRLS Secondary

A7100306               SOCHOI Secondary

H7110240               SOGOO High School

A7110259               SOIN  Secondary School

L2010124                SOKO  Secondary School

L2010126                SOKO SchoolS Secondary

H3010383               SOKOKE  Secondary School

K7090939               SOLAI BOYS  Secondary

K7090926               SOLAI CANAAN ACADEMY  Secondary

K7091140               SOLAI KALE  Secondary  School

K7090921               SOLAI QUEENS MIXED  Secondary

K7090940               SOLAI VALLEY ACADEMY  Secondary

G7060262               SOLIAN GIRLS’ Secondary

A7050005               SOLIAT BOYS  Secondary

E4090138                SOLOLO Secondary

C8040029               SOLYO  Secondary School

F7020437                SOLYOT  Secondary School

J4030097                SOMBE GIRLS High School

H6120372               SONGHOR  Secondary

E7161465                SONGOLIET Secondary

R7170308               SOOK BOYS  Secondary School

F6020543                SOPHIA  Secondary School

D6060060               SORI BAPTIST  Secondary School

D6050157               SORORE  Secondary School

E7160164                SOS HERMANN GMEINER  Secondary School

K6030176               SOSERA MIXED  Secondary

H7130001               SOSIO Secondary

E7161350                SOSIOT  Secondary School

L7050683                SOSIOT GIRLS  Secondary School

M7180195              SOSIT GIRLS  Secondary

E7160890                SOSIYO  Secondary School

M7180832              SOTIK High School

M7180559              SOTIT  Secondary

J4030657                SOUTH EASTERN MARANATHA  Secondary School

A2050126               SOUTH TETU GIRLS  Secondary School

R1010173               SOWETO ACADEMY-SEC

R1010382               SOWETO BAPTIST HGH  School

E7161758                SOY  Secondary School

G7030389               SOY Secondary

P1011156               SPARKLE High School

K7090223               SPOT LIGHT MIXED  Secondary


A7110054               SR MARY STEPHEN NTOITOI  Secondary School

N4050017               ST  STEVENS GIRLS High School

N1010384               ST AGNES MIXED  Secondary School

St. Alberts Chiepe Mixed Secondary School

K6120118               ST ALEX AYUCHA MIXED Secondary

J6080461                ST ALFRED ALARA  Secondary School

J6040046                ST ALOISE GIRLS  Secondary School

E6011104                ST ALPHONSE NYABINE DOK Secondary

G7030072               ST ALPHONSUS KAPTEREN

H6030331               ST AMBROSE NYAORE Secondary

G6070239               ST ANATOLE NYANCHONORI Secondary

G6070091               ST ANDREWS KAGGWA GIRLS Secondary

A7100766               ST ANDREWS Secondary

E8080533                ST ANGELA MUMIAS  Secondary School FOR THE DEAF

B4110005               ST ANGELA NGUTHIRU GIRLS Secondary

J4030930                ST ANGELAS GIRLS  Secondary School

B4130149               ST ANNE GIRLS Secondary KARIAKOMO

B8050318               ST ANNE NZOIA GIRLS Secondary

E8020003                ST ANNE’S BUNYALA GIRLS’ Secondary

J6080494                ST ANNES GIRLS OJWANDO  Secondary School

B2020573               ST ANNES GITUBA GIRLS Secondary

E8020257                ST ANNE’S KISOKO GIRLS’ Secondary

L4041221                ST ANNS GIRLS Secondary

N7110113               ST ANTONY’S  Secondary School

E8020251                ST APPOLONIUS Secondary

C7141038               ST ATHANAS KASSAWAI  Secondary School

J7080206                ST AUGUSTINE  KAPYEGO  Secondary School

D7070303               ST AUGUSTINE  Secondary School

H4040101               ST AUGUSTINE ITUMBULE Secondary

B8050625               ST AUGUSTINE MILIMANI Secondary

C2060019               ST AUGUSTINE MUTUNDU  Secondary School

B4130235               ST AUGUSTINE RUGUTA Secondary

K6120322               ST AUGUSTINE Secondary

G7030378               ST AUGUSTINE Secondary

B8050223               ST AUGUSTINE SOYSAMBU Secondary

R1010289               ST AUGUSTUS  Secondary School

G6070219               ST AUGUSTUS ACADEMY Secondary

C8020154               ST AUSTINS High School

B7100091               ST BARNABAS TEGAT High School

B8050340               ST BASISL’S ACADEMY Secondary

E8080399                ST BEDA’S BUKAYA Secondary

N1010422               ST BENARD  Secondary School

B8050219               ST BENEDICT LUGULU DAY Secondary

B6060796               ST BENEDICT Secondary

J7080345                ST BENEDICTS ARROR  Secondary School

B7100921               ST BENEDICTS KIPSAMOITE Secondary

B2060292               ST BENEDICTS MIXED High School

G7070127               ST BERNARD’S  Secondary School

B4130258               ST BONAVENTURE MUMBUNI Secondary

B6060787               ST BONAVENTURE Secondary

K7091852               ST BRENDAS TEMOYETTA ENVIRONMENT Secondary

M7180469              ST BRIGIDS GIRLS  Secondary

B7101025               ST BRIGIDS GIRLS Secondary KIPKAREN

E7161407                ST CATHERINE  Secondary School

R7090232               ST CATHERINES  School NAIVASHA Secondary

E2040003                ST CECILIA GIRLS’ High School

B8050597               ST CECILIA MAUTUMA Secondary

E6010795                ST CHARLES KABEO Secondary

E8080856                ST CHARLES KHALABA Secondary

J8010335                ST CHARLES LWANGA  Secondary School

R1010431               ST CHARLES LWANGA  Secondary School

J4030783                ST CHARLES LWANGA  Secondary School

K4030717               ST CHARLES LWANGA Secondary

R7040245               ST CHARLES MUTEGO EDUCATION CENTER Secondary

N1010090               ST CHARLES MUTEGO High School

C2070045               ST CHARLES THE GREAT NFS School

J8010241                ST CHRISTOPHER  Secondary School MABANGA

B6060860               ST CHRISTOPHER KAMGUNDHO MIXED Secondary

C4010663               ST CHRISTOPHERS  MIXED DAY Secondary

K6120050               ST CHRISTOPHERS AYWEYO RC Secondary

N7040427               ST CLAIRE GIRLS  Secondary School

G8070361               ST CLARES MARAGOLI

B7101078               ST CLEMENT NYIGOON  Secondary School

E6010003                ST CLEMENT Secondary

R7040119               ST CLEOPAS GIRLS BOARDING  School

B4110023               ST CYPRIAN BOYS High School

G6070306               ST CYPRIANS BITICHA Secondary

R7170248               ST DANIEL COMBONI  Secondary School

B4130137               ST DANIEL’S High School-KITHITU

N1010197               ST DEBORAH GIRLS High School

C2070556               ST DEBORAH LEADING GIRLS Secondary

E8080380                ST DENNIS MUNJITI Secondary

J6080434                ST DISLAUS NYAWANGO  Secondary School

E6010674                ST DOMINIC  RUSINGA Secondary

D4080917               ST DOMINIC  Secondary School

G6070355               ST DON BOSCO Secondary

N1010984               ST EDWARDS High School

B2020709               ST ELIAS AND GORRETTI Secondary

E8080404                ST ELIZABETH BUMIA GIRLS’ Secondary

H4040792               ST ELIZABETH GIRLS  School MULALA

R7170229               ST ELIZAS KABICHBICH Secondary

G2010124               ST ERNEST Secondary

K7091623               ST FRANCIS  Secondary School LARE

G6070771               ST FRANCIS GEKENDO Secondary

B2060024               ST FRANCIS GIRLS High School MANG’U

B7100506               ST FRANCIS GIRLS Secondary CHEPTARIT

E8020293                ST FRANCIS High School SIKINGA

G6070814               ST FRANCIS KEREMA Secondary

G7030017               ST FRANCIS KIMURON Secondary

E6010308                ST FRANCIS METEMBE Secondary

C2070550               ST FRANCIS MUKUYU-INI Secondary

J6080036                ST FRANCIS NYANGAJO GIRLS  Secondary School

G6070230               ST FRANCIS NYATIEKO Secondary

B2020819               ST FRANCIS Secondary

B2020899               ST FRANCIS WAIGIRI Secondary

C8040063               ST FRANCIS XAVIERS SHIPALO  Secondary School

R1010385               ST GABRIEL  Secondary School

B8050640               ST GABRIEL ACADEMY Secondary

E6010731                ST GABRIEL RIYABO Secondary

E8080795                ST GABRIELA’S MIRERE Secondary

A6100416               ST GABRIELS GWASSI  Secondary

E6040031                ST GABRIEL’S SEMINARY Secondary

A3010202               ST GEORGES High School

J6080447                ST GEORGE’S MIXED  Secondary School

J4030921                ST GEORGES MIXED DAY  Secondary School

K7090752               ST GEORGES MUTHUITI BAHATI  Secondary

G6070121               ST GONZA GONZA Secondary

N1010083               ST HELLEN IMANI  Secondary School

J6080103                ST IGNATIUS LOYOLA MAWEGO GIRLS  Secondary School

E8080848                ST JAME’S BULIMBO Secondary

E6010862                ST JAMES GIONSARIA Secondary

B2020759               ST JAMES KIARITHA Secondary

C7140490               ST JAMES MABONDE  Secondary School

E7160366                ST JAMES MEMORIAL Secondary

E8020073                ST JAMES NASEWA Secondary

G6070145               ST JAMES NYARONDE Secondary

G4050017               ST JAMES Secondary

B4080104               ST JAMES TUTUA Secondary

B8050537               ST JAVAN MIXED Secondary

R7090281               ST JENNSTARS MISSION  Secondary School

F3020158                ST JESSICCA HIGH

C2070139               ST JOANS  ACADEMY Secondary

B7010376               ST JOHN   Secondary School

G6070806               ST JOHN NYAKWEREMA Secondary

J6080053                ST JOHN SEKA MIXED  Secondary School

B6060738               ST JOHNS  SEMINARY RAKWARO

U8030114               ST JOHN’S CHEPYUK

B2060241               ST JOHN’S GAKOE   Secondary School

A3010019               ST JOHN’S GIRLS  Secondary School

N1010288               ST JOHNS High School

E8080589                ST JOHN’S KHAIMBA Secondary

E6010321                ST JOHN’S KHUNI MIXED Secondary

K4030514               ST JOHNS KWA MULUNGU  Secondary School

G6070661               ST JOHN’S OKONGO Secondary

A7100793               ST JOHNS T School ASIS MIXED Secondary

B2020869               ST JOHNS THAITA Secondary

B8050180               ST JOHNSTONE BAPTIST LIKUYANI Secondary

K4050426               ST JOSEPH  Secondary


N1011092               ST JOSEPH ECUMENICAL  Secondary School

E6010270                ST JOSEPH ETONO MIXED Secondary

J2010093                ST JOSEPH HIGH GATHANGA  School

R1010679               ST JOSEPH High School

D8040747               ST JOSEPH INGOLOMUSIO  Secondary School

E6011363                ST JOSEPH KIORORI  Secondary School

B8050195               ST JOSEPH KOGO Secondary

G6070029               ST JOSEPH LIETEGO Secondary

B2060032               ST JOSEPH THE WORKER  Secondary School MANG’U

L2010008                ST JOSEPH THE WORKER KEREITA High School

G7070090               ST JOSEPH’S  Secondary School

G6070898               ST JOSEPHS BIEGO Secondary

A8010108               ST JOSEPH’S BINYENYA Secondary

A6100213               ST JOSEPHS GIRLS  Secondary

L4041049                ST JOSEPHS GIRLS Secondary

G7030174               ST JOSEPH’S GIRLS’ Secondary KIPSAINA

E8080509                ST JOSEPH’S HIGH

H2010122               ST JOSEPHS High School

E8080725                ST JOSEPH’S INDANGALASIA Secondary

B7100929               ST JOSEPHS KAMWEGA Secondary

B6060547               ST JOSEPHS KANYAWA MIXED Secondary

B7101118               ST JOSEPHS KAPKENYELOI Secondary

K7090972               ST JOSEPHS KIRIMA  Secondary

J6080143                ST JOSEPH’S KOBUYA  Secondary School

A8010737               ST JOSEPHS LUMBOKA MEMORIAL Secondary

E8080875                ST JOSEPH’S NAMAMBA MIXED Secondary

E6010722                ST JOSEPH’S NYACHENGE Secondary

G6070494               ST JOSEPH’S NYAGUKU Secondary

E6010033                ST JOSEPH’S NYANSAKIA II Secondary

E8080642                ST JOSEPH’S SHIBINGA W MIXED Secondary

J6080439                ST JOSEPH’S SINO MIXED  Secondary School

E6010943                ST JOSEPH’S SUGUBO Secondary

A8010752               ST JUDE MUANDA RC Secondary

M8010400              ST JUDE NAPARA  Secondary School

B7100454               ST JUDES KOKWET Secondary

B8050146               ST JUDES SEREGEYA Secondary

N1010275               ST JULIET  Secondary School

N1010349               ST JUSTINO  Secondary School

C7150031               ST KEVIN  Secondary School

M2010212              ST KEVINS  Secondary School

A8010272               ST KIZITO DAY Secondary

E2060184                ST LINDA’S

E6011019                ST LINUS ETAGO DOK Secondary

B6060278               ST LINUS KOYIEKO Secondary

B2020652               ST LOUIS NYAGITHUCI  Secondary

K7091771               ST LOUIS Secondary

H4040613               ST LUCIA GIRLS High School KAUTI

B2060306               ST LUCIE KIRIRI GIRLS  Secondary School

E7161805                ST LUCY’S EDUCATION CENTRE Secondary

G7070101               ST LUKES  Secondary School

K6030242               ST LUKES EKWARE  Secondary

E8080426                ST LUKE’S IHONJE Secondary

B8050544               ST LUKES LUMAKANDA BOYS Secondary

G4050232               ST LUKE’S Secondary.

K4030431               ST LUKES YATTA  Secondary

K7091021               ST LWANGA  Secondary

E8080735                ST MARGARET’S Secondary

A6100342               ST MARGRETS GIRLS  Secondary

A2050795               ST MARIA GORETTI

J2010034                ST MARK High School

C7140375               ST MARKAS BOYS  Secondary School

R1010161               ST MARKS  Secondary School

E8080154                ST MARK’S BULANDA Secondary

K7090953               ST MARKS ELDONIO  Secondary

N8030108               ST MARKS KIPCHIRIA  Secondary School

F6020627                ST MARTHA’S GIRLS Secondary

E8080548                ST MARTHA’S MWITOTI  Secondary School

D4080666               ST MARTIN’S High School MPURI

L4041179                ST MARTINS KYUMANI Secondary

L4041064                ST MARTINS MAIKUU Secondary

J8010471                ST MARTINS MWIBALE  Secondary School

J6080108                ST MARTINS OLUTI  Secondary School

K7091677               ST MARTINSSEC

N1010434               ST MARY ACADEMY  Secondary School

B6060541               ST MARY GORETTI DEDE

C6040107               ST MARY GORETTY OLUOMA  Secondary School

J6080408                ST MARY’S ANDING’O  Secondary School

A8010631               ST MARYS BOKOLI Secondary

G7060069               ST MARY’S DAY  Secondary School

G6070622               ST MARY’S EKERUBO Secondary

A7110118               ST MARYS GIRLS  Secondary School

E8080530                ST MARY’S GIRLS’  Secondary School

B7100102               ST MARY’S GIRLS NANDI High School

L4040637                ST MARYS GIRLS SENIOR ACADEMY

A7100796               ST MARYS GIRLS TACH ASIS Secondary

A8010416               ST MARY’S High School

P1011074               ST MARYS JOGOO RD  Secondary School

B2020729               ST MARYS KARUMANDI Secondary

A2050709               ST MARY’S KARUTHI  Secondary School

R1010514               ST MARYS KERIO High School

C4010047               ST MARYS KIANGIMA GIRLS  Secondary School

B8010030               ST MARYS KIBABII Secondary

L4041205                ST MARYS KINYAMBU GIRLS Secondary

B4110085               ST MARYS MBARANGA Secondary

J4030852                ST MARY’S MIAMBANI  Secondary School

C4010189               ST MARYS MIXED DAY KIGAA  Secondary School

B7010185               ST MARYS MIXED DAY SALAWA

L4050298                ST MARYS MUKUNIKE  Secondary School

E6010648                ST MARY’S NYAMAGWA GIRLS’ Secondary

E7160642                ST MARY’S OSORONGAI Secondary

L4040767                ST MARYS Secondary

B7170180               ST MARYS SIYOI  Secondary School

G2010058               ST MARY’S THIGIO Secondary

B6060672               ST MARYS’S NYANGAO Secondary

H4040841               ST MATHEWS  Secondary School

J7140200                ST MATHEWS  Secondary School CHEPTANTAN

A8010361               ST MATHEWS ACK Secondary

B7100882               ST MATHEWS GIRLS Secondary SEPTONOK

E8020177                ST MATHIAS BUSIA Secondary

E8080897                ST MATHIAS KHOLERA BOYS’ Secondary

G6070156               ST MATHIAS MULUMBA Secondary

A6100385               ST MERCELLIN KIGOTO MIXED  Secondary

C2070018               ST MICHAEL GIRLS High School

N1010518               ST MICHAEL HILL  School

E7161811                ST MICHAEL KIPSOMBE Secondary

A3010199               ST MICHAELS GIRLS  Secondary

R1010142               ST MICHAELS HOLY UNITY Secondary.  School

B7100791               ST MICHAELS KABISAGA Secondary

B7101151               ST MONICA  Secondary School KAPKOROS

A2050515               ST MONICA MUNYAKA GIRLS  School

G4050340               ST MONICAH GIRLS  Secondary School

B8050070               ST MUKASA Secondary CHIMOI

K4050465               ST NIMROD Secondary

B7100813               ST PATRICK CHEMNOET Secondary

J4030343                ST PATRICK MIXED  Secondary School

L6040398                ST PATRICK SENIOR ACADEMY  Secondary School

L6040441                ST PATRICKS ACA  Secondary School

G7030001               ST PATRICKS ITEN Secondary

G6070008               ST PATRICKS KAHAWA

B8010009               ST PATRICKS KIMUKUNGI GIRLS Secondary

H6120392               ST PATRICKS ODUWO Secondary

L2010238                ST PATRICKS Secondary NYANDUMA

D7070338               ST PATRICKS WINNERS ACA Secondary

E2060145                ST PAUL GATUANYAGA  Secondary School

C2060158               ST PAUL GATURA  Secondary School

E6011183                ST PAUL NYOTA Secondary

G6070929               ST PAULS  Secondary School

B8050452               ST PAULS  Secondary School LUGARI

B7100320               ST PAULS ACK GIRLS High School

E8020085                ST PAUL’S BUSENDE Secondary

E8080681                ST PAUL’S EBUSIA Secondary

G6070442               ST PAULS GEKANO Secondary

C2070653               ST PAULS GITHIUMU BOYS  Secondary School

E8020333                ST PAUL’S IGARA Secondary

H4040449               ST PAULS KYAMUTHEI

E8020072                ST PAUL’S MABUNGE Secondary

E7162040                ST PAUL’S MAKONGI Secondary

G6070586               ST PAUL’S MANGA OROTUBA Secondary

B4130552               ST PAULS MARIANI Secondary

E8020264                ST PAUL’S NAMAHINDI Secondary

B4130587               ST PAULS NJAINA MIXED DAY Secondary

E6010948                ST PAUL’S NYACHEKI DOK Secondary

G6070638               ST PAUL’S NYACHICHI Secondary

G7070065               ST PAUL’S NYAHURURU  Secondary School

G6070137               ST PAULS NYANDOCHE IBERE Secondary

G2010122               ST PAUL’S Secondary

A8010081               ST PAULS Secondary NARATI

E8080026                ST PAUL’S SHIKUNGA Secondary

H4040077               ST PETER CLAVERS Secondary KITHUKI

L6040093                ST PETERS  Secondary School KAJULU

C8060276               ST PETERS ATERAIT  Secondary School

B7100118               ST PETERS BOYS High School

E8020116                ST PETER’S BUDOKOMI Secondary

B7010148               ST PETERS CATHOLIC  Secondary School

B2020064               ST PETERS DIFATHAS MIXED Secondary

B7010299               ST PETERS GIRLS KAPTERE

G2010045               ST PETERS GITHIGA Secondary

J2010135                ST PETERS High School

B8010115               ST PETERS High School MUSIKOMA

E7160248                ST PETER’S HIGHWAY  Secondary School

E7161964                ST PETER’S KAPKOREN Secondary

E6010289                ST PETER’S KIBERESI Secondary

J6080543                ST PETERS KOTIENO  Secondary School

E8080782                ST PETER’S LUBANGA AC Secondary

B8050328               ST PETERS MOISBRIDGE Secondary

E8080525                ST PETER’S MUMIAS Secondary

E7161950                ST PETER’S NATWANA Secondary

A8010013               ST PETER’S NDALU Secondary

E7160869                ST PETER’S NGOISA  Secondary School

E6011210                ST PETER’S NYANGWETA Secondary

E6010671                ST PETER’S RIANYACHUBA Secondary

B7101114               ST PETERS Secondary-NGENYILEL

L4041218                ST PETERS THANGE Secondary

B2020405               ST PHILIPS BARICHO  Secondary School

G6070691               ST PHILLIPS RATETI Secondary

B6060350               ST PIUS URIRI BOYS HIGH

D4080329               ST PIUS X SEMINARY  Secondary School

B7100625               ST ROBERTS ARWOS Secondary

K2010252               ST SERAPHIM OF SAROV  Secondary

B7100214               ST STEPHEN KIPTUIYA Secondary

B2060233               ST STEPHEN NDIKO  Secondary School

H4050036               ST STEPHEN’S  Secondary School

E8020053                ST STEPHEN’S LWANYA GIRLS’ Secondary

K6120304               ST STEPHENS MENARA Secondary School

E8080225                ST STEPHEN’S SHIATSALA Secondary

R7170220               ST STEVENS Secondary CHEPKONO

B2020093               ST SUZAN  Secondary School

J8010382                ST TADEOLS NDENGELWA  Secondary School

E8080437                ST TERESA EMUKHUWA Secondary

R1010402               ST TERESA MIXED DAY

B7101088               ST TERESA OF AVILA GIRLS NDALAT

N1010283               ST TERESA’S BOYS High School

N1010889               ST TERESA’S GIRLS  Secondary School

J6080713                ST TERESA’S NYALGOSI  Secondary School

B7170027               ST TERESAS TARTAR GIRLS

J6080153                ST THERESA OPANGA  Secondary School

D4080623               ST THERESA’S  Secondary School RIIJI

E8080655                ST THERESA’S BUMINI  Secondary School

G6070445               ST THERESAS GEKANO Secondary

L6040399                ST THERESAS GIRLS  Secondary School

U8030101               ST THERESA’S GIRLS CHEPTOROR

E6010978                ST THERESA’S NYANGUSU Secondary

G6070468               ST THERESA’S Secondary

B7100843               ST THOMAS  Secondary School KAIBOI

E8020282                ST THOMAS AQUINA MADENDE Secondary

E8020064                ST THOMAS AQUINAS LUNG’A Secondary

G6070033               ST THOMAS MOORE Secondary

G2010175               ST THOMAS School TIGONI

E6010774                ST THOMAS TURWA Secondary

B6060554               ST TIMONS RABONDO Secondary

B2020270               ST TIMOTHY ACADEMY

P1011130               ST TRIZA MIXED High School

J4030781                ST URSULA GIRLS TUNGUTU  Secondary School

G4050154               ST VALENTINES BOYS HIGH

J8010420                ST VERONICA RANJE High School

M4050115              ST VINCENT IMILINI  Secondary School

E8080452                ST VINCENT Secondary

A6100156               ST WILLIAMS OSODO  Secondary

K7090993               ST YERMO  Secondary School

N1010635               ST ZION CENTRE High School

F8070288                ST.  MARKS ORTHODOX CHAVOGERE  Secondary School

P1010521               ST.  SchoolOLASTICA HIGH  School

D4080132               ST. AGNES GAUKUNE GIRLS  School

C4010319               ST. AGNES GIRLS  Secondary School

C8040013               ST. AGNES GIRLS SHIBUYE  Secondary School

B6060402               ST. ALBERTS ULANDA GIRLS

C4010520               ST. ALFONSE MIXED DAY  Secondary School

K6120144               ST. ALOYS GEM  Secondary

R1010139               ST. ALOYSIUS GONZAGA  Secondary School

M7090176              ST. ANDREWS School TURI

C4010541               ST. ANGELA NGUVIU GIRLS  Secondary School

D4080915               ST. ANGELIC GIRLS  Secondary School

M2010058              ST. ANN GICHOCHO

F8070569                ST. ANNE’S BUYANGU GIRLS  Secondary School

C4010492               ST. ANNES GIRLS High School

F4110920                ST. ANN’S GIRLS High School

D8040654               ST. ANN’S MUSOLI GIRLS HIGH

H6120223               ST. ANTHONY  Secondary School KAJIMBO

K7090661               ST. ANTHONY ENGASHURA  Secondary

H4040390               ST. ANTHONY GIRLS  Secondary School

M8010321              ST. ANTHONY’S SIRISIA BOYS High SchoolOL

C8060198               ST. ANTONY  Secondary School

C6040084               ST. ANTONY DAGO KOKORE  Secondary School

D8040225               ST. ANTONY KAKOYI  Secondary School

C7140428               ST. ANTONY KITALE BOYS  Secondary School

C4010323               ST. ANTONY KIVURIA MIXED DAY  Secondary School

E2040611                ST. ANUARITE Secondary

E2060131                ST. APPOLONUH’S  Secondary School

C8060185               ST. AUGUSTINE KAMOLO  Secondary School

H6030599               ST. AUGUSTINE OTAMBA MIXED Secondary

C7140222               ST. AUGUSTINE Secondary

F6020502                ST. AUGUSTINE’S MIROGI BOYS Secondary

P1010076               ST. AUSTIN’S ACADEMY -SEC

A2060048               ST. BAKITA  GIRLS  Secondary School

M6040022              ST. BARNABAS GIRLS  Secondary

C4010315               ST. BARNABAS KATHARI  Secondary School

F7020989                ST. BENEDICT KAPKIMOLWO  Secondary School

C7140098               ST. BENEDICT KAPSIGILAI  Secondary School

C4010632               ST. BENEDICT KITHIMU DAY  Secondary School

K7091504               ST. BETH  Secondary

H6120061               ST. BONIFACE MAGARE  Secondary School

D8040470               ST. CALORI LWANDA LUTASO Secondary

K6120084               ST. CAMULUS OGWEDHI  Secondary

C4010195               ST. CATHERINE NTHAGAIYA GIRLS  Secondary School

F7020960                ST. CATHERINE TEGAT  GIRLS  Secondary School

P1010638               ST. CATHERINES MOUNTAIN VIEW ACADEMY  Secondary School

K6090111               ST. CECILIA ALUOR GIRLS  Secondary

R7170005               ST. CECILIA GIRLS  Secondary School

C8020036               ST. CECILIA NAMENYA GIRLS  Secondary School

C8020130               ST. CECILIA NANGINA GIRLS  Secondary School

K6030153               ST. CECILIA RAMASHA  Secondary

C2070753               ST. CHARLE LWANGA Secondary

M6090376              ST. CHARLE’S HUMWEND  Secondary

L3040888                ST. CHARLES LWANGA  Secondary School

C8040091               ST. CHARLES LWANGA  Secondary School

K6120201               ST. CHARLES LWANGA NDORI  Secondary

C8060331               ST. CHARLES LWANGA OTIMONG  Secondary School

E2040356                ST. CHRISTINE Secondary

C7140263               ST. CHRISTOPHER’S  Secondary School

R1010002               ST. CHRISTOPHERS’  Secondary School

E2040747                ST. CHRISTOPHERS Secondary

M7090257              ST. CLARE GIRLS  Secondary

L7090024                ST. CLARE’S OF ASSIS GIRLS  Secondary School

C7140465               ST. COLUMBANS  Secondary School

B7170376               ST. COMBONI AMAKURIAT Secondary

P1010054               ST. DEBORAH GIRLS HIGH  School

E2040744                ST. DOMINIC Secondary

P1010867               ST. DOMINICS SAVIO’S  Secondary School

R1010012               ST. ELIZABETH ACADEMY Secondary

R1010003               ST. ELIZABETH BOYS High School

F6020236                ST. ELIZABETH KOYOO MIXED DAY Secondary

M8010031              ST. EMMANUEL’S MIRURI  Secondary School

D4080197               ST. EUGENE  Secondary School

P1010957               ST. EUNICE ACADEMY  Secondary School

P1010444               ST. FLORENCEN ACADEMY Secondary

K7091107               ST. FRANCIS  Secondary

F6020256                ST. FRANCIS ANDING’O MIXED DAY Secondary

L7050859                ST. FRANCIS GIRLS  Secondary School

D7070379               ST. FRANCIS GIRLS’  Secondary School

D6040021               ST. FRANCIS GIRLS Secondary

J8010087                ST. FRANCIS High School MAKEMO

H6030859               ST. FRANCIS KABOSI Secondary

C7140860               ST. FRANCIS KOLONGOLO  Secondary School

C4010611               ST. FRANCIS NGOIRE  Secondary School

F4110037                ST. FRANCIS NTHARE  Secondary School

A4110049               ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI  Secondary School

K6090221               ST. FRANCIS RANG’ALA GIRLS  Secondary

D6050065               ST. FRANCIS RIMA  Secondary School

C7140136               ST. FRANCIS SUWERWA  Secondary School

L7090021                ST. FRANCIS XAVIER GIRLS  Secondary School

L8040031                ST. FRANCIS XAVIER SHIKOTI MIXED  Secondary School

K7090508               ST. GABRIEL MISION  Secondary

M6020003              ST. GABRIEL’S MIRANGA  Secondary

F6020489                ST. GABRIEL’S MIRANGA MIXED  Secondary School

B6060100               ST. GEMMA Secondary

K7090054               ST. GEORGE MUTHAITI  Secondary

E2050034                ST. GEORGE Secondary

P1010013               ST. GEORGE’S GIRLS  Secondary School

K7090660               ST. GEORGES GREENLAND  Secondary

C4010365               ST. GETRUDE KINTHITHE  Secondary School

R1010006               ST. HANNAH  Secondary School

R1010019               ST. HANNAHS’ BOYS High School

B8050259               ST. HENRY SAISI WABUGE MEMORIAL Secondary

J6080749                ST. INNOCENT JONYO  Secondary School

C8060252               ST. JACOB’S KALIWA  Secondary School

K6030026               ST. JAMES  Secondary

D8040547               ST. JEROME  Secondary School

C8060346               ST. JOHN ALUPE  Secondary School

K6090128               ST. JOHN BOSCO NYALUNYA  Secondary

D8040392               ST. JOHN BUDONGA Secondary

C4010391               ST. JOHN KATHUNGURI MIXED  Secondary School

L8040103                ST. JOHN SHINOYI  Secondary School

U7140003               ST. JOHN SIKINWA  Secondary School

M3050150              ST. JOHN’S  Secondary

K7090682               ST. JOHN’S BAHATI  Secondary

L3040326                ST. JOHN’S FIRST BAPTIST  Secondary School

C7140403               ST. JOHN’S GIRLS  Secondary School

C4010237               ST. JOHN’S KATHAMBE  Secondary School

H6030008               ST. JOHNS METEMBE Secondary

F4110632                ST. JOHN’S NCHOORO DAY  Secondary School

C6110612               ST. JOHN’S OBOCH  Secondary School

C4010452               ST. JOHNS School GIRLS Secondary KIANJUKI

G4100004               ST. JOSEPH  Secondary School

C4010608               ST. JOSEPH  Secondary School MURUATETU

L8040322                ST. JOSEPH ACADEMY  Secondary School

A2050431               ST. JOSEPH ALLAMANO  Secondary

C8020231               ST. JOSEPH BUMALA High School

C8020279               ST. JOSEPH BUMUTIRU Secondary

C8060118               ST. JOSEPH KOCHOLIA  Secondary School

F6020498                ST. JOSEPH MIROGI GIRLS BOARDING  Secondary School

F2030404                ST. JOSEPH MURAYA KAIRO Secondary

C4010426               ST. JOSEPH OF TARBES  Secondary School

H4040096               ST. JOSEPH Secondary IKAASU

C4010572               ST. JOSEPH THE WOKER  Secondary School

B6060344               ST. JOSEPH’S  School RAPOGI

C7140483               ST. JOSEPH’S BOYS  Secondary School

C8060301               ST. JOSEPH’S CHAKOL  Secondary School

H6030419               ST. JOSEPH’S EKIENDEGE Secondary

C7140484               ST. JOSEPHS GIRLS  Secondary School

N4050028               ST. JOSEPHS GIRLS  Secondary School

D4080090               ST. JOSEPH’S INTERGRATED MIXED DAY Secondary

C7090043               ST. JOSEPH’S JUNIOR SEMINARY  Secondary School

J7090040                ST. JOSEPH’S KIRANDICH  Secondary School

C8040116               ST. JOSEPHS MALIMALII  Secondary School

L6080232                ST. JOSEPH’S MIRANGA  Secondary School

D6050492               ST. JOSEPH’S NTIMARU  Secondary School

F2050008                ST. JOSEPH’S WAMAGANA MIXED Secondary

C4010353               ST. JUDE KARURUMO SecondaryI School

D7070042               ST. JUDE NTURUKUMA  Secondary School

H6060050               ST. JULIANA UGARI PEFA Secondary

K6090038               ST. JULIANS ACADEMY  Secondary

F6020693                ST. JULIANS RODI KOPANY GIRLS  Secondary School

E2050035                ST. JUSTIN  Secondary School

M8010490              ST. KIZITO MAYANJA MIXED  Secondary School

H4041141               ST. KOMBOYOO GIRLS High School

H6030726               ST. LAWRENCE KIONGONGI

C2070703               ST. LAWRENCE Secondary

P1010668               ST. LOUIS ACADEMY

L6080144                ST. LUCY’S  Secondary School RARUOWA

H4041074               ST. LUCY’S GIRLS High School

C8020165               ST. LUKE  Secondary School ODIADO

K7090494               ST. LUKE’S  Secondary  School

A4110007               ST. LUKES  Secondary School.

A4070461               ST. LUKE’S High School – KAMWAA

C4010649               ST. LUKES MIXED DAY KARURINA School

K6030020               ST. LWANGA  Secondary

C7140296               ST. LWANGA  Secondary School

K7091335               ST. MARIA GORETTI GIRLS  Secondary

C6040104               ST. MARKS  Secondary School

F2060102                ST. MARK’S GATUANYAGA Secondary.  School

C7140374               ST. MARKS GIRLS  Secondary School

M6090356              ST. MARK’S KAGILO  Secondary

K6030132               ST. MARK’S MOKOROGOINWA  Secondary

P1010253               ST. MARTINS GIRLS  Secondary School

C4010099               ST. MARY GATONDO  Secondary School

C4010272               ST. MARY GORETTY GIRLS RUKURIRI  Secondary School

D8040368               ST. MARY IMMACULATE  SHIHOME GIRLS Secondary

P1010078               ST. MARY’S  School – Secondary

K7090203               ST. MARY’S  Secondary

C8060219               ST. MARY’S AMUKURA GIRLS  Secondary School

A2050213               ST. MARY’S BOYS  Secondary School

D2040641               ST. MARY’S GETA Secondary

C4010507               ST. MARYS GIRLS

M6020093              ST. MARY’S GIRLS  Secondary NYAMOGO

D4080093               ST. MARY’S GIRLS  Secondary School

F7020008                ST. MARY’S GIRLS  Secondary School

M3050142              ST. MARY’S High School

F2050053                ST. MARY’S KARIGU-INI Secondary

F3020027                ST. MARY’S KWALE JUNIOR  Secondary School

D6050363               ST. MARY’S MABERA GIRLS  Secondary School

J7080328                ST. MARY’S MON  Secondary School

H6120222               ST. MARYS NYAMARIMBA Secondary

M8010162              ST. MARY’S SOSIO  Secondary

D6060276               ST. MARYS WINJO MIXED Secondary

M6090372              ST. MARY’S YALA  Secondary

F6020022                ST. MATTHEWS GOD BONDO  Secondary School

C7140831               ST. MAURICE High School

J7080310                ST. MICHAEL  Secondary School EMBOBUT

J7140124                ST. MICHAEL KIKWAMETI  Secondary School

C4010440               ST. MICHAEL MIXED  Secondary School

C7140381               ST. MICHAEL TOP STN  Secondary School

B2060011               ST. MICHAELS  Secondary School

F7020011                ST. MICHAEL’S  Secondary School

K7091084               ST. MICHAEL’S GATAGATI  Secondary

K7090324               ST. MICHAEL’S GIRLS  Secondary

B6060068               ST. MICHAEL’S NYANDEMA Secondary

H6060086               ST. MICHAELS NYARONGI Secondary

L3040838                ST. MONICA ACADEMY  Secondary School

C8060315               ST. MONICA CHAKOL GIRLS  Secondary School

M7180729              ST. MONICA CHEBANGANG GIRLS

C7140452               ST. MONICA GIRLS  Secondary School

L8040333                ST. MONICA LUBAO  Secondary School

K7090612               ST. MONICA SecondaryENDARY

H6030749               ST. MOTHER THERESA GIRLS Secondary

M6020049              ST. NICASIUS MARANYONA  Secondary

K7090157               ST. NICHOLAS  Secondary

N1010014               ST. NICHOLAS SENIOR SHOOL – Secondary

C7141080               ST. PATRIC KIPKOYOT  Secondary School

H4040721               ST. PATRICK’S KYAMATHEKA  Secondary School

H6030271               ST. PATRICKS MIXED Secondary

M8010464              ST. PATRICK’S NETIMA  Secondary

V7040014               ST. PATRICKS SENIOR  School(SEC)

B2060006               ST. PAUL  Secondary School

E2040593                ST. PAULS  Secondary

D4060063               ST. PAULS  Secondary School

F4110061                ST. PAUL’S  Secondary School

H6030806               ST. PAULS AMASAGO Secondary

C8060222               ST. PAULS AMUKURA High School

F2060113                ST. PAUL’S EDUCATIONAL CENTRE Secondary. School

L8040088                ST. PAULS EMULAKHA  Secondary School

F8070108                ST. PAUL’S ERUSUI GIRLS  Secondary School

F2050142                ST. PAUL’S GITHAKWA  Secondary

F8070395                ST. PAUL’S HALOMBOVE  Secondary School

C4010444               ST. PAULS High School KEVOTE

C7140317               ST. PAULS High School SINOKO

J7080355                ST. PAULS KAPKONDOT   Secondary School

L4020023                ST. PAULS KIWANJANI  Secondary School

F6020054                ST. PAULS LIGISA MIXED D&B  Secondary School

M8010447              ST. PAULS MILUKI  Secondary

F6020467                ST. PAUL’S NYAMANGA MIXED DAY  Secondary School

A2050387               ST. PAUL’S SEMINARY  Secondary

K6090338               ST. PAUL’S SIGOMRE  Secondary  School

C4010081               ST. PETER & PAUL  Secondary School

D6060145               ST. PETERS ABWAO  Secondary  School

K2010041               ST. PETER’S BOYS  Secondary

C8020079               ST. PETERS BUSIBI GIRLS  Secondary School

C7140904               ST. PETERS HIGH KAPOMBOI

D2060194               ST. PETER’S High School

C4010513               ST. PETERS KATHAKWA GIRLS  Secondary School

H6030905               ST. PETERS KERERA Secondary

C7140041               ST. PETERS MITO MBILI GIRLS  Secondary School

M8010165              ST. PETERS NAKALIRA  Secondary

B6060632               ST. PETERS OFWANGA Secondary

K6090281               ST. PETER’S RAMBULA  Secondary

E8020007                ST. PETERS Secondary

C8040092               ST. PETERS SEMINARY MUKUMU BOYS Secondary

M8010479              ST. PETER’S SIBOTI  Secondary

H6030411               ST. PETERS SUNEKA MIXED Secondary

A2050552               ST. PHILIPS  Secondary

F2030790                ST. PHILIPS ACADEMY- Secondary School

D8040765               ST. PHILIPS GIRLS Secondary

J6080417                ST. PHILIPS NYABONDO  Secondary School

C7141027               ST. PHILIPS TUYOKONI  Secondary School

F6020350                ST. PHILIPS WAYAGA  Secondary School

C6110315               ST. PIUS GOT MATAR   Secondary School

C7090292               ST. RACHEL GIRLS  Secondary School

G4100268               ST. RAPHAEL Secondary

A4070440               ST. RITA  Secondary NGUNYUMU

F4110479                ST. RITA’S AMWAMBA GIRLS Secondary

C8020388               ST. ROMANOS TINGOLO  Secondary School

E2040429                ST. SHARON Secondary

C6110186               ST. SILVESTER GIRLS  Secondary School

M6090383              ST. STEPHEN SIGINGA  Secondary  School

F6020045                ST. STEPHENS ANG’IRO MIXED DAY  Secondary School

H6030681               ST. STEPHENS High School

H6030919               ST. STEPHENS NYAMWARE Secondary

E2060089                ST. TERESA  Secondary School

J7080048                ST. TERESA GIRLS  Secondary School KOIBARAK

D6050088               ST. TERESA Secondary

C7140193               ST. TERESAS  Secondary School

L3040960                ST. TERESA’S GIRLS  Secondary School

C4010636               ST. TERESAS KITHIMU  Secondary School

H3010481               ST. TERESAS Secondary

F6020196                ST. TERRYCAM  Secondary School

J7140169                ST. THERESAS  Secondary School SIKHENDU

M8010118              ST. THERESA’S GIRLS KIMILILI

A7120103               ST. THERESA’S Secondary

H7130410               ST. THOMAS AQUINAS High School

C4010199               ST. THOMAS AQUINNAS NTHGAIYA  Secondary School

U8030033               ST. THOMAS CHESIKAKI  RC  Secondary School

A2050035               ST. THOMAS GATURA  Secondary

C7141047               ST. THOMAS KAPRETWA  Secondary School

C7140337               ST. THOMAS KONGOLI Secondary

L7050926                ST. THOMAS MINDILILWET  Secondary School

D8040630               ST. THOMAS SHIKUMU  Secondary School

H3010196               ST. TIMOTHY Secondary

M2010234              ST. TITO High School

K7091080               ST. URLICH LAMA  Secondary

A2050288               ST. VINCENT KIAMUIRU  Secondary School

J6080717                ST. VINCENT MIXED  Secondary School

H6030512               ST. VINCENT OMWARI Secondary

K7090211               ST. XAVIERS  Secondary

F2060100                ST. XAVIER’S  Secondary School

D7070059               ST. XAVIER’S ACA.  Secondary School

M4050468              ST.ANDREW’S High School

L4040906                ST.ANNES KIBOKO Secondary

F2060085                ST.AUGUSTINE BOYS  Secondary School

A4070349               ST.BARNABAS   Secondary School

M6090330              ST.BARNABAS ANYIKO MIXED  Secondary

J7140081                ST.BRIGIDS GIRLS High School KIMININI

J8010065                ST.CECILIA GIRLS High School

A4070153               ST.CLAIRE GIRLS  Secondary School

D6060161               ST.ERINS RAHA  Secondary School

K7090620               ST.FRANCIS UPPERHILL  Secondary

L6040480                ST.IGNATIUS LOYOLA  Secondary School

A4070291               ST.JOHNS BAPTIST KIRIE DAY  Secondary School

L4050032                ST.JOHN’S KANGI  Secondary

M8010259              ST.JOHN’S MACHAKHA MIXED  Secondary

H4040308               ST.JOHN’S MALIVANI Secondary

G6071186               ST.JOSEPH ENCHORO  Secondary School

B4080033               ST.JOSEPH Secondary

F2060096                ST.JOSEPHINE EDUCATION CENTRE High School

C8040157               ST.JOSEPH’S MUKULUSU  Secondary School

D2050011               ST.JUDE  Secondary School.

J6080223                ST.LUCY’S KIMORI  Secondary School

H4040572               ST.MARY’S GIRLS  Secondary  SchoolNDOVEA

G6071151               ST.MARY’S MONGORISI Secondary

A4070115               ST.MARY’S MUNYIRI  Secondary School

D8040688               ST.MICHAEL SHAMUSINJIRI Secondary

A4070370               ST.MONICA GIRLS HIGH  School

K7091912               ST.MONICA Secondary. School

G6071174               ST.PATRICE NYANTARO Secondary

M4050267              ST.PAUL ACADEMY  Secondary School

H6030095               ST.PAUL NYANKANDA Secondary

K6090086               ST.PAUL’S ACADEMY  Secondary School

J7090115                ST.PETERS  Secondary SchoolOL CHESIRIKWA

L6040244                ST.PETERS NANGA MIXED  Secondary School

G6071091               ST.PETERS NYAMINCHA Secondary

G6071002               ST.PETER’S Secondary NYAISA

A4070247               ST.PHILIPS HIGH  School

M4050425              ST.PHILIPS MATANGINI  Secondary

L3040030                STAR OF THE SEA  Secondary School

K2010071               STAR SHEIKH ACADEMY

R4050055               STAR SHEIKH ACADEMY Secondary

R7040342               STAR SHEIKH GIRLS  School

R1010177               STARAYS HOPE COMM CENTER  Secondary School

N1010956               STAREHE BOYS CENTRE

N1010690               STARLIGHT SENIOR ACADEMY

P1010011               STATE HOUSE GIRLS High School

A4070540               STEPHEN KISILU  Secondary-RIANAU

B7100825               STEPHEN KOSITANY GIRLS Secondary

P1010161               STEPHJOY School -High School

K2010223               STONEBIC  Secondary School

P1010091               STRATHMORE School – Secondary

K7090559               STREET OF HOPE  Secondary

K7091010               SUBUKIA ACADEMY  Secondary

K7090996               SUBUKIA DAY  Secondary

K7090990               SUBUKIA SPRINGS  Secondary

N1011102               SUD ACADEMY Secondary

N1010142               SUDA ACDEMY (SEC)

E7160723                SUGOI Secondary

F7020873                SUGUMERGA  Secondary School

K6030148               SUGUTA COG  Secondary

E6010841                SUGUTA MIXED Secondary

G2010166               SUMMER SPRINGS Secondary

K7090097               SUMMERFIELD  Secondary

N1010733               SUNFLOWER ACADEMY  Secondary School

G6070385               SUNGUTUTA Secondary

M6040042              SUNRISE  Secondary

K7090403               SUNRISE  Secondary

H2010150               SUNRISE GIRLS

H6060116               SUNRISE GIRLS Secondary

E6010261                SUNRISE Secondary IGUCHA

R1010088               SUNSHINE  Secondary School

D2040732               SUNSHINE  Secondary School

K7091834               SURURU Secondary

B6060625               SUSANA MIXED Secondary

P1010960               SWEDISH   Secondary School

D7070177               SWEET WATERS  Secondary School

K4050386               SYANTHI  Secondary

H4040130               SYATU GIRLS  Secondary School

G4050385               SYOKISINGA Secondary

K4030331               SYOMUNYU GIRLS  Secondary

L4040982                SYUMILE Secondary

G4100040               SYUNGII Secondary

B7010440               TABAGON GIRLS  Secondary School

E6011376                TABAKA  Secondary School

E6011377                TABAKA TOWNSHIP Secondary

A8010032               TABANI FRIENDS Secondary

D4080580               TABATA MIXED DAY  Secondary School

B7100869               TABOLWA  Secondary School

T7160025                TACHASIS Secondary

M3050288              TAITA ACADEMY  Secondary

K7091708               TAITA MAUCHE Secondary

L7050244                TAITA TOWETT  Secondary School

A7100123               TAITO KTGA  Secondary School

G5020187               TAKABA BOYS  Secondary School

G5020186               TAKABA GIRLS  Secondary School

H3010056               TAKAUNGU  Secondary School

K4050377               TALA ACADEMY  Secondary

K4050406               TALA BOYS High School

K4050400               TALA GIRLS  Secondary

B7010103               TALAI MIXED Secondary

B7170162               TALAU  Secondary School

G7030289               TAMBACH High School

H6030034               TAMBACHA MIXED Secondary

A2050004               TAMBAYA  Secondary School

R7170159               TAMKAL MIXED  Secondary School

M8010276              TAMULEGA  Secondary School

J4050262                TANA BRIDGE  Secondary School

D7070794               TANDARE MIXED DAY  Secondary School

D8040138               TANDE  Secondary School

B7101164               TANGARATWET  Secondary School

E6010713                TANJOMAX Secondary

B7010294               TANYILEEL GIRLS Secondary

F7020348                TARAKWA  Secondary School

E7161113                TARAKWA  Secondary School

D6050055               TARANGANYA High School

K3060305               TARASAA High School

D3020297               TARU  Secondary School

L4040103                TAWA GIRLS Secondary

L4040102                TAWA MIXED  Secondary School

J3070068                TAWHEED MUSLIM ACA GIRLS  Secondary School

C7090158               TAYARI  Secondary School

B2020215               TEBERE  Secondary School

M7180262              TEBESONIK  Secondary School

E7161986                TEGEMEO Secondary

E7161283                TEMBELIO RCEA  Secondary School

M7180866              TEMBWO GIRLS  Secondary School

D7070039               TEMPLE MOUNT High School

A2050253               TEMPLE RD  Secondary School

P1010874               TEMPLE ROAD HIGH  School

B8010072               TEN STAR High School

L7051097                TENDENO  Secondary School

S7050013                TENDENO  Secondary School

E6010025                TENDERE Secondary

C7140933               TENDERLOIN  Secondary School

J7090003                TENDWET  Secondary School

M7180211              TENGECHA BOYS High School

M7180216              TENGECHA GIRLS  Secondary School

B7010431               TENGES  Secondary School

F7020070                TENWEK CHEBONEI GIRLS  Secondary School

F7020067                TENWEK High School

M7180021              TEPKUTWET  Secondary

M7180425              TEREK GIRLS  Secondary

U8030200               TEREM S.A  Secondary

J8010177                TEREMI High School

K7091435               TERET  Secondary

B7100709               TERIGE High School

E7160182                TESTIMONY  Secondary School

M5010088              TETU  Secondary

C2070092               THAARA  Secondary School

F4110154                THAMBARE  Secondary School

A2050199               THANGATHI  Secondary School

C2070025               THANGIRA UMOJA Secondary

E4120059                THARAKA HIGH Secondary

D7070285               THARUA  Secondary School

J4050160                THATHA  Secondary School

L3041101                THE AGA KHAN ACADEMY MOMBASA Secondary

C7140418               THE CRANES GIRLS  Secondary School

L3041054                THE GRACIOUS MARY COMPLEX  Secondary School

C7090350               THE GRADUATE  Secondary School

H3010307               THE GREEN OLIVE  Secondary School

N1010496               THE HIGHLINK  SchoolLS

P1010398               THE HIGHWAY  Secondary School

J3070134                THE KINGS & QUEENS High School

A3010020               THE LORDRINGS

R1010055               THE NAIROBI JAPANESE  School-JUNIOR HIGH

J3070081                THE SEA BREEZE SENIOR  School

J3070015                THE SILVERSANDS ACA  Secondary School

F2060122                THEOS SENIOR School

F2030738                THERI  Secondary School

B2020163               THIBA  Secondary School

B4130028               THIGAA  Secondary School

C4010245               THIGINGI GIRLS High School

G2010055               THIGIO Secondary

F2060017                THIKA High School

F2060001                THIKA High School FOR THE BLIND Secondary

F2060051                THIKA PENTAGON ACADEMY  Secondary School

A2060221               THIKA ROAD GIRLS

F4110661                THIMBILI DAY  Secondary School

B6060379               THIMJOPE Secondary

D7070064               THINGITHU  Secondary School

M4050247              THINU  Secondary School

F4110594                THINYAINE BOYS Secondary

D7070506               THIRU  Secondary School

M4100120              THITANI GIRLS Secondary

F4110664                THITHA  Secondary School

L4040820                THITHI Secondary

M4100019              THOKOA  Secondary

H4040695               THOMEANDU  Secondary School

D2040133               THOMSON FALLS APEX  Secondary

J4030113                THUA MIXED  Secondary School

B4110020               THUBUKU MIXED DAY Secondary

C7090230               THUGUNUI Secondary

H2010224               THUITA  Secondary

F2030322                THUITA  Secondary School

B2020609               THUMAITA EAST GIRLSSEC

B2020377               THUMAITA WEST Secondary

A2050790               THUNGURI  Secondary School

K6120176               THUR GEM  Secondary

H6120174               THURDIBUORO Secondary

D4080783               THUURA High School

F4110750                THUURI MIXED DAY  Secondary School

L4040095                THWAKE MIXED DAY Secondary

G2010005               TIEKUNU Secondary

L6040124                TIENGRE MIXED  Secondary School

D7070263               TIGITHI  Secondary School

F8070592                TIGOI GIRLS  Secondary School

G2010180               TIGONI  Secondary School

K7091857               TILOA GIRLS Secondary

R1010830               TIMANNE  Secondary School

M3050641              TIMBILA High School

B7010406               TIMBOIYWO  Secondary School

G7060335               TIMBOROA  Secondary School

A7100762               TINDERET Secondary

G6070079               TINDERETI  Secondary School

G7060401               TINET  Secondary School

J7090149                TINET KAPKOI  Secondary School

M2010044              TINGANGA  Secondary

K6090361               TING’ARE  Secondary

K4050374               TIPS High School

M7180181              TIRIITA  Secondary School

B7010238               TIRIONDONIN MIXED DAY Secondary

J4030816                TIVA  Secondary School

G7060434               TOLMO  Secondary School

E7160880                TOLOITA  Secondary School

M8010366              TOLOSO  Secondary School

A6100198               TOM MBOYA  Secondary

G6070507               TOMBE GIRLS Secondary

G6070504               TOMBE MIXED Secondary

D8040177               TOMBO Secondary

A4080060               TOMWARTH  Secondary School.

A6100415               TONGA  Secondary

G7060413               TONIOK GIRLS  Secondary School

L3040156                TONONOKA  Secondary School

D7070293               TOP ACHIEVERS  Secondary School

N1010080               TOP MARK High School

G7060396               TORONGO GIRLS Secondary

U8030043               TOROSO High School

J3070016                TOWN  Secondary School

B2020935               TOWN ANNEX DOMINION Secondary

C7150055               TRANSAFRICA High School

H4041053               TRAVELLERS OASIS CENTRE

L2010056                TREASURE  School UPLANDS

F2060016                TRIKHA GIRLS  Secondary School

P1011061               TRUE FRIENDS ACADEMY Secondary


G4100471               TSEIKURU Secondary

F3020040                TSIMBA MIXED DAY  Secondary School

F8070485                TSIMBALO  Secondary School

L3040106                TUDOR DAY  Secondary School

L3040123                TUDOR JUNIOR ACADEMY  Secondary

C2070009               TUENI  Secondary School

G7030238               TUGUMOI  Secondary School

G7060389               TUGUMOI KOIBATEK  Secondary School

L7050174                TUGUNON  Secondary School

E7161654                TUIYO  Secondary School

B7101039               TUKTUK Secondary

E2040562                TULAGA Secondary

L4040303                TULIMANI BOYS Secondary

B7100670               TULON Secondary

M7180329              TULWET  Secondary School

E7161538                TULWET Secondary

B7100975               TULWO GIRLS  Secondary School

E7161429                TULWOPNGETUNY Secondary

D2040493               TUMAINI  Secondary

E2060142                TUMAINI CHRISTIAN  Secondary School

K7090503               TUMAINI HOUSE  Secondary

F7020857                TUMOI  Secondary School

B2050193               TUMUTUMU GIRLS HIGH

E4120338                TUNYAI DAY  Secondary School

E2040350                TURASHA  Secondary School

E7160679                TURBO GIRLS Secondary

M7090173              TURI SULGWITA  Secondary School

E4120113                TURIMA DAY Secondary

H7150005               TURKANA GIRLS Secondary

C2070397               TURUTURU Secondary

H4040835               TUTINI Secondary

L4040330                TUTUTHA Secondary

D7120023               TUUM GIRLS  Secondary School

P1010945               TWIN ANGLES HIGH  School Secondary

M4100265              TYAA – KAMUTHALE  Secondary

E7160247                UASIN GISHU  Secondary School

E7120035                UASO Secondary

D2060064               UCEKE-INI  Secondary School

C4010173               UGWERI  DAY  Secondary School

K7090253               UHURU  Secondary

D2040080               UHURU  Secondary

N1010240               UHURU  Secondary School

H7150067               UHURU High School LOKICHAR

G7060510               UHURU KABIYET Secondary

M4100487              UKASI SARAJEVO  Secondary School

H4040443               UKIA GIRLS Secondary

D4080398               UKUU GIRLS High School

M6090403              UKWALA BOYS High School

M6090047              ULAFU  Secondary

L4041155                ULILINZI Secondary

M6090321              ULUMBI  Secondary

K6090316               UMINA  Secondary

K7091099               UMOJA  Secondary

E7160107                UMOJA  Secondary School

D7070765               UMOJA DAY  Secondary School

N1010312               UMOJA MIXED DAY High School

K7091863               UMOJA TULWET Secondary

M5010061              UMU SALAMA GIRLS  Secondary

F6020300                UNGA KOJODE MIXED DAY Secondary

D6060017               UNGOE MIXED  Secondary School

K4050274               UNITY EDUCATIONAL  Secondary

K7091535               UNIVERSITY VIEW  Secondary

M6090103              UNYOLO  Secondary

A6100055               UOZI  Secondary

N1010196               UPPER HILL  School

G4050171               UPPER KITANGA Secondary

R7040417               UPPER MATASIA  Secondary School

D4080229               UPPER MIKUMBUNE DAY  Secondary School.

K7090323               UPPERHILL MIXED  Secondary

H6030609               UPRIDGE MIXED High School

M6090300              URANGA  Secondary

F4110924                URINGU GIRLS  Secondary School

A4110004               URRU MIXED DAY  Secondary School

K6120162               URUDI MIXED  Secondary

D4080388               URUKU GIRLS  Secondary School.

E2040162                URUKU Secondary

D7070593               USALAMA GIRLS  Secondary School

C6110401               USENGE BOYS High School

L3040285                USHINDI BAPTIST  School –  Secondary

G4100485               USUENI GIRLS Secondary

L4040513                UTANGWA GIRLS Secondary

L4040533                UTANGWA Secondary

L4040681                UTHINI GIRLS Secondary

K2010042               UTHIRU GIRLS High School

L4041190                UTITHI Secondary

E6010157                UTUBORA  Secondary School

L2010120                UTUGI  Secondary School

C7090309               UTUMISHI  Secondary School

L4040363                UTUMONI Secondary

L4040125                UTUNENI  Secondary School

K4030583               UUSIANI  Secondary

L4040295                UVAANI Secondary

H4040745               UVUNYE  Secondary School

C6110485               UYAWI MIXED  Secondary School

C3030173               UZIWA  Secondary School

L3040038                VALENTINE  Secondary School

L8040022                VALENTINEACADEMY  Secondary School

K7090125               VALLEY VIEW  Secondary

K7090316               VICTONELL ACADEMY  Secondary

A6100244               VICTORY ACADEMY  Secondary

B6060606               VICTORY EDUCATION CENTRE

F2030514                VIDHU RAMJI  Secondary School

G8070545               VIGINA  Secondary

G8070444               VIHIGA ACADEMY HIGH

G8070326               VIHIGA High School

N1010549               VINESPRING GIRLS High School

D2040030               VISIONS CENTRE High School

H3010668               VITENGENI BAPTIST  Secondary School

F8070382                VIYALO  Secondary School

M3050565              VOI  Secondary

K4030111               VOO  Secondary

H4040885               VULUENI  Secondary School

H4050075               VYULYA GIRLS  Secondary School

F3020113                WAA BOYS Secondary

F3020110                WAA GIRLS Secondary

F5030016                WABERI BOYS DAY  Secondary School

M6020016              WACHARA  Secondary

C6040052               WACHARA MIXED  Secondary School

A4070601               WACHORO   Secondary School

J6080768                WAGWE MIXED  Secondary School

K6090195               WAGWER  Secondary

F2030299                WAHUNDURA  Secondary School

G4100148               WAITA Secondary

C7140535               WAITALUK  Secondary School

N1010124               WAITHAKA RIVERSIDE  School (SEC)

F5030026                WAJIR  Secondary School

F5030054                WAJIR GIRLS  Secondary School

F5030045                WAJIR SUNRISE  Secondary School

H4050242               WAKAELA  Secondary School

P1010868               WAKULIMA  Secondary  School

F2050011                WAMAGANA GIRLS Secondary

C2070184               WAMAHIGA Secondary

B8010047               WAMALWA KIJANA High School

A7120089               WAMBA Secondary

C6110356               WAMBASA GIRLS  Secondary School

L4040240                WAMBITI Secondary

K2010129               WAMERE WANENE MEMORIAL High School

A2050073               WAMUTITU  Secondary School

D2060171               WAMWANGI  Secondary School

A6100355               WANDIJI MIXED  Secondary

F2050120                WANDUMBI  Secondary

C2070917               WANGAI  Secondary School

K6120132               WANG’ANGA Secondary

J6080247                WANG’APALA High School

D6050467               WANGIRABOSE Secondary

A4070577               WANGO AIC  Secondary

F8070317                WANGULU Secondary School

J2010214                WANGUNYU  Secondary School

B2020230               WANGURU GIRLS Secondary

H4041049               WANGUU  Secondary School

D2040610               WANJOHI GIRLS  Secondary School

D2040632               WANJOHI MIXED DAY  Secondary School

F2060182                WANKAN ACADEMY  Secondary School

A6100074               WAONDO  Secondary School

A2050464               WARAZO JET  Secondary School

E7160419                WARENG Secondary

H6030145               WASHGBURN MIXED Secondary

F6060008                WASIO MIXED  Secondary School

F5030075                WASO  Secondary School

F2030046                WATUHA  Secondary School

D2050047               WATUKA  Secondary School

H4040294               WATUKA MIXED Secondary

A6100187               WAWARE DAY  Secondary

G5020145               WAYAM  Secondary School

M6020066              WAYARA MIXED  Secondary

C7140423               WEAVER BIRD  Secondary School

A8010354               WEBUYE DEB Secondary

K7091055               WEI  Secondary

R7170126               WEI WEI BOYS  Secondary School

D6050368               WEIRUNGU  Secondary School

F2030798                WEITHAGA BOYS  Secondary School

F2030801                WEITHAGA MIXED DAY Secondary

N1010526               WELKIM ACADEMY

C7090243               WELLSPRING  Secondary School

K7091692               WENDANI Secondary

K3060106               WENJE   Secondary

C6110531               WERA  Secondary School

D2040128               WERU  Secondary School

C4010071               WERUS School COMPLEX Secondary

P1010866               WEST MINISTER ACADEMY – Secondary

K7091303               WHEATFIELDS GIRLS  Secondary

A6100384               WIGA MIXED  Secondary

F6020657                WIGA MIXED DAY  Secondary School

J4030685                WII  Secondary School

L6080085                WIKONDIEK  Secondary School

F6020203                WIKOTENG’ MIXED DAY  Secondary School

H2010004               WILLIAM NGIRU GITAU  Secondary School

P1010652               WILTRU BOYS High School

P1010653               WILTRU GILS High School

C2070591               WILTRUE Secondary

A4070596               WINPRIDE   Secondary  School

B6060682               WINYO MIXED Secondary

F6020696                WIOBIERO MIXED DAY  Secondary School

J6080486                WIRE  Secondary School

B4130068               WIRU  Secondary School

E2040529                WISDOM Secondary

C6040001               WITHUR BOYS  Secondary School

A2050768               WITIMA  Secondary School

C3030178               WITU  Secondary School

C7140255               WIYETA GIRLS  Secondary School

D7070456               WIYUMIRIRIE  Secondary School

G8070414               WOMULALU Secondary

P1010432               WONDERLAND  Secondary School

E7162092                WORLD HOPE LEMORU Secondary

L6040227                XAVERIAN  Secondary School

B6060484               YAGO MIXED DAY Secondary

J6080592                YALA  KOTIENO MIXED  Secondary School

G4100118               YAMBYU GIRLS Secondary

F2030651                YAMUGWE Secondary

M4050367              YATTA  Secondary School

G4050399               YATTASTAR Secondary

H4040155               YEEMULWA  Secondary School

J7080257                YEMIT High School

M6090486              YENGA  Secondary

M4100153              YENZUVA DAY MIXED  Secondary

H4041114               YIKITAA Secondary

L4040915                YIMWAA Secondary

H4040162               YINTHUNGU Secondary

K7090123               YMCA  Secondary

A4070165               YODER KARWIGI MIXED  Secondary School

M5010019              YOUNG MUSLIM High School

J4030650                YUMBISYE  Secondary School

H4041104               YUMBUNI  Secondary School

G4050366               YUMBUNI Secondary

D4080149               YURURU  Secondary School

D4080150               YURURU GIRLS Secondary

J5040035                YUSUF HAJI GIRLS  Secondary School

C7140362               YUYA S.A  Secondary School

M7180076              ZENTRAL ACADEMY  Secondary

P1010528               ZIMMERMAN High School

D7070452               ZION HILL GIRLS  Secondary School

E7162000                ZIWA Secondary School

G7070009               ZIWANI BOYS’  Secondary School


Our complete list of secondary schools in Kenya.  We’ve tried to list every school that we know of.
If your school is not listed here please click on this link to add it to our site – ADD SCHOOL

Don’t forget to check out our school rankings of  TOP 10 SECONDARY SCHOOLS in Kenya

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  1. Patrick koigi said on August 26, 2011 4:16 pm:

    Add siakago school ( Boys and Girls)

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  2. eliud kirwa said on September 14, 2011 4:06 am:

    add kaptel boys high school

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  3. Emmon Osiro said on September 30, 2011 7:56 am:

    Kindly list the schools in number form

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  4. Emmon Osiro said on September 30, 2011 7:58 am:

    What is the ranking of lions high secondary school of KISUMU nationally?

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  5. david njau said on October 4, 2011 2:21 pm:

    How many schools altogether?

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  6. Harry said on October 22, 2011 5:43 am:

    Please Change in the list of School: PJ Mwangola Girls SDA Sec. School to PJ Mwangola Secondary School

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  7. Cynthia Wairimu said on November 20, 2011 3:54 pm:

    Kindly change in your list,Kahuhia secondary school to Kahuhia Girls’ High School.
    Thankyou in advance…

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  8. Omar Farah said on January 22, 2012 5:56 pm:

    Kindly Change Raba Secondary to read Rabai Secondary.

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  9. Omar Farah said on January 22, 2012 5:56 pm:

    Kindly Change Raba Secondary to read Rabai Secondary

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  10. justin orutwa said on January 27, 2012 4:50 am:

    Add itibo boys high school

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  11. NORRIS WAFULA said on January 28, 2012 1:52 am:

    I would like to know the results of Sigowet sec school of 2009.
    thankyou in advance

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    Please Change in the list of School ziwa secondary school

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  13. James Odigu said on January 31, 2012 6:30 am:

    Does St Stevens boys High school-Kyumbi exists,because i have looked for it in the list and its not there,and my son was selected to join there on the 30th January2012,Please i would like to know as soon as possible,thank you.

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  14. Chris said on March 4, 2012 12:29 am:

    Add yinthungu secondary sch.

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  16. BLUE HILLS ACADEMY said on September 10, 2012 5:34 am:

    Please add our school to your list of private schools.

    Blue Hills Academy
    Boys Boarding High School


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  17. please change kingwede secondary to kingwede mixed secondary school said on July 16, 2014 9:24 am:

    I would like to see results of kingwede mixed secondary school of 2013

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  18. please change kingwede secondary to kingwede mixed secondary school said on July 16, 2014 9:26 am:

    I would like to see the results of kingwede mixed secondary school of 2013

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    It is not Wangulu but Wanguru Girls

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