KCSE Practice Paper – Agriculture #2 (2008)

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KCSE Practice Paper

SECTION A (30 marks)

Answer ALL the questions in this section in the space provided.

1.   State four factors that determine the amount of water required by livestock. (2 marks)

2.   State three factors that would determine the effectiveness of an acaricide.(1 ½ marks)

3.   Name a breed of goat kept for hair production. (1 ½ marks)

4.   Differentiate between homogenization and pasteurization in milk processing. (1 mark)

5.   Name a tool used for tightening barbed wire during fencing.(1 ½ marks)

6.   State one use of a sledge hammer on the farm.  (1 ½ marks)

7.   What is dry cow therapy? (1 mark)

8.   What is heterosis in livestock breeding ? (1 mark)

9.   State four factors that would contribute to the depreciation of farm equipment. (2 marks)

10.   What is the function of draw bar of a tractor? (1 ½ marks)

11.   Name the two types of air cleaner used in tractor. (1 mark)

12.   What is the reason of turning eggs regularly during incubation? (1 mark)

13.   Name the poultry digestive system in which cellulose is digested. (1 ½ marks)

14.   State four practices that should be carried out on wooden fencing posts to make them last long. (2 marks)

15.   Name four structures which would assist in the controle of livestock parasites on a farm.  (2 marks)

16.   Differentiate between mothering ability and prolificacy in livestock breeding. (1 mark)

17.   Give two reasons for flushing in sheep management. (1 mark)

18.   Give three uses of biogas on farm.(1 ½ marks)

19.   Name the causative agent of Gumboro disease in poultry. (1 ½ marks)

20.   State how the following practices can be used to control livestock disease;

(a)    Quarantine; (1 mark)

(b)   Prophylactic measures. (1 mark)

21.   State two reasons why proper nutrition is important in animal health. (1 mark)

22.   State four predisposing factors to mastitis in dairy cattle.  (2 marks)

23.   Give two harmful effects of Keds (melophagus Orinus) in sheep.(2 marks)

24.   Name the breed of livestock describe below:

(a)    A pig breed which white in colour, with straight snout and long ears drooping over the face; (1 mark)

(b)   A beef cattle breed, deep red in colour; the face and the part of the legs below the knees and hocks are always white. (1 mark)

KCSE Practice Paper – SECTION B (20 marks)

Answer ALL the questions in this section in the space provided.

25.   The diagram below shows a cross section of an udder. Study it and answer the questions that follow.

(a)    Identify the parts labeled B1, B2, and B3.   (3 marks)

(b)   Give one function of the part labelled B1.     (1 mark)

(c)    Name the part of the teat which is likely to be injured by poor hand milking technique.              (1 mark)

26.   (a)  Below are diagrams of fences C and D.Study then carefully and illustrate on diagram C how diagonal wire braces and on diagram D how horizontal wooden braces are used to reinforce the fencing posts. (2 marks)


(b) The diagram below shows a set of equipment used in livestock management. Study them and answer the question that follow.

(i)      Identify the equipment labelled E an F. (1 mark)

(ii)      State the appropriate use of the set of equipment illustrated above.  (1 ½ marks)

(iii)       Describe the appropriate procedure followed when using the equipment. (2 marks)

27.   The diagram below shows the cooling system of tractor engine. Study it carefully and answer the questions that follow.

(a)  Name the parts labelled G, H, j and K.              (2 marks)

(b)  State the functions of the parts labelled G, J, and K in the cooling system. (3 marks)

28.   The diagram below illustrates the stages of life cycle of a tick.study the diagram and answer the questions that follow.

(a)   Describe the development of ticks at 1, 2, 3 and 4.  (4 marks)

(b)  Classify the tick on the basis of the life. (1 ½ marks)

                                   KCSE Practice Paper – SECTION C (40 marks)

Answer any TWO questions in this section in the space provided at the end of the section.

29.  (a) Describe the use of various hand tool required for the construction of a wooden rabbit hutch.      (10 marks)

(b) What factors should a farmer consider when selecting materials for constructing a dairy cattle shed. (10 marks)

30.   (a) Describe the feeding practices carried out on a calf from birth to weaning.                                  (10 marks)

(b) Describe management practices that would ensure clean milk production in dairy a farm. (10 marks)

31.   (a) Describe how the following tractor components are used to attach implements to the tractor:

(i)   Three (3) point linkage/hitch. (6 marks)

(ii) Power take off shaft (P.T.O)  (4 marks)

(b) Describe how the ignition system of a tractor petrol engine works. (10 marks)

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