KCSE Sample – Woodwork (2008)

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SECTION A: (40 marks)

Answer ALL the questions in this section.

1        Outline the procedure for treating minor cut on the body. (2 marks)

2          (a) State six factors that may hinder the growth of trees.  (3 marks)

(b) Calculate the wet weight of a piece of timber given that:

Dry weight               =          40g

Moisture content   =          32%                                              (2 marks)

3      Figure 1 shows a piece of timber to be marked and cut as shown:

(a)  List the tools required for marking and cutting the piece of timber.    (2 marks)

(b) Outline the procedure of marking and cutting the piece of timber.  (3 marks)

4   State two classifications of plans and give two example of each.   (3 marks)

5     (a)  Explain term countersinking.(2 marks)

(b)            Sketch a counter sunk screw in position.                                       (2 marks)

6           With the aid of a labeled sketch, explain how a metal scraper

is used.                                                                                                                   (4 marks)





7                Figure 2 shows a mitred butt joint.

With the aid of sketches, explain three methods of reinforcing the joint.     (6 marks)

8      With the aid of sketches, differentiate between the following types

of matching veneers:

(a)       book and slip;

(b)       diamond and reverse.                                                                                        (2 marks)


9    (a)    State six factors that affect marketing of ‘Jua Kali’ products in

Kenya.                                                                                                                     (3 marks)

(b     State two indicators of bluntness in saws.                                               (1 marks)

10     Figure 3 shows a pictorial view of a metal cramp.

Sketch the three views of the block in 1st angle projection.                   (5 marks)

SECTION B    (60 marks)

Answer question 11 and any other three questions from this section. Candidates are

Advised to spend not more than 25 minutes on question 11.

11     Figure 4 shows an isometric view of a block in 1st angle projection.

Draw full size and indicate the major dimensions:

(a)  Sectional front elevation (y-y).

(b) End elevation in the direction of arrow E.

(c)  Plan.                                                                                                       (15 marks)


12    (a)    Outline the procedure of planning sawn timber to a given size

using hand tools.                                                                          (4 marks)

       (b)   Figure 5 shows an irregular hole.

Illustrate the procedure of marking out the hole using a pair of compasses

and a ruler.                                     (11 marks)

13     (a) Outline the procedure of applying linseed oil to a smooth and clean

wooden surface.                                                                                            (5 marks)

(b) Figure 6 shows a section of a tree trunk.

(i)     Names the parts labeled 1 to 8.                                              (4 marks)

(ii)   State the function of each of the parts labeled 1 to six.    (6 marks)


14    (a)   Sketch and label the parts of a compass saw.                 (2 ½marks)

(b)   Classify the following types of saw as either hand, backed, framed or

Narrow blade and state one function of each.

(i)                Bow saw                         (v)       Tenon saw

(ii)              Dovetail saw                  (vi)      Pad saw

(iii)            Cross-cut saw                (vii)     Coping saw

(iv)            Compass saw                 (viii)    Rip Saw

(8 marks)


(c) Explain three methods of decorating wooden articles

by shaping.                                                                                 (4 ½marks)


15    (a) Figure 7 shows a coffee table.

Make a cutting list of all the materials required.                    (11 marks)

(b)  Figure 8 shows a small stool which is to be made as a workshop project.

Outline the four important parts of the work plan for the project.     (4 marks)


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