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                                  SECTION A (40 marks)

Answer ALL the questions in this section in the spaces provided.

1  Mentions three function of water in the body.                   (3 marks)

2   suggest six uses of carrots in cookery.                                (3 marks)

3   what are effects of immersing a hot aluminum frying pan in

water.                                                                                    (2 marks)

4  explain the two principles in bottling of fruits.                  (2 marks)

5   write the following abbreviations in full.

–           AIDS

–          TBA                                                                       (2 marks)

6   mention two complications arising from obesity.  (2 marks)

7   what are the determinant of safe parenthood?      (3 marks)

8   identify three points to bear in mind when buying land for

a family house.                                                         (3 marks)

9 what measures would one take to control bedbugs in house.

(3 marks)

10 give three advantages of using credit cards.        (3 marks)

11 name four fabrics that should not be wrung during laundering.

(2 marks)

12   state three functions of a pressing cloth.             (3 marks)

1  3 state two function of seam ripper.                       (2 marks)

14   identify six ways of finishing the frill of a nightdress.  (3 marks)

15   give two reasons of interfacing a garment.         (2 marks)

16   differentiate between natural and man-made fabrics.

(2 marks)


                        SECTION B (20 marks)

17   you are preparing for the school’s prize giving day.

(a)  Describe the method you would use to clean a varnished

wooden table to be used for the occasion.  (3 marks)

(b)  give six rules you would observe when removing stains

from table napkins to be used for the occasion.    (6 marks)

(c)  Outline the procedure you would use when cleaning a

toilet to be used by the guest of honor. (8 marks)


                       SECTION C (40 marks)

Answer any TWO questions from this section in the space provided

after question 20.

18   (a) what do the following terms mean in meal planning

and management?

(i)  Accompaniment.                           (1 mark)

(ii)  savoury foods.                              (1 mark)

(iii)  Flavorings.                                   (1 mark)

(b)  State eight points to bear in mind when setting a table.

(8 marks)

(c)  (i)  define a food budget.                          (2 marks)

(ii)  Identify seven advantages of budgeting for food.

(7 marks)

19    (a)  give four reasons for proper drainage in a home.

(4 marks)

(b)  Explain three disadvantages of open drainage in

an area.                                                       (8 marks)

(c)  Suggest eight measures to take in the prevention and

control of typhoid.                                               (8 marks)

20    (a)  list six types of sleeves.                                  (3 marks)

(b)  Identify three types of sleeve openings.       (3 marks)

(c)  Give three features of a well cut out crown of a sleeve.

(3 marks)

(d)  Describe the process of setting in a plain sleeve.

(11 marks)

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