English 2006

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Functional skills

2 hours

Answer all the questions.

Question 1 (20 marks)

  • You are the Chairperson of school’s Wildlife Conservation Association (WICA).Your group has just come back from a visit to a national park in a neighboring country. Write a report to the patron of WICA about the trip.In your report indicate what you accomplished, the problems you experienced and what cautionary measures you would take during future trips.

Question 2 (10 marks)

  • Fill in each of the blank spaces in the passage below with the most appropriate word. There was a time when telecommunication1…….Africa was nearly non-existent. With the 2….of one or two more developed nations, most African countries 3…..infrastructure and telephony was out of reach for 4……of the population. But mobile telephony has 5……a lot of that and has demonstrated Africa’s 6……to leap-frog older technologies with new ones more 7…….to the environment. Telecommunication in Africa is growing,8……there is room for improvement and development. A number of new networks 9…….coming up all over the continent and the African telecommunication market is growing 10……..The driver of this growth? Mobile telephony. (Adapted from African Business, May 2004)

Question 3

  • (a) Read the oral narrative below and then answer the questions that follow.

Nyasaye (God) wanted to put a stop to the rampages of death-which claims the lives of everyone Young and old
Boys and girls
Men and women
Strangers and kinsmen
Death which kills
The innocent and the guilty
Chiefs and the subjects
The healthy and the sick
The wise and the foolish.
So one day he sent a servant to earth with a message for all his people: “Send me an offering of fresh,untainted fat,”he ordered. “It should be as clean and sparkling as the moon.”Hearing this,the people slaughtered a goat,removed its pure white fat,and placed it in a clay dish overspread with fine fresh leaves. Now they summoned Ng’ongruok, also known as Haniafu the Chameleon, and ordered him to take their offering to Nyasaye.They also fashioned a long pole that reached up to heaven where Nyasaye dwells in his glory.This was the path Ngo’ngruok would follow when carrying their offering. But Ngo’ngruok accidentally soiled the fat with his clumsy feet,and on his arrival before Nyasaye,presented a dirty and unsightly offering.Nyasaye was furious and rejected it,shouting: “Tell the people of earth that because of this insult they must continue to die,just as their ancestors have done!” Ng’ongruok descended from heaven,delivered Nyasaye’s message,and returned the offering to the people.Ever since then,alas death has continued to ravage human beings.For his clumsiness, Ng’ongruok was cursed by the people.Hence,he must always walk on all fours,and his steps must be hesitant and slow.That is why you will always see him carrying one leg raised from the ground as he tries to decide exactly where to trend.

(Adapted from: Keep My Words B.Onyango-Ogutu and A.A.Roscoe)

  • (i) What would you do in order to capture the audience’s attention befire you begin to tell this story? (2marks)
  • (ii) Explain two ways in which you would make the narration of lines 20 to 23 of the story effective. (4marks)
  • (iii) Mention two ways in which you would know that your audience in this story is fully participating in the performance. (4marks)
  • (b) For each of the words below write another word that is pronounced in the same way (4 marks)


  • (c) Read the poem below and answer the questions that follow.

Isatou died
When she was only five
And full of pride
Just before she knew
5 How small a loss
It brought to such a few.
Her mother wept
Half grateful
To be so early bereft.
10 And did not see the smile
As tender as the root
Of the emerging plant
Which sealed her eyes.
The neighbors wailed
15 As they were paid to do
And thought how big a spread
Might be her wedding too.
The father looked at her
Through marble eyes and said;
20 “Who spilt the perfume
Mixed with morning dew?”

Lenrie Peters
(From: The Earth Is Ours. Edited by Ian Gordon)

  • (i) Identify any two pairs of rhyming words in this poem.(2marks)
  • (ii) Which words would you stress in line 2 of this poem, and why?(2marks)
  • (iii) How would you say the last two lines of this poem?(2marks)

(d) You have lost your luggage on your way back to school.You decide to report the matter to the nearest police station.Below is part of the conversation between you and the police officer at the reporting desk.Fill in the other part.( Read through the conversation first before writing your responses).

  • You:…………(2marks)
  • Police officer: (Interruption) Easy.Easy.I am sorry about what happened but before you go into the lost items,please give me your full name and address.
  • You:………..(2marks)
  • Police officer:That is good.Now go ahead and tell me what happened,without leaving out any important detail.
  • You:…………(3marks)
  • Police officer:From which schools are the students who alighted before you?You see,it is possible that your box was box off loaded from the bus by mistake especially because another box that nearly resembles yours was left behind.
  • You:…………..(2marks)
  • Police officer:Good.At least that is a starting point.First,we will get the box from the bus crew and then go to that school to make enquiries.
  • You:……….(1mark)

English Paper 3

(Imaginative Composition and Essays based on set texts)

21/2 hours
Answer three questions only.

Question one and two are compulsory.
In question 3 choose only one of the optional texts you have prepared on.

Answer three questions only.

  • 1.Imaginative composition (compulsory) (20marks)


(a) Write a composition ending with the words: “It then dawned on me that perhaps this is why I had been born.”


(b) Write a composition agreeing or disagreeing with the statement, “A good name is better than riches.”

  • 2.Drama (compulsory) (20marks)

William Shakespear,The Merchant of Venice
“Racial and religious prejudice only cause misery in society.” Write a composition in support of this statement,drawing your illustrations from The Merchant of Venice.

  • 3.Optional set texts

(a) The Short Story
Macmillan (Ed) Half a Day and other Stories (20marks)

Using illustrations from Nawal El Saadawi’s “Solitude” write a composition about dehumanizing prison conditions.


(b) Drama
John Ruganda,Shreds of Tenderness (20marks)

Write a composition on the problems of jealousy among siblings.Draw your illustration from John Ruganda’s Shreds of Tenderness.


(c) The Novel
Velma Pollard,Homestretch (20marks)
Write a composition on the causes and effects of migration from developing to developed countries.Refer to Velma Pollard’s Homestretch for your illustrations.

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